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Beautiful Resorts That Offer the Ultimate Vacation

By Gabriela Vatu


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Going on vacation is one of the luxuries of life everyone can enjoy. It is the perfect excuse to travel to somewhere unknown and discover what the world has to offer. Additionally, it is a great way to discover new resorts that have excellent amenities to offer. Not only are the amenities great, but the view is always better. If you are looking to take a vacation this year, look no further, these beautiful resorts offer the ultimate vacation with a spectacular view.

Luxury Resort Villas Located in the Aegean Sea

When we think of the ultimate vacation spot many of us cannot imagine going anywhere else that is not the beach. This resort on the Aegean Sea takes the beach and puts it on display for all guests to enjoy. With 72 luxury villas, a hotel, and luxury facilities this resort is one of a kind. The exterior is breathtaking, to say the least, but the structure is a beauty on its own. Filled with clear, large glass windows that allow you not only to see the beauty that sits in front of the resort, but it allows the beauty of Greece to come directly inside.

Naman Retreat Resort

Located in Vietnam the Naman Retreat Resort features a friendly environment and healthy activities such as spa, yoga, beach sports, and others in hopes of creating a relaxing experience that will connect you with nature. Designed with relaxation in mind the structure itself features a seamless combination of greenery, natural stone, and bamboo. With 80 bungalows, a hotel, 6 VIP villas, 20 more villas this resort creates a space that is charming in a simple living kind of way.

Song Saa Resort

The Song Saa Resort brings in the beauty of the island indoors to provide a flawless blend. Surrounded by greenery and undiscovered areas this resort allows you to explore the island’s deserted oases of virgin rainforests, tropical reefs, and glistening white beaches. This resort takes the natural beauty of the sea and incorporates it directly into the villas. Furthermore, the villas are filled with beautiful hues of green, blue and untouched wood.

Pangkor Laut Resort

Located on a small island in Malaysia tucked away in trees and nature the Pangkor Laut Resort gives vacationers the ultimate retreat. Pangkor Laut Resort puts together the beauty of the island while being hidden away in a sense. The idea was to create a place distant enough from others that you relax and feel on vacation.

Banyan Tree Al Wadi Resort

Tucked away in Al Wadi, the United Arab Emirates the Banyan Tree Al Wadi Resort is an oasis of Arab culture. Traditional decor brings the Arab culture directly into the resort with amenities that help you relax. Amenities featured are as follows: Asian-inspired hydrotherapy spa facilities, a dedicated nature reserve, and private beach access at Banyan Tree Ras Al Khaimah Beach.

Eco Resort

Eco Resort is a unique project put together to help vacationers that want to really connect with nature on a more natural level. This seven-cabin resort feels more like you are camping, which was the main idea behind it. The idea was to create a resort that felt like home away from home while helping you distress and detach from the everyday routine.

Six Senses Con Dao

Six Senses Con Dao resort was created around the concept of having a resort that brings nature and luxury together. The luxurious resort features individual private villas that have a traditional wooden décor with a contemporary twist. Furthermore, having the privacy of the resort allows you to connect with nature.

X2 Kui Buri Resort

X2 Kui Buri Resort is a contemporary vacation spot that provides 23 semi-private villas, with their own terrace and pool. Sitting on the Gulf of Thailand this resort incorporates natural elements such as trees and untouched stones to bring an earthy feel directly indoors. The elements used to decorate the resort come directly from the island.

Taj Exotica Resort and Spa Maldives

Taj Exotica Resort and Spa Maldives is the perfect private, romantic getaway. Located in the Maldives this 5-star resort takes luxury to another level. Surrounded by tropical plants, crystal blue water, and one of the largest lagoons in the Maldives. Additionally, featuring 64 villas with natural décor and ocean views from each one of them. This resort creates a romantic getaway experience that is luxurious from the inside out.

Amangiri Luxury Resort Hotel

Unlike other mentioned resorts this one is located in Utah. The Amangiri Luxury Resort Hotel features 34 luxurious rooms tucked into a protected valley with views of the canyon. Additionally, this hotel features relaxing amenities that work with the surrounding space. The concept while creating this resort was to create a space away from home that felt like home in a unique type of way. Natural elements add a “hippy” vibe to the hotel.

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