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Bureau XII Architects Complete a Renovation in Sofia, Bulgaria

By Magaly Grosso


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This house, built in 1945, was renovated and expanded by Bureau XII Architects in 2016. It’s located between the Iskar River and the Vitosha Mountains, twelve kilometers from the city center of Sofia, Bulgaria. It covers a total space of 1,206 meters squared.

The beautiful gardens that surround the structure are full of towering trees, offering a pleasant shade beneath, under which people can find refuge in the scorching heat of the summer.

Converted into a hotel, its entrance has a wide-open space with floors made of wood and walls of worn brick, while the ceiling is made of concrete. The steel beams that support the hallways and the elevator give it a slight industrial touch. Other living areas have been created in the spacious and well-lit spaces, thus welcoming its visitors and offering them relaxation.

Structure viewed through the trees of the garden
Primary entrance with glass walls

On the terrace, we find a satisfying pool area with rustic wood floors and exterior furniture.

Pool on the terrace with wood floors and exterior furniture
View of the entrance area, with wood floors, as well as the living areas

Living area. Hallways with steel beams and an elevator

Stairs with white brick walls and wood beams on the ceiling

Going upstairs, we traverse a set of wonderful stairs with brick walls painted in white, and where we can clearly see the wood beams that protrude from the ceiling, giving the space a warm and rural feeling.

The open space has a great many glass walls, as well as skylights, which serve to greatly illuminate the interior and allow the occupants to enjoy it.

Gym area

The bedrooms, a combination of a rustic style with a modern and elegant touch, also attempt to persuade the user to fall into rest.

Bedroom with modern furniture and concrete ceiling

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