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Cutler Anderson Architects tucks Canadian home between rocky outcrops

By Magaly Grosso


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This 805-square-foot cottage located in the Rocky Mountains of Canada was designed by Cutler Anderson Architects. It is embedded into the wild vegetation of the mountains. Its glass walls create a continuity effect, allowing the exterior to be integrated with the interior and allowing us to enjoy the wonderful views of the surrounding landscape, even while standing inside the cottage.

Cottage nestled into the mountains, surrounded by abundant vegetation
Living room and kitchen. Glass walls that allow views of the home’s surroundings

A large living room, where the sofas are located facing the mountains and in front of the fireplace, allows us to enjoy wonderful sunsets and landscapes while keeping us warm by the fire.

Wooden walls divide up the space and give privacy to the only bedroom of the cottage, as well to the bathroom.

Wooden wall separating the private areas from the living room

Outside, the pine trees are reflected in the calm, mirror-like waters of a small lake.

For nature lovers, it is a privilege to watch the sunset from the cottage, enjoying the orange colors that stain the sky and create a spectacle worth admiring.

Night view of the living room through the glass walls

On one side, we have a small terrace accompanied by a barbecue area, perfect for spending time with family and friends – so spectacular a place, with such stunning views, needs to be shared with others.

When night falls, the mountains remain in complete darkness and we can see, from a distance, the cottage’s lights filtering out through its glass walls.

Night view of the cottage nestled into the mountains
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