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First-time home buyers and veteran home owners alike look for ideas and vision when it comes time to look for a new house. Remodeling projects can also benefit from a spark of creativity spurred by viewing great houses that you love. HomeDSGN has gathered fabulous homes from across the world and design style spectrum to feed your need for beautiful house inspiration.

MY Group Architecture Designs an Elegant Home in Morocco

By • May 14, 2018

This elegant house, done in a contemporary style, covers an area of 700 square meters and was designed by the architectural firm MY Group Architecture. The project was completed in 2017. It is located in Dar Essalam, a new luxury suburb in Rabat, Morocco.

Exterior of the modern and spectacular construction surrounded by green areas
Exterior of the modern and spectacular construction surrounded by green areas

The design was focused on creating an open area full of light with a very clear separation between the private and public areas, as well as employing a very modern architectural style. The villa consists of three levels where the architects’ main goal was to create a wide and functional space.

The ground floor contains the reception area, as well as a kitchen, a guest room, and an integrated bathroom. There is a smart mix between a modern and traditional Moroccan style in the living room, which stands alongside a glass wall leading to the swimming pool. This allows natural light to seep into the room, flooding the entire space.

On the second floor we find two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a parental suite. The underground level contains a wet kitchen, a bar, and a multi-purpose area which opens on a courtyard. The villa is surrounded by a beautiful garden of typical vegetation, with tall palm trees that shelter the place and the entrance, giving shade and providing privacy for the swimming pool area.

Exterior of the modern and spectacular construction surrounded by green areas/ View of the pool and surrounded areas
Exterior of the modern and spectacular construction surrounded by green areas/View of the pool and surrounded areas
Exterior of the modern and spectacular construction surrounded by green areas
Exterior of the modern and spectacular construction surrounded by green areas / View of the pool and surrounded areas
Exterior of the modern and spectacular construction surrounded by green areas
Terraces with wooden floors
Terraces with wooden floors
Terraces with wooden floors
View of the pool and surrounded areas/Terraces with wooden floors
Terraces with wooden floors
View of the spacious and luminous interior social areas
Wooden stairs with glass railings
Wooden stairs with glass railings
Elegant modern bathroom
Nocturnal exterior view
Nocturnal exterior view
Nocturnal exterior view
Nocturnal exterior view
Nocturnal exterior view
Nocturnal exterior view
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Beach House Designed by CUBYC Architects on the Coast of Belgium

By • May 8, 2018

This project is located within sight of the beach, in a typical but beautiful urban part of the Belgian coast. This seaside residence offers areas with marvelous views to the landscapes surrounding it, as well as the awe-inspiring ocean that laps at its feet.

Modern exterior in black and white

It was designed by the architectural firm CUBYC Architects in 2015. It covers a ground surface area of 525 squared meters.

Modern exterior in black and white
Modern exterior in black and white

The modern black and white structure contains an elegant interior within, also done in a modern style. We’ll find a gorgeous kitchen, brought to life with a minimalist style, as soon as we walk in. The glass walls allow natural light to illuminate the interior throughout the day, all the while allowing us to take in the beautiful vistas while the corresponding tasks are carried out. All the social areas (kitchen, dining, and living room) are located on the last floor.

Modern exterior in black and white

The bedrooms are on the ground floor, creating intimate spaces that safeguard the privacy of its inhabitants. The neutral colors used in the décor help create a coherent and consistent style between the various areas. On the roof, a terrace has been built. From there, the fresh air is sure to accompany us as we take in the sights.

Modern exterior in black and white
Wooden staircase
Terrace with a view
Glass doors that lead us inside
Modern, black and white kitchen
Modern, black and white kitchen
Modern, black and white kitchen
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Wooden Hut Designed by Interior Design JCC in Italy

By • May 3, 2018

This cabin undoubtedly has an interior that is marked by the rustic quality of the materials used – mostly wood in its rawest state, brick, and stone, a combination that always gives us as a result a warm and cozy atmosphere, as it almost automatically grants spaces a feeling of home and comfort.

Dining room in rustic wood and brick ceiling

It is located in Limone PIemonte, in Italy, and was designed by Luca Soave of the firm Interior Design JCC. The ceiling, which is built in waves that form arches, is completely made out of brick, giving the space a marked sense of character without making it too dark.

Wooden dining room with wooden chairs
Wooden dining room with wooden chairs

For me, and I am sure that for many other people, a rustic atmosphere is welcoming, as it brings a feeling of belonging to the place, and feeling like we can relax completely in them. Nevertheless, in its furniture we see a touch of a very current style. In the dining room, the chairs keep a modern touch that perfectly fits with the table of thick wood and creates a cozy space.
The kitchen, made completely out of wood, was equipped with modern appliances to provide all the imaginable comforts.


Stairs made of thick wood that form a single piece from beginning to end seem to float in the air. We find the same in the bedrooms, where contemporary beds with modern lamps in platinum metal illuminate the spaces without subtracting for a second the charm that the rustic details give them.

Interior made of wood with bookshelves
Wooden stairs
Wooden stairs
Wooden stairs
Room with wooden floors and stone walls
Room with wooden floors and stone walls
Wooden bathroom
Wooden bathroom
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Contemporary Home Designed by DASH Office in Tehran, Iran

By • May 3, 2018

This contemporary home – Villa Lavāsān – was designed by DASH Office, an architectural firm based in Tehran, Iran, by a team comprised by Reza Eslami, Amirhosein Rostami, and Mojtaba Mirhoseini. The home is located in Lavāsān, an affluent town in Shemiranat County, Tehran Province, Iran. It was completed in 2016 and covers a total ground area of 480 square meters.

Exterior of the house in black and white

The home space is distributed across several levels, with terraces in the back overlooking the backyard and the inviting pool. At the far end of the backyard sits a round hot tub, perfect for romantic evenings or intimate gatherings with a glass of champagne and select company to share it with.

Exterior view of the garden

The interior is luxurious and classy, with polished surfaces and sophisticated design. A granite dining room table sits beside the elegant kitchen, equipped with stainless steel appliances and illuminated by modern light fixtures. An additional dining room table sits farther out, closer to the glass walls and the enjoyment the views to the outside of the home can bring.

Terrace with swimming pool
Terrace with swimming pool
Terrace with swimming pool
Upper level terrace
Indoor furniture
Fireplace with cushions
Fireplace with cushions
Terrace view from the interior
Modern kitchen in black and white
Modern kitchen
Dining room
Stairs in black marble
Stairs in black marble
Bedroom with wooden floors
Bedroom with wooden floors
Bathroom in black marble
Bathroom in marble
Bathroom in marble
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A Simple Exterior that Shows a Different Appearance Inside

By • May 1, 2018

Although the exterior of the home is simple and austere, the interior is completely different, and our first impression is that of a vast and open space. From there, the patio is followed by a complete room with two floors. The ceiling that continues to rise from the entrance is interrupted once in the part of the patio, and descends slowly from the top.

Diagonal view of the construction on its exterior

In a rectangular site with a long, perfectly adaptable depth in urban areas, the building, at first glance, looks only like a one-storey warehouse from the side of the road. In reality, however, it is a perfectly planned house.

Front view of the exterior

The entrance door was designed on one side, where a roof and a wall were also fixed, which allows ingeniously to maintain a perfect balance between privacy and storage space.

Internal garden with wooden floors and glass doors
View of the interior with wooden floors
Side entry door
Retro style living room
Black and white kitchen with hanging lamps
Kitchen in black and white
Retro dining room with hanging lamps

This work was carried out by the architectural firm CAPD in the city of Tokushima, on the island of Shikoku, in Japan, and is the end result of a collaboration between the architects Kazuo Monnai, Hirokazu Ohara, Dai Tsunenobu, and Kazuya Masui. It was completed in 2017.

It covers an area of 137 square meters, which are distributed in an elongated manner, so the internal spaces have been designed following this direction.

Wooden dining chair detail
Dining-kitchen area with wooden floors
Wooden stairs
Room with wooden floors
Bathroom in wood, black, and white
Night view of the indoor garden
Night view of the exterior
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Wooden Clad House on a Hillside of Mount Wellington in Australia

By • Apr 30, 2018

The Little Big House is located on the eastern slope of Mount Wellington in Australia, 450 meters above sea level, within a wooded landscape. During the cold months of winter, this is delicately covered in a beautiful show of glistening snow.

House on the hillside surrounded by greenery

It was designed in 2010 by the architectural firm Room11 Architects with the help of its professionals Megan Baynes and Thomas Bailey and has an area of 160 square meters.

View of the house at the top of the hill
Side view with wooden clad walls
Side entrance with stone path

It was constructed to be in the shape of a box. A clean volume with two exceptions; a service core and an air lock input. The walls, floors and ceilings in the main space are treated uniformly, in white, to create a simple light interior. The entrance, kitchen and bathroom spaces are designed in small sizes and finished in black, in contrast to the larger white volume.

The house is designed to be intensely private. Given the cool climate, the house has two essential strategies: keeping warm and finding light.

The Little Big House is lined with vertical unfinished woods that continue the traditions of local construction in southern Tasmania.

Each piece of wood is handmade to guarantee longevity.

Interior of living room with retro style
Living room with glass walls
Living room with fireplace
Exterior view of the house covered in snow
Exterior view of the house covered in snow
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A Pleasant Place as a Couple’s Refuge”

By • Apr 27, 2018

A couple of fashion designers felt a powerful attraction for this construction and, thinking that they could enjoy a pleasant life-style in this place, decided to build their new nest here, so to speak! It was love at first sight, from the different recreational options offered by the area, to the pleasant spaces where they knew they could enjoy a pleasant walk with their cute dog.

Exterior view of the construction on a little-traveled street

The architecture firm Cho and Partners, led by its team of excellent professionals Hyeonjin Cho, Haewook Jeong and Kyuhwan Kim, were in charge of carrying out this significant project in 2017. It is located in Yeonnam-dong, South Korea and has an area of 277 square meters.

Details of the façade with wood and glass walls
External concrete stairs
Dining room connected to the terrace

The couple, whose children have all moved out to start their own lives away from the nest, wanted to have a set-up where the living room and the bedroom were united instead of making them each separate spaces. Their goal was to make the entire house feel closer to itself, eliminating any unnecessary barriers that could stand between them.  To carry out this unique idea, an equally unique space was made taking one space and creating two rooms by placing one of them (the bedroom) above the other (the living room).

Spacious and modern living room with concrete walls
View of the library from the top floor
Blank kitchen with marble floors also in white
Dining area in retro style
Classic studio with high concrete walls
Classic studio with hanging lamps
Room with wooden floors and concrete walls
Bathroom with modern bathtub in white
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House of Wide Open Spaces and Full of Light

By • Apr 26, 2018

This house of open spaces and full of light is located in the city of Thành phố Nha Trang, Vietnam and has an area of 445 square meters. It was designed in 2016 by the architecture firm MW arch studio under the direction of the architecture professionals Le Minh Quang and Nguyen Ai Thy.

Pool area

It is a project of individual house and is close to a noisy environment, a densely populated area with many polluted emissions of motor vehicles with very large volumes, very typical in the urban zone of the city of Vietnam.

Perforated doors with decorations
Internal stairs with gardens
View of the internal garden from the stairs

This area usually lacks natural light, so they use a lot of artificial lighting to counteract the lack of light.

However, this house is designed in such a way that it makes use of wind and natural light, so it does not need artificial lighting during the day, as well as air conditioning. At night, it is lit using LED bulbs, which are ecological. It also takes advantage of clean wastewater and recycled rainwater to irrigate green plants. Therefore, the house greatly minimizes its waste for the environment.

In the living spaces, the openings with lots of natural light between the floors, the wind and the green trees are organized smoothly extending inside the house. Together with the sliding glass door system, the space is tightly connected, but still can provide privacy total when necessary.

Living area with white floors and glass walls
Internal garden with stone walls
Entrance with internal garden
Living room with terrace
Living room with brown leather sofa
Open dining kitchen area
Room with glass walls and garden
Bathroom with glass and stone wall
Internal bathroom with glass walls
Night view of the gardens
Detail of the perforated doors
Night view from the outside
Night view from the outside
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Wonderful Cabin Surrounded by Thick Vegetation

By • Apr 25, 2018

This project, designed by the architectural firm of Lorena Troncoso Valencia, is located in the area of Pinto, Chile, an area recognized by tourism in extreme high mountain sports such as sky. It was carried out in 2016 and has an area of 105 square meters.

Views of the snowy mountains

The area has a lush vegetation of native trees overlooking the Andes; in the center, there is a small ravine with a depth of 15 meters, on which the project is located. The cabin is posed in an asymmetrical triangular shape in its upper part, inspired by the iconic shape of the mountain that can be seen behind. You can also observe from its terrace the landscape of the ravine in its maximum splendor.

Cottage surrounded by thick vegetation
External view of the cabin with glass walls
Detail of the roof in lateral fall
Terrace with wooden floors
Windows that connect the interior with the exterior

The project is conceived as a large space with two levels, communicated with each other by a double height and a bedroom area on the first level. In the central space, we find the kitchen and living room that is connected spatially with the second level bedroom and at the same time this is connected through a bridge with a desk area. All these spaces are projected towards the main terrace that looks at the ravine.
The window of the main façade is retracted diagonally to generate shade during the period of greatest sunlight.
The glazed walls welcome the abundant foliage of the trees inside the hut, fusing the exterior and interior.

Area with high glass walls
Stone and glass wall
Kitchen in wood with stone wall
Room with high wooden ceilings
Room with stone walls and glass
Room with terrace
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Residence with Marked Rebellious and Restless Style

By • Apr 24, 2018

This project is marked from start to end by the personality of the owners, who, with their rebellious, restless and nonconformist character, made the design of this house add personal experiences and dreams. The responsible for carrying out such a precious project was the Mano de Santo architecture studio in 2014. A project that has 400 square meters and is located in the beautiful city of Valencia in Spain.

View of the modern entrance with concrete walls

Its development supposed a challenge and a stimulus at the same time, since the plot presents a very steep slope and an orientation and spectacular views towards the sea and the city of Valencia. The house is located at the highest point of the plot and consists of two volumes, one embedded in the ground and the other placed on top of this slightly separated and light appearance using in this case materials and prefabricated dry execution systems and light (prefabricated concrete).

Wooden bridge leading to the entrance
Stone walls and gardens
Pool area with terrace
Cozy living room with modern furniture
Modern and elegant kitchen and dining area
Dining room in wood and black

The most private bedrooms and rooms are arranged in the upper volume from where you can enjoy the comfortable privacy of the wonderful views over the city.

The design, layout and systems of facilities used in the house, result in an energy efficient building.

Room with balcony with wonderful views
Elegant bathroom with black marble top
Night view of the pool
Night view of the construction with glass walls
Entry bridge at night hours
Exterior with concrete walls
Wonderful night view with stone walls and concrete walls
Night view of the house on the hill
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House Surrounded by a Quiet and Natural Environment

By • Apr 23, 2018

Forest and House is a contemporary home designed by Jung Hyowon of JHW IROJE architects&planners, a firm based in Seoul, South Korea. The home covers a total ground area of a little over 1,200 square meters, and was completed in 2016. It is located in Sunchang, South Korea.

View of the construction among the vegetation

The home was designed for a client who is both a professor and an engineer, and who will be retiring in three years’ time. This home is intended to be a space for him to spend his “second life,” and enjoy the peace and quiet of a home surrounded by a natural landscape.

View of the construction between the forests
Main entrance
Internal area of the construction

From the perspective of the architectural firm, the plot of land on which the home sits is borrowed from nature, and so they decided to disturb it as little as possible in order to remain respectful. The end result is that the home is finished without a yard, as it was a mere human pleasure that would further intrude unnecessarily upon the natural landscape that surrounds the structure. This also serves to make the connection between the home and its surroundings all that much stronger, since, almost as soon as one steps outside of its walls, one finds oneself surrounded by raw nature.

Side view with concrete walls
View of the construction and the mountains that surround it
Wall and roof in zinc
Details of the concrete wall
Concrete stairs connect to the upper terrace
Construction located on the hill
Stairs with red railings
Side bricks wall
Construction with glass walls