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Gardens and yards are important factors in the design of any home. As much as we want to bring nature indoors, making the most of any outdoor living space you have is key to enhancing the appeal of your home. Whether you are landscaping a large outdoor space or constructing an inviting patio or balcony, HomeDSGN has the inspiration for you.

Elegant House with a Minimalist Design that Will Make you Swoon

By • Aug 20, 2018

With definite lines and style, which result in a design that is undoubtedly elegant, this magnificent house makes us fall in love with each one of its spaces, all of which are wide and open. The property covers a total of 2000 square meters. It possesses a minimalist style in which everything flows naturally and harmoniously, designed by Shanghai Hip-Pop Design Team under the direction of its professionals Tianwen Sun Xindi Cao, Dong Liu, Dejie Zhang, and Youfei Wang.

Elegant and sober lounge

It is located in Shizi Moutain, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China and was carried out in the year 2018. The objective of this project was to reduce the material cost to the essentials in order to lead to an optimal spiritual level.

Spacious living room in a minimalist style

In the design process, the building is considered a poetic imagination, and the project conveys a philosophy of facing solitude calmly. A strict commercial tone is deliberately avoided to create a cozy atmosphere where guests can feel at home. Minimalism can easily become cold; to avoid this problem, great attention has been paid to the color and texture of the materials used.

Modern living room
Elegant dining room in wood and leather
Spacious minimalist dining room

On the one hand, the wood veneer and the floor adopt a very light color, which makes the general atmosphere of the space comfortable. On the other hand, a non-opaque wallpaper is applied so that the light appears soft and warm, thus transforming the space into “very cozy”. The aim was to create a human environment, simple and cozy and, at the same time, full of elegance.

Elegant details
White stairs
Wooden stairs
Spacious room with glass wall
Interior with wooden walls
Bathroom with glass wall
Modern and elegant bathroom area
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A Fantastic Remodeling that has Exceeded all Expectations

By • May 18, 2018

This house, done in a retro style, was remodeled in the year 2017 by the architectural firm Paul Butterworth Architect to fulfill the wishes of a couple that, with a tight budget, wanted to turn it into a nest in which to accommodate their little grandchildren in safe spaces full of light.

Exterior view of drilled red brick house

Their expectations were fulfilled, since they were able to adjust the budget to a practical and elegant option.

View of the main entrance
Entrance with wood-covered walls

Custom lighting, veneer cabinets and luxurious stone products come together to transform everyday life into a truly joyful experience. Meanwhile, the multipurpose room has a queen size bed hidden behind a wall. Other interesting features include a two-way mirror, designed to show both the entrance to the house and its central courtyard.

TV area
Rest area with wooden walls
Bathroom with a retro style

In total, three outdoor spaces are easily accessible for residents and visitors. In addition to the internal courtyard, the back garden also plays a vital role in this family home. Here, its owner nurtures his commercial interests with a facility for the collection, spinning and bottling of honey. Meanwhile, the plots in the back-garden produce watermelons, corn, grapes, passion fruit… and a healthy variety of other fruits and vegetables.

Exterior night view
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Lounge Zone by SVOYA studio

By • Sep 20, 2015

Lounge Zone by SVOYA studio (14)

Lounge Zone is a landscaping project completed by SVOYA studio.

Finished in 2015, it is located in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.


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Game Keepers Cottage by Daniel Shea

By • Aug 31, 2015

Game Keepers Cottage by Daniel Shea (7)

Game Keepers Cottage is a landscaping project completed by Daniel Shea.

The home is located in Hertford, Hertfordshire, England.


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Natural Architecture by Tim Davies Landscaping

By • May 11, 2015 •  Selected Work 

Natural Architecture by Tim Davies Landscaping (11)

Natural Architecture is a project completed by Tim Davies Landscaping.

It is located in City Beach, a suburb of Perth, Australia.


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Barnsbury Townhouse Garden by Daniel Shea

By • Sep 24, 2014 •  Selected Work 

Barnsbury Townhouse Garden by Daniel Shea (9)

Barnsbury Townhouse Garden is a landscaping project completed by Daniel Shea.

It is located in Barnsbury, London, England.


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This is not a framed garden by Francis Landscapes

By • Apr 20, 2013

This is not a framed garden is a landscaping project completed by Francis Landscapes and located in Bsalim, Lebanon.

The resulting product feels like a paradise far away from the smog and noise of civilization.


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White Canvas On A Green Roof by Martine Brisson

By • Feb 10, 2013

White Canvas On A Green Roof is a project located in Montreal, Canada and completed by Canadian designer Martine Brisson.

The green grass and lush vegetation surrounding this terrace create an environment that almost makes the viewer forget that it’s situated on the roof of a building.


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