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A Bright White Concrete Home Designed by Clauwers & Simon in Belgium

By • Dec 13, 2017

This white concrete house, with a beautiful exterior made with a modern touch, was undertaken by the architectural firm Clauwers & Simon in Belgium. Its mix of materials—such as concrete, wood, and bricks, each with a whitening touch—makes its bright exterior particularly unique.

Exterior of concrete and wood

Its yard, with spaces in which different types of vegetation have flourished, refreshes the house and further reinforces its intimacy. Its entrance, with its walls and ceiling coated in wood, invites visitors to peek into its interior.

The yard, with various plants and modern walls made of concrete
Terrace with furniture
Glass doors that connect the terrace with the interior
Entrance with walls and ceiling made of wood

Its interior spaces are modern and simplistic, and concrete is, once again, used extensively. The kitchen, making use of a darkened wood, is filled with the light that seeps through the glass walls, and invites the family to spend quality time together. At night, this is also possible, as the hanging lamps nearby also provide luminosity to the area.

Interior with a black leather couch and wooden walls
Modern kitchen with dark wood and hanging lamps

The wooden staircase, which is accompanied by a set of small, round windows that provide light to the steps, lead towards the upper level, where we can find the private bedrooms. Its mix of wooden floors with concrete walls and ceiling makes the spaces simple and welcome people to take a moment’s rest.

Wooden staircase
Bedroom with wooden floors, walls, and ceiling of concrete

A modern bathroom in white with granite floors and a wooden ceiling completes the space

Bathroom with white accessories

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