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Unique Square House on a Beautiful Hillside in Valparaiso, United States

This building has a total area of 960 square feet, and was inspired by the owner’s particular desire to design a small house overlooking a wetland untainted by human presence. It’s located in Valparaiso, a small county in the state of Indiana, in the United States. It was designed by architectural firm Bamesberger Architecture in 2014. Originally conceived as a series of square structures on the hillside, it offers beautiful views of the nearby landscape.

Side view of the construction with a series of windows
Terrace with exterior furniture
Details on the entrance door

In the interior, a wide open space hosts the social areas of the home: the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen.

In the living room, we can see a wall with a sequence of rectangular windows through which the natural light flows into the room. The furniture is of a simple and serene style with dark tones. They are accompanied by a chimney that provides warmth on the cold days of winter.

In the dining room and kitchen, we can see wood as the primary material used in its construction.

Living room with a wooden wall and a series of windows
Black leather couch. In the background, shelves in the kitchen
Gray couch with a chimney in the background
Details on the chimney

A small staircase resting against the wall takes us to the bedroom, where we can find, at both sides of the room, the comfortable beds that invite the occupants to a good night’s sleep.

View of the kitchen and dining room. The bedrooms are located upstairs

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