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Cabin in England Rebuilt by AR Design Studio

By Magaly Grosso


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This vacation cabin, designed by AR Design Studio and located in Winchester, England, is divided into four sections for a total of 180 m2. After having been destroyed by a landslide, its owners decided to rebuild it and, thus, continue to use it as a holiday home, with a location they consider paradisiacal.

Encrusted in a landscape with extensive areas of wild vegetation, the exterior of the cabin, its walls, ceiling, and floors, are completely coated in wood. Its rooms are lined with glass doors, thus permitting a clear view of the nearby sea.

Frontal view of the cabin, resting against the mountains

Diagonal view with floors, walls, and roof made of wood

Wood terrace with views

In its interior, we find communal areas in the social areas and completely independent spaces in the bedrooms, thus providing, in this way, privacy. We also have a living room, dining room, and kitchen that also share a space, sharing a beautiful view of the sea through the glass walls strategically placed on the side of the house that faces the ocean.

A living room, decorated in rudimentary furniture and with a chimney, accompanies an informal dining room decorated solely with a standing lamp.

View of the living room with a chimney and views of the sea in the background
The three shared spaces: living room, dining room, and kitchen

The kitchen, built entirely using wood with a rustic look, fits perfectly with the incredible views we get through the large window.

Kitchen made of rustic wood and hanging lamps

The wood staircase, with a glass window at the top displaying beautiful scenery, seems to take us to a magical place that shows us a marvelously decorated space, where the master bedroom and its modern bathroom coexist and where white is the predominant color.

Wood staircase with a window with views to the exterior scenery
Simply decorated master bedroom illuminated by natural sunlight, and its shared bathroom
Light gray modern bathroom with glass doors
Master bathroom with a bathtub and white accessories

Night-time view of the exterior of the cabin

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