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A Bright and Luminous Apartment in the Prague District of Mala Strana

By Magaly Grosso


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This wonderful penthouse located in the district of Mala Strana, in Prague, Czech Republic, was completely transformed by Daniele Federico Melilli from Stag Pads in 2017.

In its cozy and warm interior, the beams of thick and rustic wood that cross the ceiling from side to side stand out against their white background, giving a unique touch to the entire space.

The apartment’s V-shaped ceiling is pierced by multiple skylights, allowing each of the rooms to flood with natural light, granting every square meter of the home life and joy.

Light wood floors contrast with the white walls, and give amplitude and clarity to the space.

Each of the spaces that form part of the apartment, despite being small, have a touch of good taste. All the little details have been taken care of, and the home has been decorated in a simple way and without overloading the atmosphere, which shows that oftentimes, less is more.

Living room with small sofa and coffee tables

The kitchen is done in mint green, which gives it an airy quality.

Kitchen in pastel colors with wooden beams
Soft white and green kitchen
View of the bedroom from the entrance and towards the dining room

The dining room, strategically placed under the skylight, receives natural light which fills the space, and invites us to enjoy it in the company of loved ones

Dining room under the skylight

In the bedroom, we are met with pastel colors once again, this time in the textiles used. Soft colors dominate, inviting us to rest and relax and what is a very cozy space.

Bedroom with bed in pastel colors
White bathroom with skylight
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