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Not everyone lives – or wants to live – in a house and millions of people are looking for examples of stylish apartment interior design. Across the globe, families make their homes in apartments that are polished, organized and beautiful. HomeDSGN brings you a collection of chic apartment interior design showcasing the possibilities. From contemporary neutrals and modern white designs to warm wood-filled interiors, inspiration for your apartment abounds.

Apartment Remodeled to fit the Needs of a Family of Three in the City of Gdynia, Poland”

By • Nov 14, 2017

This apartment, which covers an area of 140 square meters, has been remodeled by the architect Anna Maria Sokołowska. It is located in the city of Gdynia, in Poland, and was completed in 2015. The architectural firm intended to adapt it fully to the needs and wishes of a family of three. The main area has a large open space in which the social areas — living room and kitchen with integrated dining area — have been situated. Beautiful light-toned wooden floors fill the spaces with warmth, and modern furnishings decorate the rooms and give them a touch of elegance.

Modern living room with light wooden floors
Entrance with black walls
Wooden wall with doors
Kitchen in black and white

The main communication axis of the apartment is a corridor that has a hidden cabinet. Concealment procedures have been used for these storage spaces so that they are not visible at first sight. This is why we find that most cabinets are hidden behind tall wall panels or doors that open with a handle that is concealed by the design — usually cracks in the inner area of ​​each of the doors — so that storage space can be hidden in plain sight and placed in such a way that it will not hinder original design ideas.

Living room with gray L shaped sofa and TV area
Wooden coffee table
Modern living / dining area
Modern black and white kitchen with dining area
Wooden TV area
Minimalist kitchen in black and white
Kitchen detail
Decorative details
Modern furniture detail in black
Beautiful dining room with thick wooden table and gray chairs
Dining room in thick wood

In the bedrooms and bathrooms, we find a modern design done in light shades, which serves to add to the visual space.

Contemporary bedroom in shades of gray
Bedroom with modern hanging lamps
Bedroom with wooden floors
Bedroom with modern art
Children’s room in cheerful tones
Furniture in white and wood
Wooden closet
Closet details
Decorative art wall decals
Modern bathroom in white, gray, and wood
Modern bathroom
Detail of modern lamp
Modern bathroom in white and wood
Details of shower in gray
Bathroom with modern circular mirrors
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Fabulous Project in a Modern Style with Concrete and Glass Walls

By • Nov 10, 2017

This project is located in a privileged area of one of the main cities of Brazil, the city of Porto Alegre. The so-called Bossa Club recreates a minimalist living area with contemporary wooden furniture, conceived as an extension of residential homes. The project has been carefully designed by the firm Stemmer Rodrigues and has an internal area of 118 square meters where we can find two suites, a sink, a fireplace, a barbecue, an auxiliary bathroom, and two garage places.

Entrance with glass door and concrete walls
View of the building
Entrance with concrete walls
Exterior with concrete and glass walls

The exterior, done with concrete walls, boasts relaxation areas where we can sit placidly by the fireplace in the company of friends or a good book. In the interior, the common areas offer us a spa area and a whirlpool bath, as well as hammocks and a barbecue area.

Terrace with hardwood floors and fireplace
Terrace with furniture

Beyond the visual integration between gardens and the interior, a modern library with a unique style and a spectacular design highlights and enhances the contemporary style of the space. Thanks to the ample glass walls that surround the space,  it allows natural light to seep in and become another element of the design.

Living room with modern library
Living room with concrete column
Wooden kitchen
Modern dining room in black and white

A modern minimalist kitchen located in the center of the area, invites us to enjoy its wonderful gourmet facilities in its comfortable and contemporary chairs.

Minimalist kitchen
Kitchen view from the outside
Indoor swimming pool
Night view of the terrace
Lighted terrace
Night view of the front
Night view of the entrance
Front with lit gardens
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Remodeling of a Cincinnati, Ohio Loft to Achieve a Comfortable Space Full of Natural Light

By • Nov 3, 2017

This fabulous attic loft is located on the third floor of a historic building in which several families live. The building is located in the central business district of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.At each end of the long and narrow block, which covers a total ground area of 280 square meters, there are doors and windows that allow fresh air and natural light to flow through.

The client had two main requirements or objectives that needed to be covered when it came to the project’s design. One of them was to create a modern and authentic living environment with an aesthetic of refined industrial style. The second objective was to maximize the use of natural light so that it would reach the main areas of the apartment.The architectural firm Ryan Duebber Architect was commissioned to carry out this project in 2015, with the intent to create the home of the client’s dreams.

In order to allow daytime light to reach the rooms, the main living spaces – i.e. kitchen, dining room, and family room – were placed adjacent to the largest outer opening, so that during daylight hours the spaces remain bright and full of natural light. The master suite and study were placed on the opposite end with sliding floor-to-ceiling doors to draw light into the interior.

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Modern and Elegant Design of an Open-Plan Apartment Located in Hsinchu City, Taiwan

By • Nov 2, 2017

This modern and elegant apartment was designed by the architectural firm 2BOOKS design in Hsinchu City, Taiwan in 2017. The flat is located on a single floor measuring 128 square meters, and in which they employed two main systems of color: gray and white. The architects used a range of grays in different textures and shades to harmonize the space, and white to add highlights.

To coordinate with the gray used on the floors, walls, and part of the décor, and seeking to create highlights, a mustard sofa was added in order to harmonize with the modern wooden dining room and break the monotony.

Clean and clear lines are another point of emphasis of this interior, used to direct the eyes precisely where the designers wished for them to go. As for the configuration of the public space, one of the bedrooms was opened, the materials used on the floors were extended, and glass doors were installed alongside clean lines in order to blur the boundaries, making the public space more open and more flexible.

A floor made of bright materials contrasted with the more rustic cement floor. The combination of different materials allowed the architects to separate the spaces in a subtle way, but with an open vision.

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Remodeling Made by Alexandru Calin and Georgiana Gogolan in an Apartment Located in Busteni, Romania

By • Oct 31, 2017

This apartment is located in Busteni, a city in the District of Prahova. It is a small mountain village in the northern Prahova, which itself is located in central Romania. One of its greatest attributes is its fantastic views over the Carpathian Mountains, a mountain range in Eastern Europe that forms a great arch. It is the second longest mountain range in Europe, second only to the Scandinavian Alps.

The client requirements were simple: a cozy and warm mountain space where they could get away from the daily hustle and bustle of the city. Planning to spend long periods there, the fulfillment of their wishes was a really important and necessary point for them.

Alexandru Calin and Georgiana Gogolan’s architectural and interior design firm, personal friends of the clients, went to work inspired by warm oak wood and white tones. They were looking for a fluid space where the family could enjoy beautiful moments in the mountains, sharing the joy of being together away from the worries and the rumbling of the city. It was ultimately decided to fuse the areas and open the terrace to the wonderful views of the surrounding mountains.

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Elegant and Modern Family Apartment Full of Charm and Warmth

By • Oct 23, 2017

This elegant project, with 1,399 square feet of space, was designed in 2017 by the firm ALLARTSDESIGN, led by designer Saranin Artemy, in the city of Perm, Ural, Russia. It is an apartment that has two levels that have been connected by a ladder, made in wood and black metal, that rises in parallel to a red-brick wall, creating a perfect combination of materials. In the living room, a long sofa with a capacity for 7 people is waiting for us. This kind of furniture will certainly come in handy when the time for family reunions come. The sofa is accompanied by tall, green, and leafy plants that give freshness to the space.

Interior of the living room with red brick wall
Modern white sofa and tv area
White sofa with thick red carpet and beautiful wooden ceilings
Living room with white sofa in the background stairs and red brick wall
White sofa and fireplace area

Behind the sofa two armchairs were placed in front of the beautiful fireplace creating an intimate and welcoming space that invites you to relax in the heat of the fire. In the lighting of the room, several hanging lamps were installed in various styles and materials to provide enough light, as well as floor lamps in different styles, one of them in “director style,” one of my favorites!

Cozy corner with fireplace and two armchairs
Fireplace area with director style lamp
Cozy corner with fireplace

The modern white kitchen contrasts with the red brick wall and is accompanied by a modern breakfast room with combined gray and yellow chairs, a cozy space.

Dining room integrated in the kitchen with chairs in mustard and gray
Modern dining room with white table
Cozy dining area
Kitchen with wooden top and red brick wall
Modern kitchen in white with brick wall
Wooden stairs and black metal railings
Stairs with brick wall
Entrance to the sauna
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Fiona Lynch Designed this Wonderful and Contemporary House in Melbourne, Australia

By • Oct 10, 2017

This contemporary home is located in Williamstown, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It was designed in 2016 by Fiona Lynch, an award winning design studio located in Melbourne.The primary materials used in its construction are concrete, solid oak, and stone, coming together to create an interior that is elegant and stylish without sacrificing a sense of coziness that makes it feel like home, even at first sight. The color palette used is subdued, with a slight variation in tones to create a sense of unity and simplicity. Nevertheless, the use of small dabs of color here and there have been used to create a contrast against this sobriety and thus give the home a sense of dynamism in a manner that is very subtle and in keeping with its quiet elegance.


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Redesigned Apartment by Miguel Marcelino in the Beautiful City of Lisbon, Portugal

By • Sep 22, 2017

Telheiras Apartment is a private residence located in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, and remodeled and redesigned by Miguel Marcelino. The home covers a total ground area of 115 square meters and was completed in 2016.


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Wonderful Remodeling of a Flat in Melbourne, Australia by the Firm Sonelo Design Studio

By • Sep 21, 2017

This apartment of modern lines and 170 square meters was designed by the architectural firm Sonelo Design Studio by the hand of its architects Wilson Tang and Elodie Lim in the city of Melbourne, Australia in 2013.


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Fabulous Apartment With Concrete Skate Track in Cape Town, South Africa Designed by InHouse

By • Sep 18, 2017

This fabulous and ingenious residence was created especially for a young man whose interests and hobbies include skating, surfing and enjoying time with close friends and family. Thus, the InHouse team designed a space in which he could carry out his activities while sharing a modern and functional space at the same time.


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Apartment with Spectacular Views Over the City of Seville in Spain

By • Sep 11, 2017

This project is located in the city of Seville, in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, in Spain. It is fortunate enough to be in a key point of the city: next to the bullring of La Maestranza and the river Guadalquivir. It is a modern, elegant, and functional space, and it has wonderful views over this charming city, which is full of history and corners that drive us to fall in love with it.


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Warm Apartment With Exposed Brick Walls Designed by Arhitektura AB Objekt

By • Sep 11, 2017

This warm 100 square meter apartment is located in the historic center of Mladinska ulica, in Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia, located in the northeast of the country, on the banks of the river Drava and near the Austrian border. Its style reveals the architectural beauty of cities built at the end of the 19th century. In this remodeling, the architects were able to show that in many cases, the best option is to purify and clean to start anew rather than to add new elements.


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Lim + Lu designed a delicate and simple apartment in Hong Kong, China

By • Sep 7, 2017

This small apartment, located in Hong Kong, China, covers a ground area of 111 square meters. In it, each space we see contains a touch of good taste and distinction. It was designed in 2016 by the architectural firm Lim + Lu, an inter-disciplinary architectural design practice founded in New York City and currently based in Hong Kong.


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AR Arquitetos Designed This Comfortable Apartment in São Paulo, Brazil

By • Sep 6, 2017

This large and fluid space of 96 square meters was redesigned in the year 2015 by the architectural firm AR Arquitetos, under the instructions of its architect Andrea Helou, and is located in   R,Caconde – Jardim Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil.


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Wonderful Penthouse in Chicago designed by Kara Mann

By • Sep 4, 2017

This wonderful penthouse not only has wonderful views of the city of Chicago that we can enjoy from each of its rooms, but it also has a wonderful interior characterized by a modern and luxurious style. It is home décor clearly created with care and a great dose of good taste. It was designed by the incredibly talented Kara Mann and is located in the fabulous city of Chicago, Illinois, USA.


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Modern and Cozy Loft designed by Marmol Radziner in Los Angeles, California, United States

By • Sep 4, 2017

Personally, I love lofts, and this one is full of those special details that make us fall in love with an interior. Located in the wonderful city of Los Angeles, California, United States, this loft covers an area of 2,000 square feet, and was designed by the architectural firm Marmol Radziner in the year 2016.


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Elegant Apartment Designed by DA CHI International

By • Aug 29, 2017

The first things we’ll notice when seeing this apartment are its details of good taste and its exquisite and elegant decoration. It was decorated by DA CHI International in the spirit of creating an interior full of comfort and style. The modern light color interior design, mixed with wooden decoration, brings to life a simple, modest, and luxurious spirit.


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