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Home interior design reflects your personality, lifestyle and aesthetic sensibilities. Whether you’re redecorating or planning a new space, HomeDsgn provides stylish interior design inspiration. Fuel your imagination by perusing some of the most spectacular interior design in homes from across the globe.

A Pleasant Place as a Couple’s Refuge”

By • Apr 27, 2018

A couple of fashion designers felt a powerful attraction for this construction and, thinking that they could enjoy a pleasant life-style in this place, decided to build their new nest here, so to speak! It was love at first sight, from the different recreational options offered by the area, to the pleasant spaces where they knew they could enjoy a pleasant walk with their cute dog.

Exterior view of the construction on a little-traveled street

The architecture firm Cho and Partners, led by its team of excellent professionals Hyeonjin Cho, Haewook Jeong and Kyuhwan Kim, were in charge of carrying out this significant project in 2017. It is located in Yeonnam-dong, South Korea and has an area of 277 square meters.

Details of the façade with wood and glass walls
External concrete stairs
Dining room connected to the terrace

The couple, whose children have all moved out to start their own lives away from the nest, wanted to have a set-up where the living room and the bedroom were united instead of making them each separate spaces. Their goal was to make the entire house feel closer to itself, eliminating any unnecessary barriers that could stand between them.  To carry out this unique idea, an equally unique space was made taking one space and creating two rooms by placing one of them (the bedroom) above the other (the living room).

Spacious and modern living room with concrete walls
View of the library from the top floor
Blank kitchen with marble floors also in white
Dining area in retro style
Classic studio with high concrete walls
Classic studio with hanging lamps
Room with wooden floors and concrete walls
Bathroom with modern bathtub in white
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House of Wide Open Spaces and Full of Light

By • Apr 26, 2018

This house of open spaces and full of light is located in the city of Thành phố Nha Trang, Vietnam and has an area of 445 square meters. It was designed in 2016 by the architecture firm MW arch studio under the direction of the architecture professionals Le Minh Quang and Nguyen Ai Thy.

Pool area

It is a project of individual house and is close to a noisy environment, a densely populated area with many polluted emissions of motor vehicles with very large volumes, very typical in the urban zone of the city of Vietnam.

Perforated doors with decorations
Internal stairs with gardens
View of the internal garden from the stairs

This area usually lacks natural light, so they use a lot of artificial lighting to counteract the lack of light.

However, this house is designed in such a way that it makes use of wind and natural light, so it does not need artificial lighting during the day, as well as air conditioning. At night, it is lit using LED bulbs, which are ecological. It also takes advantage of clean wastewater and recycled rainwater to irrigate green plants. Therefore, the house greatly minimizes its waste for the environment.

In the living spaces, the openings with lots of natural light between the floors, the wind and the green trees are organized smoothly extending inside the house. Together with the sliding glass door system, the space is tightly connected, but still can provide privacy total when necessary.

Living area with white floors and glass walls
Internal garden with stone walls
Entrance with internal garden
Living room with terrace
Living room with brown leather sofa
Open dining kitchen area
Room with glass walls and garden
Bathroom with glass and stone wall
Internal bathroom with glass walls
Night view of the gardens
Detail of the perforated doors
Night view from the outside
Night view from the outside
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Wonderful Cabin Surrounded by Thick Vegetation

By • Apr 25, 2018

This project, designed by the architectural firm of Lorena Troncoso Valencia, is located in the area of Pinto, Chile, an area recognized by tourism in extreme high mountain sports such as sky. It was carried out in 2016 and has an area of 105 square meters.

Views of the snowy mountains

The area has a lush vegetation of native trees overlooking the Andes; in the center, there is a small ravine with a depth of 15 meters, on which the project is located. The cabin is posed in an asymmetrical triangular shape in its upper part, inspired by the iconic shape of the mountain that can be seen behind. You can also observe from its terrace the landscape of the ravine in its maximum splendor.

Cottage surrounded by thick vegetation
External view of the cabin with glass walls
Detail of the roof in lateral fall
Terrace with wooden floors
Windows that connect the interior with the exterior

The project is conceived as a large space with two levels, communicated with each other by a double height and a bedroom area on the first level. In the central space, we find the kitchen and living room that is connected spatially with the second level bedroom and at the same time this is connected through a bridge with a desk area. All these spaces are projected towards the main terrace that looks at the ravine.
The window of the main façade is retracted diagonally to generate shade during the period of greatest sunlight.
The glazed walls welcome the abundant foliage of the trees inside the hut, fusing the exterior and interior.

Area with high glass walls
Stone and glass wall
Kitchen in wood with stone wall
Room with high wooden ceilings
Room with stone walls and glass
Room with terrace
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Residence with Marked Rebellious and Restless Style

By • Apr 24, 2018

This project is marked from start to end by the personality of the owners, who, with their rebellious, restless and nonconformist character, made the design of this house add personal experiences and dreams. The responsible for carrying out such a precious project was the Mano de Santo architecture studio in 2014. A project that has 400 square meters and is located in the beautiful city of Valencia in Spain.

View of the modern entrance with concrete walls

Its development supposed a challenge and a stimulus at the same time, since the plot presents a very steep slope and an orientation and spectacular views towards the sea and the city of Valencia. The house is located at the highest point of the plot and consists of two volumes, one embedded in the ground and the other placed on top of this slightly separated and light appearance using in this case materials and prefabricated dry execution systems and light (prefabricated concrete).

Wooden bridge leading to the entrance
Stone walls and gardens
Pool area with terrace
Cozy living room with modern furniture
Modern and elegant kitchen and dining area
Dining room in wood and black

The most private bedrooms and rooms are arranged in the upper volume from where you can enjoy the comfortable privacy of the wonderful views over the city.

The design, layout and systems of facilities used in the house, result in an energy efficient building.

Room with balcony with wonderful views
Elegant bathroom with black marble top
Night view of the pool
Night view of the construction with glass walls
Entry bridge at night hours
Exterior with concrete walls
Wonderful night view with stone walls and concrete walls
Night view of the house on the hill
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House Surrounded by a Quiet and Natural Environment

By • Apr 23, 2018

Forest and House is a contemporary home designed by Jung Hyowon of JHW IROJE architects&planners, a firm based in Seoul, South Korea. The home covers a total ground area of a little over 1,200 square meters, and was completed in 2016. It is located in Sunchang, South Korea.

View of the construction among the vegetation

The home was designed for a client who is both a professor and an engineer, and who will be retiring in three years’ time. This home is intended to be a space for him to spend his “second life,” and enjoy the peace and quiet of a home surrounded by a natural landscape.

View of the construction between the forests
Main entrance
Internal area of the construction

From the perspective of the architectural firm, the plot of land on which the home sits is borrowed from nature, and so they decided to disturb it as little as possible in order to remain respectful. The end result is that the home is finished without a yard, as it was a mere human pleasure that would further intrude unnecessarily upon the natural landscape that surrounds the structure. This also serves to make the connection between the home and its surroundings all that much stronger, since, almost as soon as one steps outside of its walls, one finds oneself surrounded by raw nature.

Side view with concrete walls
View of the construction and the mountains that surround it
Wall and roof in zinc
Details of the concrete wall
Concrete stairs connect to the upper terrace
Construction located on the hill
Stairs with red railings
Side bricks wall
Construction with glass walls
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Wonderful Villa on the Famous Island of Palma de Mallorca

By • Apr 20, 2018

This fantastic villa of enrapturing interiors is located at the edge of the Tramuntana Mountains, overlooking both the sea and the famous nearby island of Ibiza, from its perch on the island of Mallorca, Spain. It dates from 1986 and has been designed with the unique Mallorcan style. The exterior and interior design are inspired by the natural vegetation surrounding the area, flush with pine, almond, orange trees, and lots of cacti. Colors and materials are raw and evoke the earth.

Entrance hall full of charm
Large pool with thick vegetation in the background
Terrace with outdoor furniture
Wonderful views over the sea
Living room in Mediterranean style

This luxurious 6 bedroom villa is the perfect mix of traditional Mallorcan design — with natural stone and terracotta tile — and stylish Ibiza accents of white built-in furniture, beautiful lighting, and a relaxed environment. With stunning forested views extending to the sea, Villa Son Font is the ultimate Mediterranean hideaway, where you can slow down, enjoy nature, and relax in a calm and comfortable setting with family and friends.

In its design we can clearly see how the old and the new complement each other in such a way that they create a cozy and pleasant space that invites you to relax and enjoy it.

The interior designer Bente Tang-Henriksen was in charge of the design, and worked alongside Mikkel Tang-Henriksen.

Comfortable and cozy lounge
Relaxation area with a laid back style
Rest area with wooden table
Large kitchen in a style very typical of the island
Dining room in rustic wood
Rustic stairs
Spacious room full of natural light
Rustic room with wooden ceilings
Cozy room
Charming bathroom in traditional rustic style
Details of the sink
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Spectacular Remodeling Project of a Space that Used to Be a Barn

By • Apr 19, 2018

This project was carried out by NONG STUDIO architectural studio and led by Chasing Wang, Neal Zhu, Luca Lannote (Italy) and Kunyang Wang in 2017. It has an area of 180 square meters and is located in Suzhou South Rd., Huangpu District, Shanghai, China.

Modern and elegant entrance area

If we follow the history of Shanghai, an important point for its inhabitants is the Suzhou River. Industrial buildings along the river have witnessed the prosperity and decline of concessions, as well as the emergence of national industries. This space used to be the private granary of Yuesheng Du before ultimately becoming the warehouse of the Commercial Bank of China.

Sober and elegant space
Elegant decorated in marble and gold

Its façade and its interior space have been restored in such a way that it respected its history, integrating itself with the modern elements. This allowed it to demonstrate its intimate connection with the past.
In terms of functional design, the space was organized according to the level of privacy or efficiency, which is common in the design of traditional offices. And it was organized according to the possibility of interaction.
When design can tell the life and experience of a person, it is already a search for the emotional essence.

Reading space with libraries
Cubicle closed in glass
Interior of the cubicle with armchairs
Modern meeting area with white furniture
Elegant table with marble and golden chairs
Elegant chairs with gold border
Modern chair in orange
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Singular House Challenges the Abrupt Topography of the Land on Which it is Located

By • Apr 19, 2018

With an area of 290 square meters, this unique house was built in a wooded area of Douro-Dummer, Ontario, Canada that has fabulous views of an absolutely breathtaking lake. The authors of the design, the architects Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster, challenged the abrupt topography of the soil on which this peculiar construction is located.

Exterior view of the structure

This vacation home consists of two volumes stacked one on top of the other. The lower volume huddles in the landscape so that you barely see it when you approach the house. The upper volume rests on the lower one, as well as on a concrete pier to form a bridge and a cantilever. This concentration strategy allows for greater access and permeability of the site and emphasizes the charged relationship between the building and the land.

White interior full of light
Interior design in white and blue
Dining room in blue tones

The upper volume contains living spaces and opens onto the lake, while the lower volume is more closed and houses bedrooms. Responding to the need for accessibility for guests with disabilities, as well as thinking about the ability of customers to use the building in the future, a study/bedroom mix and an accessible bathroom are provided on the main level. The roof of the lower bar becomes a terrace that allows elevated views and a direct connection to living spaces

Hallway on white
Room with walls and wooden ceiling
Intense yellow bathroom
Night view of the house
Night view of the house on the hill
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Cabin Designed for a Couple Who Like to Enjoy Nature

By • Apr 18, 2018

PV Cabin is a private residence located in Pinto, a town and commune in Ñuble Province, in the Biobío Region of Chile. It was designed by Lorena Troncoso Valencia in 2016, and covers a total ground area of merely 24 square meters.

Cabin located on rocks

The clients for this cabin are a young couple of climbers who love participating in rock sports, so they chose an area of Chile known for its mountain range landscape. The problem of the structure’s limited space was solved by building in a vertical manner, so that the space was expanded with a double height. In this way, all needs — sleeping, eating, cleaning, and some room for leisure — were covered.

Cottage surrounded by high mountains
Thick vegetation covers the cabin

The home is located in a small clearing at the end of a winding and wooded road, and is surrounded by lush trees and backed by a high wall of grey rock, and it is raised on wooden piles one and a half meters above the ground to avoid contact with the snow in the winter season. This privileged location ensures sun, ventilation, and plenty of natural light for the home.

Cabin in the middle of the forest

The ground floor of the home holds the kitchen, dining room, and a working area; the bedroom sits upstairs.

Interior of the wood-covered cabin
Small kitchen in rustic style
Black fireplace and glass wall
Bedroom area
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Kadeau, a Restaurant in Copenhagen with Roots in the Small Danish Island of Bornholm

By • Apr 17, 2018

This cozy restaurant called “Kadeau” is located in København, the native name for Copenhagen, Denmark, and was designed in 2015 by the design firm OeO Studio, inspired by a deep passion for the country’s landscape.

Traditional entrance in blue wood
Details of the entrance with the name of the restaurant

For this project, the members of the firm tried to immerse themselves in the universe that surrounded the restaurant, which lead them to maintain many hours of dialogue with the head chef and his team to create a shared understanding of the driving passions behind Kadeau. The design was not only about creating a physical environment, but also about using it to shape the atmosphere of the restaurant and complete the dining experience.

Cozy interior with mix of materials and styles
Dining area with views of the inner courtyard
Interior of the dining room with mixes of styles

The culinary roots of Kadeau Copenhagen are found on the small Danish island of Bornholm, in the Baltic Sea. The love of Nicolai Nørregaard for his small native island, which is full of coniferous forests and surrounded by sandy beaches, is evident in everything the restaurant does. Dining at Kadeau is an immaculate and sophisticated experience that consists of celebrating the smallest details, a universe where guests feel they are dining at home with their dear friends.

For its design, OEO Studio left no surface untouched. All materials, colors, and design solutions used have been carefully designed to create the right feel, atmosphere, and sense of place.

Bar area with high seats
Details of the fine wood used
Large kitchen in thick wood
Wooden tables and cupboard with spices and condiments
View of the interior of the restaurant from the kitchen
Cupboard with spices and condiments
Hallway leading to the bathroom area
Mint green bathroom
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Spectacular Remodeling of a Beach Apartment that Maintains its Original Essence

By • Apr 16, 2018

This holiday apartment is located in an old fishing village in Camogli, a famous holiday destination near Genoa, Italy. It has been designed by the Italian architectural firm Gosplan in 2017.

Entrance to the space full of natural light

It is located on the first floor of a tall structure, in a typical Ligurian building, on the edge of the historic center of the city, and with an open view to the sea, so that its interior is bright and enjoys an abundance of natural light.

Door that connects to the storage area

The house is arranged around a large living room with two windows open towards the horizon. Behind a gray wall there are two bedrooms, connected to the living room by two doors that were part of the original structure and were repurposed. The other two sides of the living room are surrounded by a large white L-shaped cupboard that contains all the facilities of the house: a guest closet, a toilet, a bookcase, a pantry, a fridge, an oven, and a cellar.

This solution allowed the architects to free up the living room of all the technical furniture, which is usually found in the kitchen area, arranging it behind a variable sequence of doors with hinges made with white vertical planks.

The original wooden ceiling was brought to light, restored and painted white to highlight the brightness of this space.

Beach style lounge with views over the sea
Living room with white wooden ceilings
Shades of blue that combine with the sea
Small kitchen in white
Kitchen-dining area in white
Storage area that goes from wall to wall
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Apartments in Shades of Gray Full of Luxury and Comfort

By • Apr 16, 2018

This luxurious apartment has been decorated with an exquisite taste by the firm Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects, and it is located in the city of Putuo, China.
The project, with a full range of shades of gray, creates an atmosphere with an air of elegant and meditative calm, which would perfectly adapt to the wishes of a globetrotter after a long and exhausting journey.

Elegant and sober black entrance door
Wonderful interior full of natural light

In the middle of a forest of 20,000 trees, the “Schwarzwald” apartment towers offer the unique synthesis of living a modern urban life in a quality environment. Many metropolitans long for a place of tranquility and relaxation where their families adopt a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. To fulfill these wishes, an innovative project with a vision of the future was created, which meets the highest standards in terms of comfort and quality of life.

Modern and elegant lounge in shades of gray
Modern and current details
Living room full of elegance and glamour

The layers and interactions of premium materials, fascinating textures and high contrast surfaces make this 250 square meter apartment a metropolitan sanctuary with an impressive view of the urban skyline of Shanghai.
Warm shades of gray, natural wooden surfaces, indirect lighting, and lush fabrics contrast with the smooth surfaces of the rooms and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Thanks to a sophisticated combination of marble, unpretentious white sanitary ware, and accessories in black and gold, the bathrooms unfold in an aura of classic and timeless taste.

Living room separated by a transparent glass shelf
TV area with marble wall