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A Beach House Full of Magic and with Fabulous Views of the Sea”

By Magaly Grosso


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Located on the edge of the mangrove swamp of Puerto Morelos, just 50 meters from Cancun, an area especially known for its fabulous beaches and resorts, in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, this house is surrounded by lush vegetation, typical of location. However, with the height granted by the project to the house, when you go up, you will see the sea, so the views will evolve from floor to floor: from the intense green, to the clear blue of the sky and the water. Does not this sound wonderful?

Entrance of white walls and perforated blocks

The project, carried out by the architectural firm Eduardo Cadaval & Clara Solà-Morales and with the collaboration of Juan Carral, Eduardo Alegre, Nora Sevilla and David Vázquez, was carried out between 2014 and 2017 and has a total area of 280 square meters.

View of the back garden with pool
Exterior wall details
Interior hall
Pool from the terrace
Rear facade of the house
Pool area with furniture
View of the interior of the house from the pool area
Terrace with hammock

The architectural project wants to reinforce the neutral identity of the house towards the street and prevent openings, while concentrating all the magic inside.
The construction and finishes of the house seek to be as austere as possible, using simpler construction techniques, such as load-bearing walls. Everything is painted in a continuous color. In the end, it is the space, with its opening to the mangrove, to the sea, to the vegetation and to the white light of the north, the main protagonist of the house.

Spacious interior with high ceilings
Living room with stairs in the back
Living-dining area and open and blank kitchen
Night view of the exterior
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