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Dream homes – everybody has one. From cliff-side modern marvels to majestic traditional mansions and waterside homes with enviable views, a dream house has the elements to elevate your lifestyle. Look through HomeDSGN’s collection of featured dream homes and be inspired for your next upgrade or remodel…or just fantasize about living in them!

Fabulous Mid-Century Homes With A Cool Design

By • May 11, 2018

Mid-century is one trend that seems to never be going away. The main reason being mid-century homes are fabulous not only are they cozy on the inside, but they have an undeniable elegance to them on the outside. Here are a few mid-century homes that will make you want to move immediately.

Simple Mid-Century Home

This stunning mid-century home is the perfect combination of privacy yet modern beauty. The home itself sits on less than 1000 feet, but its private location makes up for the small space. Located on a hill in Montgomery County, in Maryland, United States the home is filled with large windows that give that modern appeal that is well known and loved. There is also the mid-century simplicity that brings the entire home together.

Camel Mid-Century LEED

Located in Camel California this home has a hidden undeniable charm. The home was constructed with privacy in mind, its modern yet flows well with the decorative aspect of the space. Filled with large windows that provide each room with the right amount of natural lighting, allowing the outside to come right in.

Mid-Century Modern View House Remodel

Designed to bring the outside in this mid-century, remodeled home is one of a kind. This home was originally built in the 1960s with an industrial feel to it. However, the home is now remodeled large glass walls that have a mid-century flair with a modern twist. It consists of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms while sitting on 2,000 square feet.

Mid-Century Home

Designed by Palmer & Krisel AIA this beautiful mid-century contemporary home is located in Rancho Mirage, California. The beauty of this home lies in its architectural layout. The home is laid out in a modern format with glass windows and walls that act as its main attraction. However, once you walk in the home the classic mid-century appeal comes into full fruition. Additionally, the home’s backyard space is breathtaking with a simple pool that brings a vacation home vibe that is difficult to duplicate.

Venice Island Mid Century

Constructed as a private residence this home is the picture- perfect example of a mid-century home that has the aesthetics of a traditional home yet gives hints of modern throughout. The layout of the home is quite contemporary, yet the numerous use of wood brings a rustic touch that feels very “homie,” creating the perfect balance.

Mid-Century Modern Home by Nest Architectural Design

Located on an open field on the south side of Denver this home is one of a kind. The home, seamlessly blends traditional mid-century outdoor aesthetics with a modern twist on the inside. The idea is to bring out the beauty of the home while still using two unique formats.

Mid-Century Modern Residence by AB design studio

Originally created in the 1950s, this home was later redesigned by AB design studio in 2006 with a beautiful blend of mid-century perfectly paired with rustic farmhouse. Furthermore, the interior of the home is filled with different colored and textured wood. In order to bring the rustic appeal while the outside has a bit of a more mid-century aesthetics. However, if you love a good bathroom this home has one of the very best.

Beautiful Mid-Century Home in Pasadena

This beautiful residence takes the beauty of the outside world and perfectly brings in inside to create a mesh of accents that make the home unique. Located on 4,994 square feet the home is made up of multiple different bedrooms with an unbelievable pool. The backyard area of this home is the selling point for us. It has a calming-like effect that is charming and chic yet very mid-century couture.

La Cañada Mid-Century by Jamie Bush & Co.

Designed by the architecture firm Jamie Bush & Co. This stunning home is located in Los Angeles, California, surrounded by the beauty of foothills of Sierra Madre. Its beauty comes from the fact that it was built with minimal material. Therefore it creates a simple outline allowing the scenic appeal of the outdoors to shine right inside. Therefore, the residence was created using only stone, wood, and steel.

Remodeled Mid-Century House in Mercer Island

Sitting directly on Mercer Island, this one level home brings a cabin-like feel that is still modern and chic. The idea keeps the space fresh and put together while still being a classic mid-century home. Featuring multiple different colors and wooden hues the home pairs the classic elements with glass that provide a glimpse into the beauty of what can be expected outside.

Which of these homes is your personal favorite? Please share in the comments below.

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Elegant Living Rooms With Views Of The City

By • May 2, 2018

Whether you are looking to change up the décor of your current living room space or need some new motivation to upgrade your home to a new residence with a grander view. Here are a few elegant living rooms with views of the city that will make you want to move.

Guinness Storehouse

The most impressive aspect of this home is the beautiful 360degree view of the city from the living room space. The spacious loft is furnished strategically to allow the beauty of the city to speak for itself. Furthermore, the entire home is embossed with glass walls that bring the beauty of the great outdoors directly in.

Coppin Penthouse

Located in the city of Melbourne, Australia the Coppin Penthouse designed by JAM Architects. The narrow yet elegance of the home was created to provide the perfect view of the city. Additionally, the living room is decorated in a circular format. This allows the homeowners and guests the luxury of enjoying the city during any time of day.

Stylish Apartment in New York

New York City has always been considered one of the best cities not only to live in, but one of the best cities to enjoy at night. For this reason and many others this stylish apartment in the heart of New York City has one of the best views. Constructed by the renowned architectural firm Zaha Hadid Architects the classic apartments were designed in a format that allows the outdoor space to be the main focus of the entire home not just the living room.

Austin City View Residence by Dick Clark Architecture

A beautiful contemporary home with a minimalist appeal is the perfect way to describe this residence. Located in the gorgeous city of Austin the home itself has one of the best views in town. Surrounded by large trees and sprinkle of buildings the city can be seen perfectly from the living room space. Furthermore, the minimalist feature of the interior gives the outdoor a grandiose appeal.

The Towers at Lotte New York Palace

The Towers at Lotte New York Palace is a well-known as loved hotel in New York City due to its impeccable beauty and elegance. However, one of the best aspects the hotel has is its gorgeous view of the city. The hotel is constructed of 176 bedrooms all featuring the view of the St Patrick’s Cathedral and the spectacular skyline view from the living room space.

Steel and Glass Costa Rican home by Cañas Arquitectos

Located in the beautiful tropical country of Costa Rica, this home exudes beauty. Sitting directly on top of a hill providing the utmost view of the city of San Jose. For home offers the view from the living room and multiple different rooms in the home. Featuring thick steel walls perfectly paired with glass windows the home is contemporary yet traditional.

Contemporary Residence with Ocean views and City Lights in Los Angeles

Constructed in 2008 this 6 bedroom home sits on 2 acres of land perfectly showcasing the view of the ocean and the city all from different areas of the residence. Furthermore, the home brings forth the beauty of having two different scenarios from one location. Nevertheless, the large glass walls work perfectly in conjunction of making the home make a powerful statement all on its own.

Modern Décor Designed by Margeza Design Studio

The modern residence brings beauty in an unconventional, almost unrealistic way. The beautiful project was created by the architectural firm Margeza Design Studio. A popular firm known for thinking outside of the box. Nevertheless, the home offers an exceptional view of the city while having a modern appeal on the inside of the residence.

Sophisticated Riverside Villa Located in Kyoto

Even though it is a riverside residence the home offers great views of the city from the modernly decorated living room space. Furthermore, the home itself brings forth simplistic lines with beautiful neutral hues that work together to create that grudge aspect the home has from the inside out.

Modern and Cozy Loft designed by Marmol Radziner in Los Angeles, California

Modern is the perfect way of explaining this loft. The crisp view of the city gives it an even grander appeal that simply makes sense to the area. Furthermore, there is something very rustic yet contemporary that comes with having the exterior come together with the interior.

Which of these views from the living room is your current favorite? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Bungalow Style Homes You Must See

By • Apr 2, 2018

Bungalow style homes were once extremely popular between 1860 and 1930. Best known as the nature-inspired home with a touch of simple, bungalows have recently received a modern upgrade. The reason they were quite popular was because of their horizontal footprint, 1 ½ story, and seamless design. Here are a few bungalow style homes that are a must see.

This Princeton St. Bungalow by Ruben S. Ojeda Architects & Koning Eizenberg Architecture is not only a beautiful sight on the outside as it features a spacious deck area surrounded by trees that wrap round.  The inside of this bungalow is a bit unique. The unique aspect is its higher ceilings. This is quite unique for a bungalow style home because traditionally bungalows have a lower ceiling.  The ceiling of this home is approximately 22 feet high. It’s a simple feature, but it gives the home a modern and unique flair.

The last place you may suspect to come across a bungalow is New York. However, this Midcentury Bungalow is located in the state of New York and it is a beauty, to say the least. It offers the classic bungalow exterior and interior appearance with a lively twist.

Privacy was the number one main idea when the Marin Bungalow was created. There is a ranch feel to this home that is quite charming yet casual all at the same time. Its modern exterior and interior gives it an upscale take on a traditional bungalow. Effectively the large trees surrounding the home work in unison to create the privacy feel this home is known for.

The Bungalow in Teak and Stone is a gorgeous home located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This stunning residence offers a modern take on the Balinese-style of homes. It is contemporary and spacious while still having the classic feel of a bungalow. Even though the inside of the home is stunning the outside is even grander. It offers a breathtaking pool surrounded by nature and gorgeous trees.

If contemporary has always been your favorite style of home. This Contemporary Bungalow by ZZ Architects located in Mumbai, India is a dream come true.  As stated this home offers a contemporary feel. It is mainly due to the fact that even though it is surrounded by coconut palm trees, a waterfall, and decorative lights on the outside the interior is furnished modernly on the inside. Although these are parallel features they work beautifully together for the perfect contemporary balance.

This Hillside Bungalow is a remodeled residence in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The remodel of this bungalow has made it one of a kind. One characteristic that really caught our attention about this bungalow was its transformation from a 70s and 80s style home to a contemporary residence.  As a result the home is surrounded by large windows and doors that work together to reflect the light hues used throughout the home. By having this feature sunlight and ventilation can easily penetrate directly into the residence.

This 6,000 square foot modern residence is known as the Dinesh Mills Bungalow by Atelier dnD and it is located in Vadodara city, West India. Furthermore, a bungalow like this one screams modern from the moment you see it. Due to it being structured in a contemporary form this bungalows allows you to be able to remain in touch with nature. You will be able to remain in touch with nature even from the inside. Dinesh Mills Bungalow was built around the idea that nature is a very important aspect of the home.

The beauty of “La Lagartija” House and Bungalows by Alexandro Velázquez Moreno is absolutely breathtaking. In addiction an aspect that differentiates this bungalow from others is that it was constructed using different elements. Consequently the elements used were metal, stone, clay, and wood. By making use of these elements the designer was able to create unique visual appeal and texture. This makes this particular home not only one of a kind, but it also makes it a masterpiece from the inside out.

Created as a single-family home the Skyward, Inc, Designs a Single, Family Bungalow in Nanded, India. Furthermore, this bungalow offers all of the simplicity a single, family home would with all the modern abilities a contemporary home does. This home is the perfect hybrid between the two. Its sleek lines are the perfect combination between classic and contemporary.

This Spacious Compact Bungalow by INTERLINK DESIGN SOLUTIONS is better known for being one of the few bungalows created that are eco-friendly with an airy and spacious feel. Due to being created on the concept that it is a spacious home in a compact space this bungalow offers the best of both words. Especially relevant to its modern exterior is its upward levels as they can be accessible through elevators and/or stairs.

To conclude, each and everyone of these bungalows has something unique to offer. Share with us in the comments below which of these bungalows is your favorite and why.

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Penthouse Homes with a Classic Appeal

By • Mar 30, 2018

Penthouses- by definition are luxurious. Sitting on the highest floor these apartments are inevitably a statement of success with luxurious amenities. Whether you are attracted to them because of their beauty, the view they provide, or the many fancy luxurious amenities they feature, chances are you have always wanted to own one. Although penthouses are mostly decorated in modern layout some of them have a classic charm that is hard to miss. Here are breathtaking penthouses that will inspire you to own one of your own in the near future.

Coppin Penthouse

Coppin penthouse is the perfect definition of a luxurious apartment with a gorgeous view. Designed by the Richmond based Australian architectural firm JAM Architects in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This residence is decorated in a classic penthouse appeal with a few modern pieces here and there. However, even though the home offers a classic appeal the terrace and pool are the highlights of this home. The reason being the view is impeccable. You can see the entire city from the terrace especially at night.

Wonderful Penthouse in Chicago

Located In the city of Chicago this penthouse is what all dreams are made of. It is contemporary yet charming with a classic feel that exuberates throughout the home. This home is characterized by its modern appeal from head to toe. However, one space of the penthouse that really caught our attention was the bathroom. Furthermore, the bathroom is fully constructed of white vein marble. The white vein marble adds a sense of peace in the bathroom space that we haven’t seen before.

Elegant Penthouse

Categorized by being the perfect combination of classic charm and elegance, this penthouse is located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. This private residence was constructed for a family with three children. The children were the number one focus when it came to decorating the space. Therefore, the space has a warm feel to it that screams home in a modern type of way. Its large windows give the perfect rich view of the city.

Mayfair House

Sleek and classic with hints of modern are the perfect words to describe the Mayfair house. This penthouse consisted of four apartments in one space. The large spaces are filled with modern charm, while the smaller corners are chic and sleek in design. Riddled with classic charm every space of this home has its own personality.

Penthouse Ecopark

Created with “relaxation” in mind the Penthouse Ecopark takes a contemporary space and adds traditional furniture for the perfect blend between the two. The interior of the home offers rich dark hues that perfectly work with the green shades that flow throughout the home. Furthermore, the large windows bring in the natural beauty from the outside directly in. The home also features brick walls throughout that add a classic feel in a modern way.

Penthouse 03

Penthouse 03 is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The beautifully glass constructed penthouse is decorated in a minimalist form to allow all the windows to be the center stage of the home. Primarily the home offers a white layout with large windows throughout. Subsequently, the perfectly polished wood gave the home a classic appeal that exuberated charm and beauty in a minimalist way.

Penthouse in Palma de Mallorca

Located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain this penthouse is spectacular from the inside out. Decorated in a minimal manner that allows the structure to speak for itself this home screams contemporary with hints of classic furniture throughout. Nevertheless, the classic furniture really helps bring the entire look of this home together. However, the most impressive area of this home is the terrace. The terrace itself had a grand view that is difficult to miss.

Penthouse on the Park

Penthouse on the Park is a private residence located in Sofia, Bulgaria. This penthouse measures at about 3,600 sq ft space. Furthermore, the classic interior works in the layouts favor as every part of the home screams classic penthouse décor while still feeling chic. Furthermore, the penthouse is decorated in mostly neutral shades of white and gray with hints of color here and there. This allows the home to be charming with a hint of feminine throughout.

Penthouse by Josep Ruà Spatial Designer

This penthouse created by Josep Ruà Spatial Designer takes the luxurious feel out of the penthouse and replaced it with traditional charm. The home has almost a cabin feel it. Furthermore, its unfinished wooden aspect mixed with natural elements creates the perfect combination that elevates this home to the next level. Furthermore, the aesthetics of the home was simple, but open and direct.

Penthouse in Berlin

Sitting on 5,382 square feet this penthouse is one of a kind. It sits directly on the banks of the river Spree and surrounded by the city the view from this penthouse is unbelievable. The residence is decorated with neutral, elegant décor that emphasis the classy yet trendy aspect of this penthouse. However, with all the trendy appeal of this home, there is also a classy touch to it. Furthermore, the home is filled with elegant, classic chandeliers that brighten up the space in a sweet, traditional manner.

To conclude, these penthouses are as charming as they seem but with a little classic detail to them. Which of these penthouses is your favorite? Please let us know your thoughts below.

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Eye-Catching Homes on the Lake

By • Mar 9, 2018

Home in the Banks of Lake by Architectural Bureau A2 (44)

Owning a home on the lake is like having a home on the beach the beauty is undeniable, and the amenities are even better. There is nothing quite like waking up and listening to the serene sound of water just drifting away. Here are 10 homes that will make you want to own a home on the lake immediately.

Home in the Banks of a Lake

Located in St. Petersburg, Russia this home on the lake is a private residence with an envious view. The modern yet classic home offers panoramic views of the lake from every single room. Additionally, the windows are glazed using Reynaries Concept System® 104 (Belgium), innovative window glazing which allows the home to use less energy. Furthermore, not only does the home lead to the lake, but it is Eco-friendly. The residence was constructed to fit right into its surrounding landscape.

Lake Edge

The Lake Edge residence is located in Excelsior, Minnesota, USA. This home offers a contemporary approach to a traditional home. Furthermore, the large windows offer views to the beautiful lake that is connected to the home. This residence is connected by a walkway to the small lake house that sits at the edge of the lake.

Hog Pen Creek Residence

The Hog Pen Creek Residence is the perfect definition of a contemporary private residence. Designed by Lake Flato Architects gives this home the true modern feel Lake Flato is well known for. Additionally, the home was constructed using large windows from top to bottom to create a home that feels as if it interacts with the outdoor space simultaneously. Furthermore, the home was constructed in an L shape in order to work around the oak trees that resided in the area surrounding the home.

Lakecrest Residence

The Lakecrest Residence is the true definition of a home directly on the lake. In addition the home not only has views of the lake, but it is perched on the edge of a cliff providing an unbelievable view. Furthermore, the home offers panoramic views of the mountains as well as the forest that surround the residence. Lakecrest Residence was designed to have its residents enjoy the view of the outside directly from the windows inside.

Lake House by Mutabile Arquitetura

Located in Capitólio, Minas Gerais, Brazil directly on the edge of Lake Furnas this private residence was created to provide the feel of always being on vacation. The home sits on the lake which gives it the open feel of being always on the lake even if you are inside of the home. Nevertheless, this home combines the exterior space with the privacy of the interior in a unique manner. The home has thick walls, but with large windows for the perfect contrast. Lake Furnas can be seen from every angle of the home.

 Lakeside Retreat

The Lakeside Retreat residence is the perfect vacation home. Sitting directly in front of the lake is one amenity that is difficult to come by and even more difficult to miss. This home provides both. The beautiful lake can be seen from the large ceiling high windows that are in the window. This entire residence has large windows. However, the best view of the home can be seen from the living room.

House at a Lake by BBSC Architects

This contemporary home is a sight to be seen. The beautiful residence known as the house at the lake offers mesmerizing views that from every quarter of the home. Furthermore, very window offers a distinct view of the lake or the garden. Its large front windows provide a modern yet elegant touch to the home.

Lake Washington Shores Residence

Lake Washington Shores Residence merges the indoor with the outdoor space seamlessly to provide that effortless combination of the two. It’s a 6,800square foot home with the purpose of entertaining. This modern home offers large windows throughout that brings the brightness, from the earthy outdoors directly in. Additionally, the inside is decorated with lots of mahogany wood elements for an earthy feel that connects you to the lake.

House at the Lake by Igor Sirotov Architect

The House at the Lake was a concept created by Igor Sirvotov Architect. This home is contemporary to a T. Nevertheless, the entire home is decorated in a gray and black color scheme providing a rich feel that is modern and elegant all at the same time. The view of the lake offers a twist of tranquility in the home. Furthermore, the large windows will bring in the softness of the lake while the décor adds the classic edge the home already has.

Lakeside Home

This stunning Lakeside Home located in Balatonboglár, Hungary is a beautiful contemporary residence. The elegant interior works perfectly with the nautical exterior. It sits directly in front of the lake providing an impeccable view that can be seen from the large windows that flow throughout the entire space.

To conclude, whether you enjoy a peaceful night looking at the lake from the inside of your home or you want to sit directly on the lake these homes are beautiful from the inside out. Which of these homes is your favorite? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Barn Houses with a Modern Twist

By • Feb 22, 2018

Over the recent years, barn homes have become quite trendy and popular. When we think of cozy and comfortable your very first thought may be a traditional beautiful barn house. Preferably, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature. However, Barn houses have received a chic upgrade and most of them now have a modern twist. The following barn homes will make you think twice before turning down these chic cozy homes.

Cielomar Residence

When you think of a dream barn house this could definitely be it. This home is everything you could imagine. Located on Papagayo Peninsula, Costa Rica, this home is the perfect modern barn house. This tropical project takes everything a barn house is known for and completely transforms it even the shape of the home is unique. Built from layered wooden beams the home is covered in crystal clear glass windows and doors so that the outside can be seen from all areas of the home. The home has two different pools for the ultimate vacation feel right at home.

Barn House Eelde

This private residence takes a traditional barn house structure and completely reinvents it. Featuring 1,052 square feet of living space located in the countryside south of Eelde in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the structure is modern because of the way the wooden panels give a sense that the architecture is “breathing”.

Donderen Barnhouse

This beautiful contemporary barn house located in Donderen, The Netherlands perfectly meshes together the cozy feel of a barn house with the contemporary aspect of a modern home. It seamlessly works both architectural styles from the inside out.

Loft in the Barn

This structure was created in the 17th century. However, it has newly been renovated by the architectural firm Georg Bechter Architektur + Diseño. Located on a hill of Hittisau, Austria this modern barn offers a loft-like design with gorgeous mountain views. With a traditional barn exterior, the inside is completely different with unfinished wood as the main décor statement and an open floor plan. The interior is contemporary while still having a rich barn-like feel.

Ancient Party Barn

Located in Folkestone, England this private barn residence is the perfect traditional barn house with a traditional interior except with a twist. The twist being the inside is a lot more open and spacious than a barn would be. Furthermore, the interior is created almost entirely of wood which provides the warm feel a barn is known for.

Modern Barn

Just like the name states, this barn is a modern barn located in Wilton, Connecticut, USA. The exterior offers a semi-traditional barn appeal, but with a fresher concept. The idea was to create a barn that feels like a barn, but screams contemporary once you step inside. Nevertheless, the home is decorated in a simple manner with an open floor plan for that modern appeal the home was inspired by.

Napa Barn

The idea to create a guest home that would serve as a multipurpose residence was what inspired the creation of this unique barn house. Located in St. Helena, California this residence sits at 3,500 square feet. Furthermore, this barn house takes the charm of a traditional home and opens it up. This space is full of simplicity and modern charm throughout the entire space. The home features large windows that give you views of the vineyard that surrounds the space.

The Barn by Pascal François Architects

Located in Aalst, Flanders, Belgium The Barn takes a unique outlook on what a traditional barn “would” look like. Furthermore, the exterior of this residence doesn’t appear much like a “traditional” barn instead it looks like a modern structure. This home was constructed in a minimalist format for that modern feel from the outside in. Although the outside is constructed in a minimalist format it does feature traditional woodwork throughout. The inside is completely different as it laid out in a contemporary manner.

Loughloughan Barn

Loughloughan Barn designed by McGarry-Moon Architects perfectly blends old ruins that have been rebuilt with new additions that give this home a unique appearance. The structure of this home is quite unique because it is built out of bricks and glass windows and doors. Furthermore, this adds to the modern aspect of the space while still feeling comfortable and charming. The interior is laid out in a contemporary design for that chic feel that is also enchanting and even captivating.

Brotherton Barn

Located in Pusey, Oxfordshire, England the Brotherton Barn provides all of the barn aesthetics while being modern in some ways. Furthermore, the home works around an open floor plan, but provides a secluded bedroom space. In order to pair the two together, the structure has a floating staircase with a gallery that combines the two while still being separate from the rest of the home. Instead of the designer working upwards and creating a large barn with different levels. The Anderson Orr Partnership decided to keep the home at the level it was first constructed in by working downwards instead of upwards. This gives the come a unique feel as there are two levels, but it appears as if it was only one.

Whether you have a barn house as an addition to your home or you are looking to purchase a barn house these homes are quite the beauty. Which of these would you like to own or recreate your home around? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Mountain Homes That Will Make You Want to Move

By • Feb 14, 2018

Imagine walking up to the beautiful view of peaceful snow peaked mountains. This view may be exactly what you need first thing in the morning. Although they are beautiful and have a grand view many homeowners stay away from them. Mainly, because they traditionally are a bit smaller. However, they do offer a great amount of privacy. Here are 10 mountain homes that will make you want to move immediately.

Greek Home with Beautiful Views of the Mountains

This beautiful home located in Greece measures about 350 square meters and was designed by the architectural firm Schema Architecture & Engineering and supervised by architect Marianna Athanasiadou. The home focuses on blending the outdoor space with the indoor décor. The large windows in the front and back of the home add to the concept of meshing both worlds together. Furthermore, the large windows help the home feel cozy. While allowing you to really appreciate the views of the mountain.

Spectacular Home in the Northern Crest of Nuevo Leon, Mexico

The structure measures about 10,000 square feet, covering a very large portion of the mountain it sits on. This modern home features large gardens, filled with concrete fountains and waterfalls. The home features uniquely placed windows of numerous different sizes for a view that is unique to every room of the home.

Beautiful Cabin Located in the Mountains of West Virginia, USA

This unique cabin located in the Mountains of West Virginia was built with the landscape in mind. Surround a beautiful scenery of peak mountains and the sweet sound of the river nearby, this home has a lot to offer. It features numerous glass walls and windows that allow you to view the beauty of nature directly from the inside. Additionally, the interior is very modern and minimalist. Meanwhile, the exterior is contemporary, but in a natural woodsy kind of way.

Mountainside Home in Seoul, South Korea

To call this home unique is an understatement. This Mountainside home is the definition of taking a vision and bringing it to life. It was designed by local Studio Poly.m.ur with the owner’s vision in mind. The owners wanted to have a home that allowed them to take full advantage of the gorgeous view that surrounds them. Therefore, they wanted a home that was tall, but that was not possible because of where the home is located. Instead, the home was created in two stories that are 8 meters high and feature double ceilings with strategically placed windows for excellent views throughout.

Mountain Tree House Encrusted in a Red Cedar Tree Forest

Imagine having a tree house as your permanent residence, that’s exactly what this home is. This mountain tree house offers the impeccable views of the mountain while being the coolest home in the forest. Measuring at 11meters this home has 7 rooms that are about 7 by 9 square meters. Its unique wooden exterior allows it to mesh perfectly into the surrounding. The large glass walls and windows are perfect for admiring the mountains and forest.

Sunshine Canyon House in the Boulder Mountains of Colorado

With a 360degree view of the mountains, this cabin stands to have one of the most impressive sights of all times. The rustic cabin has a modern structure with two. Its interior consists of many wooden features that provide the cabin feel. However, its large windows and terrace bring the cabin to an upscale view, especially during the evenings.

Mountain View House by SoNo arhitekti

Located on the tip of a small village facing the Australian Alps this small private residence is one of a kind. It takes a contemporary structure on the outside with large glass windows for a charming view and transforms into a traditional barn-like home on the inside. There are a few modern bits and pieces indoors, but they blend perfectly to create the ultimate mesh between the two.

Round Mountain House

The Round Mountain house was constructed to be modern and work perfectly with the landscape surrounding it. Its layout was methodically created to provide two separate areas of the home. The separate areas area a mesh that separates the private spaces and the public areas. The frame of the home is created from steel with concrete walls underneath. Doing so creates a unique look that is sturdy to withstand the touch winds, the home sits on a hill with mountain views throughout.

Badger Mountain House

Set at the foot of Badger Mountain this home was designed as a homage to its landscape surroundings and traditional Japanese architecture. The home is designed in a perpendicular manner so that it minimizes the size the home takes upon the land while maximizing the views of the mountain. Meanwhile, its interior is very modern while still having a classic Japanese feel to it.

Mountain House by Agraz Arquitectos

This untraditional mountain house located in the Santa Anita Golf Club of Tlajomulco in Jalisco, Mexico brings crisp white hues on the outside that perfectly blends with fun vivid colors on the inside. Furthermore, the elegant home has an unconventional shape.  The shape allows the homeowners to have great views of the mountain while the home sits on the bottom of a slope. Furthermore, the home has four levels that allow the home to have a distinct separation throughout. This also works great as every level provides a different view through the many glass doors the home has to offer.

Which of these homes is giving you the mountain vibes you would want in your future mountain home?

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Asian Homes That Will Take Your Breath Away

By • Feb 5, 2018

Asia has always been a magical place to vacation and enjoy rich history. However, if you really want to take a dive into what Asia is all about, take a look at their architecture and the structures they have created to be used as homes. The architecture in Asia is so grand and meticulously well done. The following Asian homes will take your breath away not just because of their beauty, but because of how well done they are.

Nakameguro Home

The Nakameguro home measures at about 1,762 square-feet. Designed by Japanese Studio LEVEL Architects, located in Meguro-Ku, one of the municipalities of Tokyo, Japan. Furthermore, the three-story residence is equipped with an integrated slide that connects all three levels together. The exterior of the home is uniquely shaped which allows the interior to flow naturally. This home was created with the homeowner’s children in mind which is why it is built in the format of a playhouse.

WBE House

Located in a neighborhood of Kasugai, Japan, this small contemporary two-story home is a sight of its own. The exterior provides a modern structure that flows throughout the interior of the home. Its interior is minimalist and simple. Doing so allows the home to feel larger in size than what it actually is.

The Lift Residence

This unique home known as the Lift residence is one of a kind. The 1,334 square-foot all-black home features an intricate contemporary exterior. In order to create a contrast between the outside and inside of the home, the interior is spacious and mostly white. Furthermore, there are hints of black throughout that bring the exterior structure directly inside.

Tea House on the Outskirts of Nanjing, China

This fabulous tree house is located on top of a hill for an exceptional view. An air of peace and tranquility is felt from the moment you lay eyes on the home. Its atmosphere and contemporary design are the perfect blend. The furniture is mainly made of wood and light colors that add an air of charm. Consider this home a homage to traditional Asian culture. Its large windows allow the view of the hill and its green surroundings to peak through the residence. Regardless of where you are, every room offers an excellent view.

BB 501

The BB 501 is a tiny home located in Chongqing, China. This home is the perfect definition of peaceful and calming. Coming in from a tiny point of view, the home offers stark white walls that help make them feel bigger. Meanwhile, the décor is simple and minimal for a tranquility that flows throughout. Furthermore, there are also plants throughout the homes that add a natural feel on the inside.

Minimalist house in Osaka, Japan

This home was created to have a sense of privacy while still allowing the beautiful view of the nearby forest to shine through. Located in Osaka, Japan the minimalist home takes great advantage of its surroundings by making sure the residents are capable of interacting with nature. Furthermore, the vaulted ceilings in the living room allow for the forest scenery to peak through. Along with the large windows that are featured throughout.

Semi-detached House by Landmak Architecture

Located in Vietnam this semi-detached house has all the makings of the perfect home. Nevertheless, it features a contemporary interior and exterior space with an elegant twist. The home is decorated in a warm manner were bright shades that are perfectly paired with vivid hues of yellow, green, and blue. Meanwhile, the exterior is quite modern. The homes are created in a “semi-detached” manner in order to blend three generations into one single space.

Japanese House Designed by CAPD Architects

Completely engulfed in the vegetation that surrounds it this Japanese House Design brings natures finest properties directly indoors. Covering an area of 160 m2, the residence is located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Surrounded by perfectly manicured greenery and a terrace that provides the perfect view of the lake. Furthermore, featuring two levels the home is decorated in a modern format with smaller rectangular windows.

Baqueratta Designs a Contemporary Home in Japan

When it came to designing, the home the idea was to create a home that offered “modern living” at its finest. However, each room is designed to expand in all directions including upwards. The idea was to create a space that flowed throughout the home while taking advantage of every inch the residence has to offer. Furthermore, the furniture is laid out to sit directly in front of the many windows the home has. Every window features a different view.

Home in Japan Designed by ASSISTANT

Perfectly laid out in a contemporary format with glass windows and walls as the main feature this home in Japan offers a 360degree view. Nevertheless, home’s architecture is unlike any other. It is constructed out of multiple different pavilions with wooden structure standing under the steel frame of the home. Furthermore, the home’s glass windows and walls help bring natural sunlight. Making the residence cost effective for the homeowners.

There is an air of tranquility that engulfs every Asian home, why not get inspiration from them? Therefore, which of these homes inspired you to add a little bit of Asian flair to your residence? Please let us know in the comments below.

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10 Homes With the Best Terrace Views

By • Feb 1, 2018

How wonderful would it be to wake up, walk to your terrace and see a gorgeous view every time? The luxury of having a terrace comes from having a quiet space you can sit and enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your home. These homes offer just that! Their terrace views speak for themselves. Here are 10 homes with breathtaking views that will inspire you to construct a terrace of your very own.

152 Elizabeth Street

This is the very first Tadao Ando project in the Big Apple and it does not disappoint. Known as 152 Elizabeth Street this luxury multistory penthouse is a sight to be seen. The interior is simple, elegant, yet modern and rich while the exterior is breathtaking. The terrace view is unbelievable. With glass walls you can see the city directly from inside the home and once you step onto the terrace you get the Big Apple directly in front of you.

Mountain Views from Salt Lake City Home

Sitting at an elevation of about 7,500 feet on top of a mountain this home offers breathtaking panoramic views all year round. With its high elevation the home is prone to having a bit of a shake down during the winter as there could be accumulations of snow up to 12 inches. However, the home was built with this in mind. The terrace view offers a panoramic view of the green mountains of Utah. Nevertheless, the view is even grander when there is snow on them.

Townhouses Full of Warmth and Comfort Built in the City of Berkeley in California

Located in Berkeley, a city in Alameda County, California the four townhouse units range in sizes of 1,300 to 1,500 square feet. Molded around a European style patio, these homes offer a 360panoramic view of the city from the terrace. The view is quiet and calming, allowing you to feel as if you have retreated on vacation by simply stepping onto your terrace.

Contemporary Apartment Redesigned for a Young Businessman in Hong Kong

Built for a young businessman, this contemporary apartment is located in Hong Kong is modern yet well put together and simple. The living room happens to be one of the most impressive areas of this home as it features glass walls that are placed directly in front of the terrace. Nonetheless, the terrace is a cozy open space featuring glass miniature walls that appear as if they combine the great outdoors with the impeccable views of the ocean that sits in front of the apartment.

Hillside Home Designed by John Covert Waston Located in Lakeway

This beautiful, unconventional home located in Lakeway encrusted in the surrounded vegetation offers a view like no other. The residence is located directly in front of the lake. Therefore, the lake can be seen from the terrace as well as numerous different areas of the home that have glass walls and windows. Its interior is filled with small detailing that offer a rich décor that is embedded in the home. Furthermore, the home offers a unique curved feature. There are curved walls that add to the contemporary appeal while providing a breathtaking view.

Mixed Space House Designed by Bergemeisterwolf Architekten

Located in Neustift, Bozen, Italy the home is constructed in the middle of beautiful landscapes and mountain views. The home covers 98 square meters appearing as if it came out directly from a fairytale story book. From the interior to the terrace and garden everything in the home is modern and immaculate while combining two different house designs. Nevertheless, every area of the home is built in a contemporary form meanwhile the rest of the home has a rustic appeal to it.

Fabulous and Unique Residence in Miami Beach by Kobi Karp Architecture

Just like New York City, Miami is a city that never sleeps. Furthermore, it is also a city that offers a breathtaking view from every angle. This amazing home in Miami Beach offers an indescribable, picturesque view that can be seen from the terrace as well as from all the glass walls the home has. All in all, every single space in the home offers a different view. However, the view becomes twice as grand in the evening when you can really appreciate the beauty of the city with all its lights.

 A Stunning Villa with Spectacular Views in Lugano, Switzerland

Located on the hills of Lugano, the Swiss-Italian city the view of this Villa is like no other. Surrounded by mountains and lakes this Villa is decorated from the inside out with dark-toned wood. All in all, the home offers an impressive mixture of luxury and modern. In addition, the terrace has a unique feature it is actually enclosed with glass walls, wooden floors, and an astonishing view. The view is so great from the terrace it appears as if you are part of the nature instead of being enclosed inside.

Conrad | Asturi Studios Design a Spacious Contemporary Home in Pebble Beach Resorts, California

Constructed in the exclusive Pebble Beach Resorts, California this contemporary home covers 4,176 square feet. The construction of this home focuses on using concrete to create a modern space with a cozy interior. There are multiple different fire pits in the home and that includes on the terrace. The terrace itself has a modern fire pit with living room furniture to provide a second living room appeal. Furthermore, not only is the terrace well designed but the view is also great. The  view features mountains and greenery that add to the relaxing appeal of the space.

Spectacular Transformation of a House Into an Elegant and Functional Place

This beautiful, perfectly transformed home is located on Tapia Island is a modern beauty of its own. This home offers a contemporary appeal from the inside out. The terrace is constructed of wooden floors with glass walls that bring the beauty of the outdoors right indoors. Furthermore, the views of the city and the water from the terrace are unlike any other.

In conclusion, these terrace views are one of a kind. Which of them is your personal favorite? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Grand Master Bedrooms With Even Grander Scenery

By • Jan 29, 2018

Even if your days are full of chaos your bedroom is the one place where you can go and relax the day away, no kids, no electronics (even though they are there it is nice to disconnect once in a while). What better way to disconnect from the chaos of the world than to enjoy a beautiful, scenery in your bedroom. The following grand master bedrooms with amazing sceneries will inspire you to redecorate your bedroom to find the perfect place to enjoy the scenery in your home.

Elegant and Cozy Home with Views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains

This spacious and cozy residence located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado sits on 2.5 acres overlooking the Maroon Creek. The home covers nearly 10,000 square feet. Its interior is laid out in a box format that allows every box to have separate space inside of the home. The master bedroom has the best view of them all. Featuring a contemporary design with a chimney, with extraordinary views of the mountains.

Modern Residence Full of Light and Comfortable Spaces in the city of Los Angeles

Located on a hill in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California, this marvelous home sits on an area of 2,100 square feet on a land of 3,750 square feet with charming, panoramic views of Silver Lake Hills and Reservoir. The home’s interior is designed in a simple, manner that focuses on its view for most of the homes enchantment. The master bedroom showcases the view of the mountains through its large glass windows and walls.

Spectacular Home in the Northern Crest of Nuevo Leon, Mexico

This single-family home located on the Northern Crest of Nuevo, Mexico is a beauty on its very own. With large glass doors and windows that offer a panoramic view of the mountains and its tranquil lavish décor, this residence is a sight on its own. The master bedroom of this home has a terrace and large sliding doors that allow you to see the picturesque mountain and pool scenery.

A Loft with Views of the City

The most impressive aspect of this loft without a doubt is the panoramic views of the city. Completely encased by glass walls the view is out of this world. The loft is designed in a contemporary manner that allows the décor to work around the picturesque view. However, the bedroom happens to have the most magical view of them all. Featuring a round bed, the space allows you to see the entire city as you lay your head to rest.

A Warehouse Turned Into a Home in Melbourne, Australia

This warehouse has been refurbished and turned into a family residence that can be enjoyed. Located in the suburbs of Richmond, Melbourne, Australia the house offers views of the city in a contemporary manner. Furthermore, the beautiful interior is calming and welcoming from the moment you enter the residence. The cozy master bedroom has large windows and a small terrace that provides views of the city.

A Unique Tent House in Eumundi, Australia

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Located in the clearing of a forest in Eumundi, Australia is sitting in an area of 344 m2, perfectly built for a family that wants to be connected with nature. At a first glance, the roof of the home resembles a traditional tent, but at a closer look, the homes contemporary feel takes form. The home offers grand views of the forest that surrounds the residence. The master bedroom is filled with natural, wooden furniture and large glass windows with views of forest greenery.

A Beautiful House in Israel Built by Pitsou Kedems

One of the most impressive aspects of this home is the large gorgeous panels that are laid throughout the home. The panels can be adjusted depending on the sunlight you would like the home to offer. They also for getting wind enter the home to cool it down. The master bedroom features large glass doors and windows that provide views of the pool space and the garden that surrounds the home. Furthermore, the bedroom is decorated in a simple manner to give the view the spotlight it deserves.

Casa Agua

Casa Agua is a luxury residence located in Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain. This luxurious home is available to the public for vacation rentals, events, and production companies. It is surrounded by beautiful views of multiple pools and greenery that surround the home. The master bedroom offers large windows that allow you to take a peek into the beautiful exterior of the home.

A Spacious Country Home in Healdsburg, California

Located in Healdsburg, California this spacious country home sits on top of a hill where the views of the valley are impeccable. The secluded home features a large swimming pool as its main attraction. However, the views from the master bedroom are one of a kind. The large glass and doors provide the perfect layout for the impeccable views of the valley that can be seen from the master bedroom.

Spectacular Transformation of a House Into an Elegant and Functional Place

Sitting at 11,000-square-feet this home is located on Taipa Island, on the southern side of Macau, China. It was designed in a contemporary manner on the outside and in a charming traditional manner on the inside. The master bedroom offers views of the water and of the city with a small terrace that allows you to sit and enjoy the view at any time of the day.

These master bedrooms will make you want to have a grand view in your bedroom too. Which view is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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10 Homes With Unbelievable Pools

By • Jan 18, 2018

Having a swimming pool as part of your home is the ultimate amenity. It’s the ultimate compliment to a home while being the focus of the outdoor landscape design. In addition to that lets not forget it is the perfect area to host family and friends while enjoying the warm weather. Not only does having a swimming pool in your backyard space provide an aesthetically pleasing view, but it allows you to have a little piece of vacation right in the premises of your home. The following homes have unbelievable pools that will cause you to want to upgrade your backyard landscape and create a customized pool of your very own.

Large House From the 1960s in Westchester New York

Designed by Roy Johnson in the late 1960s, this beautiful home sits at about 2574 square feet it is a beauty from the inside out. The outside of the home is constructed out of stone, wood and glass that mesh perfectly together for a charming, yet vacation feel. The inside does not stay behind on the charm filled with wooden walls that perfectly compliment the glass windows this home is a beauty. However, the best part of this home is the pool. The pool is not only beautiful, but it offers a picturesque waterfall that is to die for.

Contemporary Apartment for Young Businessman in Hong Kong

Redesigned for a traveling businessman in Hong Kong this home was created to give him the serenity he needs after his travels. This contemporary apartment covers an area of 2,400 square feet with views of the lake and bridge. On top of the its exceptional view, the home offers an indoor pool that is sure to make us all jealous. The inside is fully tiled in a gorgeous shade of blue which makes the water even bluer. The best aspect about this pool is that it is indoors. Which means no matter how cold or warm the weather is taking a swim will always be an option.

Poolside Pavilion Designed by Murray Legge

This pavilion located in Austin Texas was created as an addition to a preexisting home. It was constructed in hopes of adding shade for the adjacent pool and it did just that. The pool featured in this pavilion is one of a kind as it is an infinity pool with views towards the mountains. The pool itself was constructed in a simple yet flat infinity design. Doing so gives the pool the appearance that there is no beginning or end to it. It just blends right in with the structure and the view.

NMD NOMADAS Design a Contemporary Home in Valencia, Venezuela

A contemporary design with its main focus nature is the perfect way to describe this home designed by the architectural firm NMD NOMADAS in Valencia Venezuela. There are numerous glass walls throughout the entire space. This was done to create a peaceful yet seamless combination between the indoor and outdoor space. When it comes to the pool this home offers a unique pool design as the pool is long and runs through half of the front of the home. The concept for the pool was for it to be seen from almost every window in the home.

Story Pool House by Lake Flato

The Story Pool House by Lake Flato is the perfect example of a little slice of heaven. Its entire design is compact and small making it the perfect home for a minimalist that wants to feel connected with nature. The pool is a simple rectangular design that adds a simple mystic to the entire concept of the home. It sits in nature surrounded by nature with gorgeous views of low rolling hills.

Connecticut Pool House by Resolution: 4 Architecture

This Connecticut Pool House by Resolution: 4 Architecture is the ultimate 832 square feet, one bedroom, and one bath paradise retreat. The contemporary retreat is located, surrounded by trees and a beautiful scenery for the ultimate retreat feel after a long day of work. Get this the pool is almost the same square footage as the house. This has caused it to become the main attraction of the entire residence.

A Beautiful House in Israel Built by Pitsou Kedems

The main unique feature of this beautiful home in Israel is its uniquely designed perforated panels. These panels are located on the inside and outside of the house. However, they are unlike any other panels as they are completely moveable. They can be positioned differently depending on how much sunlight and air you would like the home to have. These panels also add an extra touch of charm to the pool space as they’re placed directly in front of the pool. Therefore, you have the ability to control how much exposure of light the pool is actually getting.

A  in Beverly HillsLuxurious Residence, California

Designed with a mix of styles in mind this luxurious residence is a family home/vacation home all at once. Mixing different styles allowed the architect to get creative with the textures used around and inside of the home. However, the standout piece of this house is the pool area. As not only is it shaped uniquely but it offers a Jacuzzi. Along with a resting area inside the pool. Furthermore, the resting area is so unique because you are inside the pool but while in the space you will remain completely dry.

A Charming Tuscan Villa Surrounded by Olive Groves in Palaia, Italy

Surrounded by a spectacular view, this Charming Tuscan villa is charming yet relaxing. Nonetheless because it was constructed in the middle of acres of olive trees. Not only is the home surrounded by nature, but the swimming pool is as well. This was done to complete the relaxing experience the home offers. Constructed in a unique shape the swimming pool is laid-out a bit further away from the home. This was done in order to provide the perfect relaxing atmosphere while you are in the pool area.

Spectacular House in the Southern Creek of Lake Texoma

The beautiful estate known as the spectacular house in the Southern Creek of Lake Texoma is a sight to be seen on its very own. Featuring 6 bedrooms with expansive views of the lake that sits directly in front of the home. This residence is one of a kind. So much so that it even offers a disposal helipad at all times. And there is an enormous pool that features stone walls and even a waterfall as well as a Jacuzzi.

In conclusion, these homes are not only beautiful, but there swimming pools are a sight to be seen. Which of these homes would you like to live in? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Beach Houses You Must See

By • Jan 5, 2018

Homes by the sea are something special. Furthermore, there is something soothing, relaxing, and charming about sitting near the ocean and smelling the ocean breeze every time. Beach houses make the perfect entertainment homes. Having a beach house as your main home or favorite vacation residence could be just what you need for the perfect time with family and friends. They allow you to feel like if you were on vacation every single day. Here are 10 beach houses that are simply breathtaking and are a must see.

 Beach House by Cibinel Architecture on the coast of Victoria Beach, Canada

This beach house by Cibinel Architecture was designed with the idea of incorporating the beauty of the outdoor scenery with a natural feel for the indoor space. Due to, this it is safe to say this house exceeded everyone’s expectations. Consequently wood covers the entire home from top to bottom for that cozy cabin feel that is directly on the beach. Furthermore, the home offers a cabin flair with the perfect beach house twist.

Rooiels Beach House in Cape Town

Rooiels Beach House is a minimalist, modern home lover dream residence. The house sits on about 10,225-square-feet directly on Cape Town Africa. Furthermore, the house sits directly on the beach with sand being part of the outdoor space.  Its hull shaped roof can be considered the most impressive feature of the residence as it can be opened and closed. Thanks to the construction of the roof you are able to see numerous views of the mountains and the sea.

Beach Home in Atlantic Beach, Florida Designed by William Morgan

The very first thing you may notice about this beach house is its unique shape. This beach house offers a geometric construction that was built in 1973. The outdoor space has been described as two triangular prisms with varying dimensions. Its interior is mostly made out of wood to carry the beach vibes throughout the entire home. The home sits directly in front of palm trees giving you the view of the beach from every window in the residence.

Parsonson Architects Design a Stunning Contemporary Home in Marlborough, New Zealand

A stunning contemporary home is the perfect definition of this residence and its surrounding. It offers the beauty of two different worlds. With unbelievable mountain views that surround the home and siting directly in front of the sea makes it the perfect blend between the two. Embedded between vegetation this home offers a relaxing yet modern appeal. There is a path that extends from the lower level terrace of the home all the way to the sea.

Kailua Beach House in Kailua, Hawaii

Designed by H1+FN Design Build Collaborative this beautiful beach residence is a modern take on a traditional Hawaiian beach house. Due to, the home being decorated in a modern yet contemporary manner this home gives you all the beach feels without being directly on the beach. As a result, the residence even has a pool for you to enjoy when you are not on the beach.

Sunny Beach House in Queensland, Australia

A luxurious yet simple beach house is the perfect sunny residence. Embedded directly in the middle of a natural coastal landscape this home connects directly to the beach. You can actually walk from the terrace to the beach and back. Nevertheless, the most impressive feature of this home is the tree that is growing directly in the home. This brings nature directly into the home on a larger scale.

Silver Strand Beach House by ROBERT KERR Architecture Design

This gorgeous contemporary home sits directly on the beach. As a result, the front and backyard of the home are the sea. Due to, this the beauty of this home comes from the inside out. The inside is bright and cheery just like the outside. Its contemporary feel comes from using bold patterns that mesh well together. With large windows, you are able to enjoy views of the beach from all areas of the home.

Southampton Beach House by Alexander Gorlin Architects

Southampton Beach House was designed by Alexander Gorlin Architects with the vision of having a modern beach house right in Southampton, New York. Therefore, this modern residence was built using European Limestone and African Hardwood. Due to, the combination of the two it creates a perfect mixture between traditional appeal and modern architecture. The home is positioned between the bay and the ocean giving you major beautiful views throughout the home.

Veronica Beach House by Longhi Architects

The Veronica beach house is a modern yet contemporary structure that was designed to have a unique flair from the inside out. Furthermore, the structure of the residence itself is a work of art. Furthermore, the structure of the home offers exposed concrete throughout the entire residence. Located in Lima, Peru this beach house offers a very intricate design because the structural design of the home is a representation of Peruvian architecture itself combined with an international style.

Cape Cod Beach House

Uniquely designed, this cape cod beach house features a modern structure with numerous different large windows that give off access to the beautiful sea that is directly in front of the home. Consequently, it even features a glass bridge that connects the guest suite to the master suite over a double high living room. As a result, all the glass features of the home bring the beauty from the outside directly indoors.

To conclude, the beauty of owning a beach house is being able to feel as if you are on vacation every time to come home. Furthermore, please let us know in the comments below which of these houses would you like to own.

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Homes With Breathtaking Living Room Views

By • Jan 4, 2018

Having a great view is not only great when it comes to decorating the home, but it is also great when it comes to relaxing and feeling as if you are on vacation as soon as you come home. One of the best areas to have a great view is in your living room space. The living room is part of the center of the home. Therefore, the view featured from your living room can make a huge difference in the appearance of your living room and the décor you select. The following homes have breathtaking living room views that are truly one of a kind.

A Contemporary Home Overlooking the Chiché River Canyon in Ecuador

This gorgeous contemporary home located in El Chaquiñán, Ecuador sits on top of a hill. Therefore, you can only imagine what a beautiful view it features. Siting at 395 square feet the home was constructed with privacy in mind. Every home in the room is distributed throughout the entire space for the ultimate private feel. When it comes to the view the home is overlooking the Chiche River Canyon. With that being said, the view from the living room of the home is unbelievable. You are able to see miles and miles of trees and vegetation right from your living room.

Cutler Anderson Architects tucks Canadian home between rocky outcrops

This picturesque cottage is everything you have imaged and more. Located in the Rocky Mountains of Canada this home is built completely from wood and glass walls. The glass walls allow the home to have a connection between the interior and exterior space. Nestled neatly into the wild vegetation in the mountains the view is impeccable from every area of the home. However, the best seat in the house is the living room. As you can see the entire mountains, water, and sunset from this specific space in the home.

A Unique Tent House in Eumundi, Australia

Designed to feel as if you are camping, 365 days of the year this tent home is located directly in the forest. This unique tent home was created with simplicity in mind. The idea was to great a simple way of life in a grand manner. Due to this, the view of this home is unbelievable, with numerous different glass walls. You are able to sit anywhere in the home and see the beauty of the forest while still being indoors.

Cylinder Home designed by Cyril Lancelin in Lyon, France

When you first take a look at this home your mind may still be trying to catch up with the view. The reason for this being this cylinder home is one of a kind. The cylinder structure allows there to be a 360 view of the outdoor space. Not just that, but the interior of the home offers no defined corridors. On the outside, the home appears to be a cluster of cylinders placed together, but on the inside, it is a minimalist home with trendy yet elegant décor. The view is of the home is a peaceful one as the residence sits in the clear of a forest.

House in a Coastal Zone of Canada Designed by Omar Gandhi Architect

There is something relaxing about having a view of the sea in your home, especially if it is in your entertainment space. The living room tends to be the main entertainment space of a home and this home in a coastal zone of Canada does not disappoint. Its sea view is impeccable as it can be seen from all social entertainment spaces of the home, especially in the living room. This is done by having glass walls that add to the wooden appeal of the home.

Modern Residence, Full of Light and Comfortable Spaces in the city of Los Angeles, California, USA

Modern is the perfect description of this home. This amazing residence sits at about 2,100 square feet on a 3,750 square feet lot with panoramic views of the Silver Lake Hills, which means the view from most areas of this home is breathtaking thanks to the gorgeous view of the Silver Lake Hills. The home also features operable windows and skylights that allow the home to always have natural lighting.

A Magnificent Log Cabin Located in the Mountains of Montana, USA

The beauty of this log cabin exceeds the beautiful rustic appeal it offers. Furthermore, this log is breathtaking from the inside out. It rustic interior lends perfectly to the woodsy feel of the entire residence. Plus lets, not forget the forest view with the lake is unbelievable and can be admired from the living room space.

Wonderful House with Open Spaces Designed by the Architectural Firm R79 in Mexico

When designing this home, the Architectural Firm R79 in Mexico had an open space that feels like vacation in mind. The idea was achieved as the residence open floor plan captures the liveliness of nature that surrounds the home. Furthermore, the living room offers a combination between the interior of the home and the exterior space as it is an open living room with gorgeous views of the pool and backyard space.

Loft with Wonderful Views of the Mountains in Hittisau, Austria

The picturesque mountain views in the living room of the home give the residence an extra hint of beauty that is unique to the space. With large open glass windows, the view of the mountain is breathtaking yet works extremely well with the rustic interior feel of the untreated wood and natural materials. Furthermore, the contrast between the rustic feel and the mountain view provide the perfect relaxing vacation space that is actually considered home.

Parsonson Architects Design a Stunning Contemporary Home in Marlborough, New Zealand

Located in the mountains and surrounded by vegetation this stunning contemporary home is one of a kind. Not only is it surrounded by all the beautiful mountain views, but it also sits in front of the sea. Therefore, every single space of the home offers a new beautiful view. The calm waters paired with the beauty of the mountain give the home a different twist that is beautiful yet relaxing.

To conclude, having an impeccable view in your living room is a must. Which of these beautiful views is your personal favorite? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Beautiful Small Houses That Will Make You Reconsider Your Home

By • Jan 2, 2018

Tiny House by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design (10)

Smaller homes or tiny houses are not only about being cute on the outside and practical on the inside, they are actually becoming a growing trend that promotes sustainable living. The idea is to minimize the size of the home while still having everything you need just at a more modest size. Many structural designers have taken on the challenge of creating innovative small homes that are beautiful and modern. As a result, here are 10 small houses that are sure to make you reconsider your current home.

Tiny House by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

This tiny but comfortable home designed by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design has all of the makings of being the perfect charming space. It was designed with the theory of not only downsizing the space as it is only 540 square feet, but with the idea of reusing materials that have been recycled. The home is fully insulated which gives it that cottage feel while still having areas of high ceilings in order to accommodate the homeowners sleeping loft above.

Tiny Mini House by LineBox Studio

Built in the tiny house “Tiny Town” neighborhood in Toronto, Canada this Tiny Mini House by Linebox Studio offers a modern concept when it comes to small homes. Instead of being vertical it is horizontal with very high ceilings. Its high ceilings of approximately 17ft tall give the home the loft like feel the architect was seeking to create. The home sits at about 566 square feet in a previously used lot with exposed plumbing and strategically placed windows.

Small Construction Located in the Town of Fermanville, France

Located in the town of Fermanville, in France this small construction home that looks like a shack has a dimension and a ratio of 3 meters per 4 meters which gives you a total of 12 square meters. May seem like an extremely small space to create a home in but the end result is a home that uses every inch of its construction. The inside offers a minimalist approach with minimal furniture and décor. The ceiling was updated and expanded upwards to create an additional level. Furthermore, there are purposefully placed windows that allow the home to always have plenty of natural sunlight.

Small off-grid cabin in the outskirts of New York City

Initially constructed as a getaway from the city cabin this small off-grid cabin in the outskirts of New York City is a small piece of heaven. This small cabin like home is part of Tiny Home Startup Getaway project. They are on a hunt to create the perfect New York getaway in the wilderness. Furthermore, these small cabins were designed to be completely off-grid while still providing all the necessities needed to spend a relaxing weekend getaway.

A Home on Wheels

If want to go on an adventure having a home on wheels is the perfect excuse. This company creates the perfect small home on wheels customized to you and your needs. The home comes in numerous different sizes and variations with unique amenities such as refrigerator, stove, a heater and/or air conditioner. You can even have a composting toilet to create as little bit of waste as possible. Furthermore, the inside is fully lined with insulated wood for that natural warm feeling.

Unique Contemporary Home in Tokyo

This contemporary home takes “contemporary” to a whole different level by not only being a small home, but by having a floating tree house attached to it. Located in Tokyo, Japan this unique contemporary home measures at about 21ft wide and 42.7ft deep. The attic itself has two treehouse design rooms that appear as if they were floating above the living room. This concept was created in hopes of having a natural feel that uses all of the preexisting natural elements such as the sun, wind, all of the greenery. Even though this home was created in an urban area, it still contains all of the natural feel that once had.

Small House 46 M2

Located in Trondheim, Norway this modern project was designed by KKDESIGN with a contemporary style in mind. The exterior of the home offers a deck space that is pretty large for a smaller home. This idea came about the designer wanting to create the perfect mixture between a contemporary space with a natural feel. Due to this, the exterior is completely contemporary, meanwhile, the interior is mostly white and has a very natural feel.

Small Terrace House by Landmak Architecture

The small Terrace House by Landmak Architecture was designed with function in mind. This home has all the makings of a double functioning home. Every space in the house doubles up for something else. The idea was to reduce the size of the home. Doing so, while still making it fully functional to the need of the homeowners. Therefore, even the ceiling was cut to let the wardrobe go up and it even includes ceiling lamps as well.

BIG & small House by Anonymous Architects

The BIG and small house by Anonymous Architects was designed to appear no longer than a shed. However, once you step into the home you will realize why it has such a unique name. The interior of the home is much bigger than it appears. With an open floor plan, the entire home feels and looks spacious once you can see it from the inside. To further enhance the size of the home the residence is shaped as a Parallelogram. This shape allows the interior to look and feel wider.

The Small House by Maryann Thompson Architects

This, 750 square feet one-bedroom cabin is located in Berkshire County, Massachusetts offers a contemporary take on a cabin home. With a 500 square foot porch, sleeping loft, and double French doors connect the home to the porch. The idea was to elevate the appeal of a cabin and give it a more picturesque feel. Therefore, there are several large windows around the home that give you visibility to the great outdoors.

In conclusion, these small homes may seem small on the outside, but they actually have everything you need and more on the inside. Which of these homes would be your dream home? Let us know in the comments below.

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Forest Homes That Are Not Just for Camping

By • Dec 13, 2017

When you first think about a forest home your first thought may be “camping”. However, not all forest homes were created for camping. In fact, many of the homes that are in the forest are actually cozy and luxurious. We have found a few of the most beautiful forest homes and the best part is they are not just for camping. They’re actually great all year-round homes offering a beautiful scenery. The following homes will make you want to have a forest home of your very own.

House Vallès Oriental

Designed by YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona this private residence was created in the middle of the forest with a modern twist. House Vallès Oriental is surrounded by massive trees that add the forest feel and appeal. However, the inside of the home is decorated in a contemporary manner. The design was specific to this family that wanted a dream holiday home that accommodates their needs as well as the needs of their children.

Forest Lodge

Nestled right into the New Forest, Hampshire, England forest lodge is a beauty to be seen. Made out of different wood finishes this home offers the look and feel of a cabin in a more modern way. As the home is considered a mobile residence. In fact, the home is air tight and insulted creating a livable residence that can be transported from town to town. The home can even be air lifted.

The Barn House

The barn house as it is known has been completely constructed out of reused material. Its reused material comes from an old barn that was damaged by the earthquake. Part of the materials saved were the bar doors and the roof structure. The idea was to keep the new barn house as similar as the old one in order to have a similar appeal and concept. To finish off the look the home has large windows for a beautiful view of the forest.

House in Birch Forest

With an all wooden exterior, the House in Birch Forest stands to appear as classic as a forest home typically would. However, with a contemporary inside. The home was designed to be an all around “classic” forest home. Furthermore, the inside took a little bit of a twist by having an upscale feel with its high ceilings and contemporary décor.

Exceptional House

Created to make a statement the exceptional house features two different hues of wood. This is done in order to create a diverse and unique twist. The house itself is a work of art. It has intricate detailing throughout the entire space. So much so that the house itself is unique from top to bottom with spiraling wooden features on the ceiling of the home for an added touch.

Pine Forest Pavilion

This beautiful Pavilion known as the Pine Forest Pavilion is truly one of a kind. With its contemporary structure and modern interior, the home is built exceptionally well. The home was created to maximize its ability to interact with nature which is why the home open and closes to vegetation. The idea was to have a home that minimizes the human carbon footprint and that is exactly what this home did.

Donaldson House

The Donaldson House offers a beauty of its very own. Built with zinc panels this home was created to last a lifetime in the forest. It has two different levels which are all surrounded by diverse oak trees that not only provide privacy but help with shade as well. Most of the windows in this home are made out of glass. However, they have a mesh lining to help with bugs and outdoor creatures. The home is very eco-friendly as most of its resources come directly from the forest and nearby lake.

The Marlboro Music Cottages

Appearing as if it was removed from a fairy tale The Marlboro Music Cottages is a beauty on the inside and the outside. These homes were constructed with practicality and privacy in mind. Featuring high ceilings and walls covered in wood give the home the calming effect that you may seek. In fact, the warmth and coziness come directly from the interior of the home. The home was designed to inspire musicians to make new music.

Lake Forest Park Renovation

This beautiful contemporary home known as the lake forest park renovation was a remodel that needed an upgrade. In fact, the upgrade to this home was so grand that the designer decided to leave some bits and pieces of the original home. The entire residence is built from wood. Due to this feature this home is filled with wood everywhere. The green materials used in this home add to the natural rustic look and feel providing a beautiful peaceful scenery from the inside out.

House at the Edge of a Forest

The unique aspect of the house at the edge of a forest is its shape. This house is built in an L shape. Furthermore, what this means is the entire home revolves around the exterior shape of the home. Its exterior is built out of long, dark, robust, brick fixtures that emphasis the shaping of the home. With that being said the interior home was designed in an open floor plan manner.

In conclusion, these homes are one of a kind. Which of these forest homes would you consider living in? Please let us know in the comments below.

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10 Homes With Unbelievable Views

By • Dec 11, 2017

On any given day we can all come across a beautiful home. However, very rarely do we come across beautiful homes with an even grander view. There is something very relaxing and luxurious about being able to look outside of your home. All while having a picturesque view. With that being said many homes are generally built around the idea of the view being the main focus of the home. Due to this many newly renovated home offer large windows that give the view an even grander effect. The following 10 homes offer unbelievable views that appear as if they just came out of a post card.


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Mountain Chalets That Keep You Warm All Year Round

By • Dec 6, 2017

Chalets are the perfect vacation and getaway destination, especially if they are in the mountains. There is something unique and inviting about them. Therefore, instead of taking a trip down to the beach for a family getaway, why not go and explore a mountain chalet. Mountain chalets are beautiful from the inside out. This is mainly due to their impeccable view. The following mountain chalets will not only make you want to vacation in one, but they can keep you warm all year round.

Marco Polo Chalet

Located in the heart of Val d’Isère, the France the Marco Polo chalet is all that and more. Its beauty extends from the inside out. Not only is the inside of the residence breathtaking with luxury pieces, elegant décor, and glass walls, but the outside is just as beautiful. The home offers multiple glass doors that allow you to experience the beauty of the mountains from the warmth of the fireplace indoors. Although, there are numerous glass doors you also have the option of sitting on the terrace and enjoying the view from up close.

The Blanche Chalet

Designed by ACDF Architecture the blanche chalet has the perfect quiet, cozy, and simple atmosphere. The modern aspect of it comes from its structure. Due to its structure, this chalet was designed to adequately showcase the panoramic view of its surroundings. Its large windows and 360 degree fenestration combine the outdoor space with the beauty of the indoors to provide a seamless mesh between the two.

Chalet Panorama

This breathtaking chalet in Saint-Siméon, Quebec, Canada was designed to blend in perfectly with its surroundings. The Chalet Panorama foundation was created with parallel concrete blades that allow the water to naturally flow underneath the home. Due to the structure of the residence, the natural elements help it flow organically without missing a hitch. With large windows the home allows you to see out into the outdoors from any room in the home.

Laurentian Ski Chalet

Modern is the perfect description of this chalet. Located Lac Archambault, Quebec, Canada, Laurentian ski chalet has an elevation of 2,435 feet above sea level. Due to the large above sea level elevation, this chalet provides 100 miles of panoramic views that surround the home. The home is accessed through an entry bridge because of the elevation. Its view is so breathtaking that the kitchen and dining area have a 27-foot- long bay window that runs throughout with window seating. The idea is to have a space where you can sit an enjoy the view from two places at once.

Chalet Bolton-EST

Chalet Bolton- EST has a small yet spacious feel that is like no other. As soon as you enter the house, it just feels like home. Its cozy with a touch of modern and contemporary. The bright yellow accent wall makes the entire home appear more-lively while still being warm. Its inside and outside are mainly composed of wood. Therefore, although it is a chalet it also has a hint of cabin feel.

Chalet Eden

When you first picture a mountain chalet, a chalet like Chalet Eden may be exactly what first comes to mind. This mountain chalet is the ideal residence for a vacation even during the summer time. Made of different wood from top to bottom this chalet is a site of its own. The inside has been decorated in a neutral manner that enhances the outdoor beauty. To top that all off the chalet offers 3 levels with a private pool and spa making it a picturesque residence.

Chalet Baltoro

Chalet Baltoro is the ultimate vacation upgrade. Its gorgeous interior décor screams luxury. This hotel was created with ‘vacation’ in mind. It offers all the luxuries we all wish we had right at home. The hotel itself offers a private pool and spa accompanied by gourmet food that was created by a chief right at the chalet Baltoro. The beauty of this chalet is indescribable the inside is luxurious while the outside is magical and relaxing. Combining the two makes the space a beauty to be seen.

Chalet Karakorama


Pack your most luxurious clothing and prepare to be wowed by Chalet Karakorama. Located Courchevel 1850, in the French Alps, this chalet is one for the books. Its relaxing interior design was constructed to provide a home away from home feel. The idea was to have a welcoming space that was upscale and luxurious every bit of the way. Chalet Karakorama is a four-floor residence that is lined with modern technology along the way. One of the greatest aspects of this chalet is its privacy feature. Once you come to this residence, you will receive your very own butler, private chalet area, chef and daily housekeeping there is even an elevator!

Chalet Pearl

Chalet Pearl is filled with picturesque views that can be compared to those of a Christmas postcard. With its rough carved wooden walls, heavy ceilings, and its picturesque mountain views, this chalet is a must see. Its cabin feel has caused this chalet to be one of the most beautiful sights in the middle of the Nogentil area, in Belle Cote. This chalet was created round the idea of having a comfortable space that is calming yet elegant, and luxurious.

The Chalet Les Gentianes 1850

With its rustic, elegance The Chalet Les Gentianes 1850 is one of a kind. This chalet exuberates a relaxing feel. There is something calming from the very moment you see this residence. It was built in a sympathetic alpine style with the main focus being country chic. There is wood throughout the entire space. From top to bottom, which is where the relaxing, yet warming feel comes from.

To conclude, these chalets are one of a kind and we absolutely love them. Which of these mountain chalets do you want to visit?

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