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In the market for a luxurious, stylishly designed home? HomeDSGN hunted down some of the most desirable and well-decorated homes on the global real estate market for you. This collection includes a variety of home styles and décor tastes in cities, on beaches and atop expansive landscapes around the world. Even if you’re not looking to buy, these homes offer you a peek at life in the most stylish homes.

Unique and interesting Survival Bunkers created by Vivos xPoint offer efficient long term living in the wake of disaster

By • Jan 21, 2019

Not everyone has put thought into how they’d survive if society as we know it changed drastically, but one company has invested time and significant skill into creating purchasable structures that will have you covered in the event of certain disaster!

The Survival Bunkers, which are living modules designed, created, and sold by innovators at Vivos xPoint, are a series of ultra-durable, highly efficient dwellings located in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Although they’re retailed at a relatively steep price (which depends on the model you’re interested in purchasing and which features you choose), these Survival Bunkers are a dream solution for anyone who wishes to be genuinely prepared in the event that the world becomes less hospitable more quickly than we’ve ever anticipated.

Their location in the Black Hills was not chosen randomly. Designers specifically picked that area because it is non-seismic, meaning the hardy swellings won’t be disturbed or damaged by earthquake tremors. Additionally, the plot the bunkers are built on is far away from surrounding metropolitan areas and outside the range of tsunami submersion zones. These features reduce risks of most natural and human disasters that would exacerbate an already treacherous situation.

In fact, the plot of land purchased by this company for the development of their survival bunkers has actually been deemed one of the safest places to dwell in all of North America.

Safety in location isn’t the only selling feature of these quite genius bunkers. Each unit gives owners 2,200 square feet of space, which is quite significant when you think about the purpose of the structure and how these kinds of shelters are generally formatted. Purchasers can customize their floor plan and choose various LED simulations to have built in that will mimic natural outdoor sunlight. This accounts for the possibility that the actual natural environment may become inhospitable and will save dwellers a little bit from the effects of lacking sunlight exposure.

These survival bunkers even come with several local amenities that aren’t dissimilar to the average gated community you might be more familiar with. These features include constant onsite security as well as less safety based things like a members-only restaurant with its own bar and a gym. The community surrounding the bunkers even has its own medical centre!

To start, basic pre-fabricated units cost around $35,000 American dollars before customization. Prices rise as features are chosen (although even the most “basic” bunkers are impressive in what they offer). Be warned, though; there is a stringent application process that takes quite a bit of time to complete!

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Customizable YB1 Housing designed by Yves Behar gives owners total creative control

By • Jan 11, 2019

Any house that is commissioned from a designer, architect, and building team affords the owner a certain level of customizability and control. Having your dream house built is a collaborative effort, after all! When it comes to true creative control, however, few options give owners as much power over decision as commissioning a YB1 House, conceptualized and completed by Yves Behar!

Based out of Switzerland, this initiative is spearheaded by Yves Behar, a designer and architect known worldwide not just for his work in home gadgetry but also the breadth and diversity of his projects therein. His past works include the development of a unique smart lock, a robotic crib, and a tiny bluetooth speaker with shocking volume for its size.

This, time around, however, Behar has actually designed the entire home itself, rather than just the gadgets inside! In partnership with a prefab home manufacturer called LivingHomes, Behar has launched a fully customizable collection of homes that are specifically designed to help lessen the pressure of urban housing shortages. They also take advantage of the state of California’s emphatic encouragement of accessory dwelling units, often referred to as ADUs, since this kind of home is so popular in that state.

This new housing vision was originally unveiled as a series of renderings that showcase an impressively sleek, fully customizable home featuring all the windows a person could wish for. The basic starting point for the home is also heavy in gorgeous light wood panelling . The YB1 is purposely designed so that elements like the roofline, the overall layout, the interior finishes, and the size can all be fully customized from what you see here.

Of course, being a housing gadget designer originally, Behar couldn’t help include one or two of his own other features in the basic design as well. The basic starting model comes with a patented Flos lighting system, as well as a famous Behar-designed Samsung TV, of course!

The original base design, which is the one you’ll see in these photos, begins at 650 square feet. From there, however, they range from an ultra space-efficient 250 square feet to a much more expansive 1200 square feet, depending on the number of people planning to live in it and all of their wants and needs.

In its first iteration, the YB1 costs approximately $280,000 American dollars. It costs one month to build and only a single day to install at the new owners’ desired location. Behar’s goal, however, is to eventually reduce the price down to about $100,000 to make them slightly more accessible to a wider range of people.

Photographs courtesy for Living Homes

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An Exclusive Villa Goes Up for Sale in Lapland, Finland

By • Dec 2, 2016

Exclusive Villa in Finland (4)

An exclusive villa surrounded by forest and guaranteeing privacy goes up for sale in Lapland, Finland.

This 686 m2 (7,384 ft2) home includes more than 5 bedrooms.

Currently for sale, it is priced at $4.4 million.

Buy it now!


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Davor and Zoran Popovic Design a Seven-Villa Luxury Complex in Primošten, Croatia

By • Nov 4, 2016

Golden Rays by Davor and Zoran Popovic (1)

Golden Rays is a villa complex located in Primošten, Croatia.

Completed in 2013, it was designed by Davor and Zoran Popovic.


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A Stunning Luxury Residence For Sale in Los Angeles, California

By • Aug 8, 2016

Luxury Residence in LA (21)

Luxury Residence in LA is a private home located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The home covers an area of 7,500 square feet and has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.


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SPF Architects Design a Luxury Residence in Los Angeles, California

By • Aug 2, 2016

Oberfeld Luxury Residence by SPF Architects (33)

Oberfeld Luxury Residence is a home located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Covering an area of 8,458 square feet, it was designed by SPF Architects.


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A Light-Filled Home Goes For Sale in Los Angeles, California

By • Aug 1, 2016

868 Leonard Road by Marmol Radziner (20)

868 Leonard Road is a residential project designed by Marmol Radziner.

It is located in Los Angeles, California, USA.


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A Stunning Contemporary Property Up For Sale in Malibu

By • Jul 24, 2016

Home in Malibu by Burdge & Associates (26)

Home in Malibu was designed by Burdge & Associates.

It is located in Malibu, California, USA.


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A Spacious and Elegant Contemporary Home For Sale in Austin, Texas

By • May 16, 2016

402 Crockett Street (14)

This contemporary home is located in Austin, Texas, USA.

The interior is spacious and elegant, done in pale earthy colors and with darker accents to add character.


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A Pre-War Apartment in the Upper East Side Renovated by Kane A|UD Goes Up For Sale

By • May 14, 2016

A Pre-War Apartment in the Upper East Side by Kane A|UD (3)

This Pre-War apartment is located in the Upper East Side of New York City, USA.

The home was recently renovated by Kane A|UD.


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A Luxurious Contemporary Home Goes For Sale in Bel Air

By • May 10, 2016

A Contemporary Home in Bel Air by Paul McClean (48)

This stunning contemporary home is located in Bel Air, California, USA.

The 7-bedroom, 12-bathroom home was designed by Paul McClean of McClean Design.


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A Penthouse For Sale in Tribeca

By • Apr 22, 2016

Tribeca Penthouse by Richard Mishaan (4)

Tribeca Penthouse is a residential project designed by Richard Mishaan.

The home is located in New York City, USA.


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A Home in Los Angeles Designed by Ori Ayonmike Goes Up for Sale

By • Mar 18, 2016

A Home in Los Angeles by Ori Ayonmike (54)


A Home in Los Angeles is a private home located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

It was designed by Ori Ayonmike.


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New York-Inspired Interior in Sydney

By • Nov 27, 2015

181 Palmer (12)

181 Palmer is a private residence located in Darlinghurst, a suburb of Sydney, Australia.

Covering 4,305 square feet, the home is currently for sale.


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Penthouse in Berlin Surrounded by the Most Exciting Hot Spots

By • Oct 27, 2015

Penthouse in Berlin (3)

Penthouse in Berlin is a private home located in the heart of Berlin, Germany.

The apartment, which covers an area of 5,382 square feet, is directly on the banks of the river Spree, and surrounded by the most exciting hot spots the city has to offer.


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Silverlight by Adjaye Associates

By • Oct 16, 2015

Silverlight by Adjaye Associates (3)

Silverlight is a private home located in London, England.

The 5,209-square-foot home was designed by Adjaye Associates.


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Saint Petersburgh Place

By • Oct 11, 2015

Saint Petersburgh Place (8)

Saint Petersburgh Place is a private residence located in London, England.

The 5-bedroom home covers an approximate 4,252 square feet.


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