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Not everyone lives – or wants to live – in a house and millions of people are looking for examples of stylish apartment interior design. Across the globe, families make their homes in apartments that are polished, organized and beautiful. HomeDSGN brings you a collection of chic apartment interior design showcasing the possibilities. From contemporary neutrals and modern white designs to warm wood-filled interiors, inspiration for your apartment abounds.

Industrial Style Apartment in the Most Popular District of Paris

By • Jan 4, 2018

This project — Voltaire — is located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, France, which is one of the most densely populated urban districts of Europe, and which is situated on the Right Bank of the River Seine. Completed in 2017, it was designed by Alexandre Delaunay of SABO project, and covers a total ground area of 81 square meters, or 872 square feet.

Exterior view of the old building
Interior of the living-dining room with concrete ceilings
Living-dining room and kitchen in a mix of styles

The apartment itself is located in a 1920s industrial building, and its interior has been stripped down to its raw concrete skeleton. This reflects upon the overall style of the end result, so that contemporary meets industrial to create a new, unique whole. The interior space is open and distributed in the style of a loft, so that the addition of a central island — consisting of 40 aluminum sheets that are custom punched, folded, anodized, and mounted on a metal structure — was instrumental in subtly dividing it into a variety of subspaces, such as an entrance, a main living space, dressing, horizontal and vertical circulations.

Modern cubicle where the bedroom and bathroom are located
Cubicle with open doors allows the passage of light into the room
Closed cubicle with decorative details

Large windows allow plenty of natural light to seep into the interior, so that it brims with luminosity and brightness. Decorative accessories dot all surfaces and walls, and colorful accents make the interior décor feel vibrant and happy.

Living-dining room and kitchen sharing the same space
Social area with golden cubicle
Details of the exterior material of the cubicle
Kitchen-dining room in a retro style
Golden cubicle
Cubicle with access to the bedroom
Bedroom access
Bedroom with closet in white
Comfortable bedroom filled with light
/ Bedroom in the upper level with concrete ceiling
Retro style bathroom in green and white
Narrow bathroom in white
Illuminated cubicle with private areas
/ Effect of the interior light through the perforations in the cubicle walls
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Long and Slender Apartment Where each of the Spaces has been Used to the Fullest

By • Dec 27, 2017

The architectural firm XS Studio for compact design, with the help of its architecture professionals Rony Avitzour, Avital Broide and Ofer Rossmann, designed this apartment in 2017 as long and slender, precisely because of its distribution.

External view of the building on a busy street
Small terrace overlooking the street

It is a building classified as a preservation that is located on the Rothschild Boulevard of Tel Aviv-Yafo, in Israel. The bold and daring clients presented a fascinating challenge for a 93 m² apartment: a room for each of the three children and for the parents, two bathrooms, and a spacious living room.

Modern kitchen with white and wooden surfaces
Details of the minimalist kitchen
Elegant and modern kitchen
Details of the kitchen storage space
Long corridor of white brick walls
Entrance with glass door and black metal
Details of ancient soil pottery
Entrance to the main room with glass door
Master bedroom with retro furniture
Master bedroom with white brick wall
Details of the glass door and black metal
Interior of the beds of the nursery

The children’s rooms were designed to be minimal, functional, and simple, thus providing a wider living space in the public areas.

The narrow structure has a particularly long corridor (9m long) to allow access to all rooms. Therefore, the corridor and the brick wall became together one of the two elements that guided the planning of the apartment. The second element that defines the apartment is the structure in the form of a box with its elements of carpentry.

The twins share a space of one room (14 square meters), with a division of 140 cm wide in the center running from the floor to the ceiling, and across the space. There, they have a wardrobe and a small desk area.

The main room is done in a retro design, and has white brick walls and a simple décor.


Children’s niche type bed
Bed and children’s desk area
Bed with metal stairs in the nursery
Modern bathroom with white brick walls
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Elegant and Exclusive First Project by Architect Tadao Ando in New York City

By • Dec 27, 2017

The famous and cosmopolitan city of New York is in luck: Tadao Ando, the Japanese architect, who has been praised for his mastery and elegance, has finally designed something in the Big Apple. His buildings have been erected in Tokyo, Milan, Shanghai and even Butwal, Nepal, but never in the cosmopolitan city of New York!

Elegant glass-walled living room with views

New versions of Tadao Ando’s first project in this city, a luxury residential building known as 152 Elizabeth Street, showing the interiors of its unique multi-story penthouse for the first time, have been revealed. It promises to become one of the most elegant condominium buildings the city has ever seen. Simple, modest, and beautifully proportioned, this is typical of the work of Tadao Ando.

Modern and elegant spiral staircases

With a sale price of $ 35 million, the penthouse unit covers an area of 5,603 square feet of interior space and 3,240 square feet of outdoor space on three levels, which includes 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. The interiors, designed by Gabellini Sheppard Associates, have high-end finishes. The spiral staircase, for instance, was built with Pietra Cardosa stone, glass, and satin steel. Other materials include oak floors, Danish planks, Dinesen widths, eucalyptus wood cabinets, as well as various types of stone and the material most associated with Ando: ​​concrete.

Spacious room with wonderful views
Terrace with wonderful views of the city of New York
Terraces with fountain and glass walls
Aerial view of the modern building
Modern building with glass walls
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Modern and Sober Apartment Full of Personality

By • Dec 21, 2017

Platino Interior Design, a Taiwanese architectural firm with offices in Taipei and Shanghai, has designed this home, Residence of Hsieh, in 2016. The home covers a total ground area of nearly 250 square meters, and is located in Hsinchu City, a city known for its windy climate in northern Taiwan.

Modern living room with concrete walls

This aging townhouse became a brand new home for the clients after a wall was torn down. Following this, it was replaced by a glass and ironwork partition, which still separated the spaces while allowing natural light to flow into the rooms with ease. This same ironwork flows upward, connecting all five floors of the home through one structure. This aids in the sense of continuity as one travels up and farther into the more private areas of the home.

Modern gray living room with a spotlight lamp
Modern lounge in shades of gray and brown

The color palette used is muted, with both earthy and cooler shades of gray brought together to create an interior that is both cozy and serene. Wooden surfaces add to this sense of warmth. Sparse decorative accessories and an abundance of natural light create an atmosphere that feels clean and welcoming, without ever becoming overbearing.

Living-dining and kitchen in the same area

The master sits perched on the third floor of the house, and enjoys the most privacy. All remaining spaces – an additional bedroom, a computer room – sit on the second floor, blending the boundary between private and social.

Modern kitchen with hydraulic ceramic tiles
Dining room with transparent chairs
/ Modern dining room done in a variety of materials
Concrete stairs
Elegant studio area in shades of gray and black
Rest area with modern furniture
TV area in shades of gray
Elegant and sober bedroom
Bedroom with white marble headboard
Elegant and sober bathroom
Imposing bathroom in black marble
Bathroom in black marble
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Small House with Multiple Functions that Make the Space More Practical and Functional

By • Dec 20, 2017

The prices of housing in Hong Kong are usually the highest in the world, but still this couple wanted to live in the central district of the city, and to achieve this dream, they hired the architectural firm LAAB.

Small space with sofa and kitchen that turns into a bedroom and TV area
Kitchen space converted into a TV area

To realize its ambitious plans, LAAB had to reconsider the traditional notions of residential life. They considered time as a factor, eventually designing space around a philosophy based on spaces that open and close depending on the particular time.

Comfortable TV area to enjoy with the family

Incredibly, this space can take a number of different forms: a traditional bathroom with a bathtub; a separate bathroom for a guest to shower while the host brushes his teeth (or vice versa); seats that create a two-level home cinema or an area for large groups of friends; and a guest bedroom for short stays. These configurations can also be combined, allowing for a home theater experience while in the bathroom, or a movie for the host and guests while they are both in bed. According to the architects, achieving this degree of flexibility required more than 30 iterations of design and large amounts of experimentation.

A range of smart home technologies controlled by the application has also been implemented. For example, Philips bulbs slowly light up the rooms in the morning, thus providing residents with a gentle awakening.

Modern and functional kitchen
Sofa area converted into a small dining room
Exercise area
Lounge-TV area converted into a comfortable room
Bathroom with space designed for the family cat
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What this Modular System can do for this 20 Square Meter Apartment

By • Dec 19, 2017

When it comes to space, today there is a wide variety of modular furniture with practical and intelligent solutions that help us make the most of it.

View of the living room with direct access to the small terrace
Complete view of the modular system in its closed state

This furniture, designed by the architect Angel Rico, together with the architectural firm E3ARQUITECTOS, allows this family of three to live happily in just 20 square meters of space (about 215 square feet). Intelligent design solutions, like this one, are essential for any modern house or apartment that has small spaces.

Details of the modular system

A modular system allows this element of furniture to be opened and folded into different design solutions according to the needs of the client. Many of the client’s requests involved the ability to accommodate other people — yes, housing people in this small space was one of the high priorities.

Modular system with its open storage area
Open bathroom area

When the furniture acts as storage in its folded state, the living room can comfortably accommodate seven people. The storage unit becomes a screen that provides privacy when opened halfway, and the guest bed can extend down.

Fully unfolded kitchen area
Fully enclosed kitchen area

If it is opened further, the kitchen will be ready for use, leaving space for ten people to dine. And even if it seems unbelievable, up to five people can spend the night in this cozy abode.

Modular wall that serves to isolate the sleeping area
Closed modular bed
Open modular bed
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Okasana Dolgopiatova of vo7 Designs a Stylish Upscale Apartment in Kiev, Ukraine

By • Dec 13, 2017

This upscale apartment, located in Kiev, Ukraine, has a stylistic richness that is striking at first sight. The home has an open plan and high ceilings, giving the space a vastness that is welcome, and which allows it to take advantage of the abundant natural light that filters in through the windows. Even then, the designer responsible for the project, Oksana Dolgopiatova from the architectural firm vo7, does not make the mistake of overbearing the space with decorative accessories simply because she can. Instead, she finds the perfect balance between simplicity and the addition of accessories to give the home character and personality.

Entrance hallway with red walls
Elegant living room-dining room space

She does this mainly by blending neutral colors – the white of the walls, the light wood of the floors – with more vibrant touches – the red patterned cushions and rug, the blue and red of the walls – to create a dialogue between the different elements of the home.

Living room-dining room with glass walls that separates it from the kitchen
Modern dining room with leather chairs
Living room with comfortable gray couch
Beautiful view of the kitchen from the living room-dining room area
Kitchen in white with an electric blue

In the bedroom, however, she takes a different route. While she still creates a contrast between tones, here the contrast is more between light and dark than between vibrant and neutral. This serves to create an aura of peace and tranquility, something that we surely all wish to have in the place where we sleep. Inviting, isn’t it?

Luminous bedroom in gray, white, and black
Wall near the bed in black
Bathroom with tub in white, blue, and black tones
Bathroom with modern accessories
Small decorated bathroom
Study in blue, red, white, and beige tones
Study with electric blue walls
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Design by the Firm Frederic Kielemoes Interieurarchitect in Ardooie, Belgium

By • Dec 7, 2017

This flat is located in Ardooie, Belgium and was designed by the architectural firm Frederic Kielemoes interieurarchitect in the year 2016.

Interior of the space overlooking the modern kitchen in wood and metal
Interior of the space overlooking the modern kitchen in wood and metal

It is a kitchen with simple line designs, decorated in such a way that it emphasizes the uniformity of its design, minimalism and a range of earth colors that gives a touch of formality and at the same time of serenity. The central island is made of wood accompanied by its geometric black metal decoration that gives it a very modern touch, as well as a marble top which adds elegance.

Interior of the space overlooking the modern kitchen in wood and metal
Interior of the space overlooking the modern kitchen in wood and metal

It connects to the exterior via a glass door through which natural light seeps in, illuminating the space and creating an environment conducive to the enjoyment of that area. The marble sink has a set of copper keys that stand out spectacularly do the drastic shift in color of the differing materials.

Interior of the space overlooking the modern kitchen in wood and metal
Interior of the space overlooking the modern kitchen in wood and metal

The dining area is adjacent to this area, sharing the same space. There is a large window which invites light into that side of the kitchen. The refrigerator is strategically hidden behind sliding doors that at first sight look like a small closet, seamlessly integrating the space into the aesthetic of the kitchen.

Area of the dishwasher with marble top and copper keys
Area of the dishwasher with marble top and copper keys
Area of the dishwasher with marble top and copper keys
Area of the dishwasher with marble top and copper keys
Area of the dishwasher with marble top and copper keys
Attached dining area
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Small and Comfortable Apartment Located in Stockholm, Sweden

By • Dec 4, 2017

This small apartment, covering a ground area of only 32 square meters, is located in Sofia, a district of Stockholm, Sweden. It is very well located in a quiet, charming area populated by green spots in which to relax and enjoy the outdoors on sunny days.

Small living room with sofa and wooden floors
Small living room with sofa and wooden floors

In its remodeling, a harmonious space was created, preserving many of its old characteristics. That is why we see that it still has large windows and some features from the time of its original construction. It has beautiful light wood floors that add warmth to the spaces, and it is a very comfortable and functional place for couples or single residents.

Modern kitchen with white counter top and furniture in lead gray
Modern kitchen with white counter top and furniture in lead gray

It has good communication with shops and businesses in the area, such as cafes, restaurants, etc. Its different spaces are easily connected due to the reduced space. However, each of the rooms shows a subtle separation that gives it some independence from the rest.

Modern kitchen with white counter top and furniture in lead gray
Small living room with sofa and wooden floors

The space has been advantageously used without losing any of the home’s characteristic charm, and its style is casual but very warm. The shelves have been strategically placed to be used as storage, gaining in the walls an indispensable and highly necessary space.

Bedroom with bed and shelves

The white, gray, and black tones that have been used add a touch of sobriety and mark the personality of those who live there without subtracting an ounce of modernism.

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How a Floor of Only 26 Square Meters can Become a Warm and Comfortable Home

By • Nov 23, 2017

This tiny apartment of only 26 square meters is so well distributed, and its spaces have been taken advantage of in such an efficient way, that it does not look uncomfortable in any way, shape, or form. On the contrary, they are spaces that, despite being simple and, for obvious reasons, scarcely populated by furniture, feel comfortable. The only existing dividing wall is the one that separates the bedroom from the rest of the space, and even then, it is made of glass, in such a way that the space is divided without cutting off the flow of natural light.

Small living room with corner sofa and carpet
Small living room with corner sofa and carpet
Small living room with corner sofa and carpet

The living area has a small corner sofa on a thick pile rug that gives it an air of comfort and warmth, inviting you to enjoy the small corner. The kitchen in wood, despite being small, is open, so it is full of light and is comfortable when in use. It has a high cabinet, which reaches the ceiling and offers storage space, as well as low cabinets. A small black table-top dining table and two modern chairs lie against the glass wall that divides the space from the bedroom, where a comfortable and fluffy bed offers a chance to rest.In small spaces, the important thing is to know how to place furniture in a way that does not interfere with the natural flow of the interior, and creates simple and practical spaces.

Kitchen in brown
Small modern dining room
Small modern dining room
Bedroom with glass wall
Bedroom with glass wall
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A Unique Apartment Building Located in San José, Costa Rica, Designed by JSARQ

By • Nov 22, 2017

JSARQ has designed this apartment building – titled ONE – in San José, the capital city of the Central American country of Costa Rica. Completed in 2017, the project covers a sprawling total ground area of 4,000 square meters, distributed across ten levels.

External view of the structure with concrete walls
External view of the structure with concrete walls
External view of the structure with concrete walls

While most real estate development projects are designed in such a way that each of their levels is uniformly identical, JSARQ sought to do something different with ONE. They moved away from this idea and instead gave each unit an individuality that would set it apart from the rest. As such, the building was designed from the inside out, providing each home a perfectly rectangular space that would be easy to furnish and decorate, and without wasting a single square foot.

External view of the structure with concrete walls
External view of the structure with concrete walls
External view of the structure with concrete walls

This dynamic quality that JSARQ wished to imbue each unit with is reflected in the outer architecture of the building. The façades seem to move, sliding sideways and back and forth throughout the surface of the building, creating something that is unique and refreshing, and which truly seeks to reflect the inner identity of the structure. Such a design also makes it easier to provide each unit with a unique balcony space. Made out of concrete and steel, the building has a timeless quality that will allow its architecture to remain relevant and attractive for a long time to come.

External view of the structure with concrete walls
View of the modern interior with concrete walls
View of the modern interior with concrete walls
View of the modern interior with concrete walls
View of the modern interior with concrete walls
External view of the structure with concrete walls
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Tiny and Serene Home Full of Natural Light

By • Nov 21, 2017

BB 501 is a tiny home located in Chongqing, China, and that was designed in 2017 by the Japanese firm JAM, headed by Jun Murata. The home is one of five residences, part of a multi-family residential building in the city.

When Jun Murata took over the project, the home was still at skeleton level, which allowed a high level of freedom when it came to defining the interior layout of the home. The architect’s first step was to conduct property research with the clients and select construction companies that would work according to their wishes. This particular client, a nature and book lover, sought to have a home that was a white and beautiful space, where various plants and stylish furnishings could shine.

The result is a home that is serene and still, with stark white walls and an interior that is full of natural light that seems to flow quietly into all spaces, and a style that is minimalist and relaxed. A small number of decorative elements serve to grant the interior a degree of personality and make it feel like a home without crowding it, and while keeping that feeling of relaxed serenity throughout the entire home.

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Remodeled Stalinist Style Apartment was converted into a Modern Space with a Retro Touch

By • Nov 20, 2017

This project is the remodeling of a floor from an old Stalinist house located in Moscow, Russia. These buildings obviously cannot be compared to modern buildings with multiple apartments, but there are many who love these old houses of low rise buildings, with thick and reliable brick walls, good ceiling height and a style special from old Moscow, amongst many other qualities.

Small terrace with furniture
Interior of the sober living room with wooden floors

The one responsible for the transformation of this apartment, which originally looked depressing and dismal, was architect Maxim Tikhonov from the architectural firm m2project, who turned it into a modern space with a retro touch.

Living room connected to the kitchen

In the kitchen and in the bedroom, brick walls have been kept. These give a touch of warmth to the spaces. In the living room, glass doors have been placed, connecting the small balconies and allowing natural light to enter and fill the spaces, thus eliminating the reigning darkness that was one of the main causes of the depressing impression that was perceived before remodeling.

Living room with doors to the terrace
Cozy living room with kitchen at the end

The design also shows a wide abundance of textures, painted walls, blocks, bricks, concrete, oak floors. To avoid overloading the spaces, it was decided to give the walls a predominantly white coat of paint.

Armchair in beige on red rug
Living room with TV cabinet
Kitchen with countertop in white
Kitchen in black and white
Kitchen cabinets in black with white countertop
Small round dining table
Bedroom with desk area
Bedroom with black bricks wall
Bedroom with closet with deep blue curtain
Rest area in the bedroom
Rocking chair
Desk area
Desk with book shelves
Book shelves
Bathroom module
Bathroom interior and laundry area
Bathroom in white
Bathroom in wood and marble
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Apartment Remodeled to fit the Needs of a Family of Three in the City of Gdynia, Poland”

By • Nov 14, 2017

This apartment, which covers an area of 140 square meters, has been remodeled by the architect Anna Maria Sokołowska. It is located in the city of Gdynia, in Poland, and was completed in 2015. The architectural firm intended to adapt it fully to the needs and wishes of a family of three. The main area has a large open space in which the social areas — living room and kitchen with integrated dining area — have been situated. Beautiful light-toned wooden floors fill the spaces with warmth, and modern furnishings decorate the rooms and give them a touch of elegance.

Modern living room with light wooden floors
Entrance with black walls
Wooden wall with doors
Kitchen in black and white

The main communication axis of the apartment is a corridor that has a hidden cabinet. Concealment procedures have been used for these storage spaces so that they are not visible at first sight. This is why we find that most cabinets are hidden behind tall wall panels or doors that open with a handle that is concealed by the design — usually cracks in the inner area of ​​each of the doors — so that storage space can be hidden in plain sight and placed in such a way that it will not hinder original design ideas.

Living room with gray L shaped sofa and TV area
Wooden coffee table
Modern living / dining area
Modern black and white kitchen with dining area
Wooden TV area
Minimalist kitchen in black and white
Kitchen detail
Decorative details
Modern furniture detail in black
Beautiful dining room with thick wooden table and gray chairs
Dining room in thick wood

In the bedrooms and bathrooms, we find a modern design done in light shades, which serves to add to the visual space.

Contemporary bedroom in shades of gray
Bedroom with modern hanging lamps
Bedroom with wooden floors
Bedroom with modern art
Children’s room in cheerful tones
Furniture in white and wood
Wooden closet
Closet details
Decorative art wall decals
Modern bathroom in white, gray, and wood
Modern bathroom
Detail of modern lamp
Modern bathroom in white and wood
Details of shower in gray
Bathroom with modern circular mirrors
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Fabulous Project in a Modern Style with Concrete and Glass Walls

By • Nov 10, 2017

This project is located in a privileged area of one of the main cities of Brazil, the city of Porto Alegre. The so-called Bossa Club recreates a minimalist living area with contemporary wooden furniture, conceived as an extension of residential homes. The project has been carefully designed by the firm Stemmer Rodrigues and has an internal area of 118 square meters where we can find two suites, a sink, a fireplace, a barbecue, an auxiliary bathroom, and two garage places.

Entrance with glass door and concrete walls
View of the building
Entrance with concrete walls
Exterior with concrete and glass walls

The exterior, done with concrete walls, boasts relaxation areas where we can sit placidly by the fireplace in the company of friends or a good book. In the interior, the common areas offer us a spa area and a whirlpool bath, as well as hammocks and a barbecue area.

Terrace with hardwood floors and fireplace
Terrace with furniture

Beyond the visual integration between gardens and the interior, a modern library with a unique style and a spectacular design highlights and enhances the contemporary style of the space. Thanks to the ample glass walls that surround the space,  it allows natural light to seep in and become another element of the design.

Living room with modern library
Living room with concrete column
Wooden kitchen
Modern dining room in black and white

A modern minimalist kitchen located in the center of the area, invites us to enjoy its wonderful gourmet facilities in its comfortable and contemporary chairs.

Minimalist kitchen
Kitchen view from the outside
Indoor swimming pool
Night view of the terrace
Lighted terrace
Night view of the front
Night view of the entrance
Front with lit gardens
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Remodeling of a Cincinnati, Ohio Loft to Achieve a Comfortable Space Full of Natural Light

By • Nov 3, 2017

This fabulous attic loft is located on the third floor of a historic building in which several families live. The building is located in the central business district of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.At each end of the long and narrow block, which covers a total ground area of 280 square meters, there are doors and windows that allow fresh air and natural light to flow through.

The client had two main requirements or objectives that needed to be covered when it came to the project’s design. One of them was to create a modern and authentic living environment with an aesthetic of refined industrial style. The second objective was to maximize the use of natural light so that it would reach the main areas of the apartment.The architectural firm Ryan Duebber Architect was commissioned to carry out this project in 2015, with the intent to create the home of the client’s dreams.

In order to allow daytime light to reach the rooms, the main living spaces – i.e. kitchen, dining room, and family room – were placed adjacent to the largest outer opening, so that during daylight hours the spaces remain bright and full of natural light. The master suite and study were placed on the opposite end with sliding floor-to-ceiling doors to draw light into the interior.

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Modern and Elegant Design of an Open-Plan Apartment Located in Hsinchu City, Taiwan

By • Nov 2, 2017

This modern and elegant apartment was designed by the architectural firm 2BOOKS design in Hsinchu City, Taiwan in 2017. The flat is located on a single floor measuring 128 square meters, and in which they employed two main systems of color: gray and white. The architects used a range of grays in different textures and shades to harmonize the space, and white to add highlights.

To coordinate with the gray used on the floors, walls, and part of the décor, and seeking to create highlights, a mustard sofa was added in order to harmonize with the modern wooden dining room and break the monotony.

Clean and clear lines are another point of emphasis of this interior, used to direct the eyes precisely where the designers wished for them to go. As for the configuration of the public space, one of the bedrooms was opened, the materials used on the floors were extended, and glass doors were installed alongside clean lines in order to blur the boundaries, making the public space more open and more flexible.

A floor made of bright materials contrasted with the more rustic cement floor. The combination of different materials allowed the architects to separate the spaces in a subtle way, but with an open vision.

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