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Stylish Apartment in Vietnam Highlights Massive Open Space with Wall to Wall Windows

By • Mar 25, 2021

In the heart of Hanoi, Vietnam, lies the Eurowindow building, a fabulous tower with glass windows that’s full of little gems like this eye-catching apartment.

Beautiful space with natural-materials furniture

Originally built with a different layout, the owner wanted something different, something with a little bit more flow, something that allows for more enjoyment of the main area of the apartment while also making room for plenty of privacy.

Beautiful muted entryway

Designed by the architects at DaoHo Studio, this 146 square meters apartment start off with an entryway in muted colors and natural wood furniture.

Unique kitchen island grabs the eye as you enter the home

The entryway gives way to the open space that encompasses the kitchen, dining, and living areas. The star feature of this space is the unique kitchen island in chrome shades. Off to the side, the spacious dining table is simple yet impressive.

Off to the right, you have a small bedroom.

We have a small bedroom behind the kitchen, and another lies to the right side of it.

The dining area and the chill-out area flow together.
The master bedroom lies behind the living room couch.
The room flows nicely, while the large windows allow lots of natural light.

The room has a unique flor to it, especially given the large open space area. The floor to ceilings windows also allow lots of natural light, while the white curtains provide some privacy.

The small bedroom gets light, but also privacy.

The bedrooms have all they need – storage room, a comfy bed, lots of light, and privacy.

The master bedroom features a large bed and a dressing behind the wall.

The master bedroom is the special area where it’s clear that the owner put a lot of time and effort in. The bed is slightly up on a platform as the whole room dips.

The large bedroom features a master bathroom and a dressing area.

The master bedroom features a massive master bathroom and a dressing area. The areas are perfectly split with a massive wall with this extremely interesting nook.

The walk-in dresser area is through the small hallway.

At night, the living area and the bedroom flow together beautifully, allowing lots of soft lights – nothing too bright.

At night, the apartment looks mesmerizing.

The bathroom also features the same mirror motif we saw earlier, stylish black accessories, and muted tiling. The wooden elements in the show offer the room that little something extra.

The bathroom also features lots of mirrors and simple chromatics.

A wonderful transformation that makes the most of the available space on this high-rise apartment in Hanoi.

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Vacation Home Perfectly Blended In with Nature in Iceland

By • Mar 22, 2021

Perfectly nestled in the hills of Selfoss, Iceland, this holiday home is breathtaking. Private, environmentally-friendly, masterfully blended in with the surroundings, this home is inspiring.

Built in 2020 following plans by architects from Krads, this beautiful home covers 170 square meters. The home uses lots of wood and other natural materials as it seeks to take nothing away from the magnificent views of Lake Þingvallavatn.

Wood paneling integrates with the surrounding.

Not only does the home use lots of wood paneling, but the roofs are also covered in local greeneries and moss.

The roof is overgrown with grass and moss
From above, the house is nearly camouflaged with its surroundings

Architects were careful to follow the local landscape, creating the house’s concrete foundation in three staggered planes that seek to imitate nature. This creates the wonderful slopes of the home in tandem with the hill.

Environmentally-friendly, this house slopes with the hill.

The home’s insides are also filled with wooden paneling – on the walls, on the ceiling, and on there’s wood present in the floors too. Plus, the furniture perfectly blends it all together – simple,  yet efficient.

Wood is heavily used throughout the house
Minimalistic and chic furniture

In the living area, you can even take a dip while you take in the wonderful views of the lake.

Enjoy the views from the tub
Hidden stairs take you to the loft

This hallway also features a huge window which alows us to look into the terrace that overlooks mountains Jórutindur and Hátindur.

The wood is present in the loft as well

From higher up, you once more enjoy the view of the lake while relaxing with a cup of coffee or tea.

The perfect spot to relax with a book

The living area is also breathtaking, while the muted colors of the furniture make it so nothing detracts from the floor to ceiling windows and the view it offers.

Magnificent views from the living area

This may be a vacation home, but it could very well be one that you do not with to ever put an end to. The landscape was preserved as pristine as possible, making room for the home without disturibing the surroundings. Since you can easily stand on the roof here, it’s easy to see how architecture can be done right to allow the perfect balance between the needs of humans and those of nature.

Hidden in the hills
Floor plans

Photographs Credit: Marino Thorlacius

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