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Home interior design reflects your personality, lifestyle and aesthetic sensibilities. Whether you’re redecorating or planning a new space, HomeDsgn provides stylish interior design inspiration. Fuel your imagination by perusing some of the most spectacular interior design in homes from across the globe.

Hotel in China for Those who Enjoy Contact With Nature

By • Mar 6, 2018

This hotel, located in the town of Deqing Xian, Huzhou, Zhejiang, China, has an area of ​​1491 square meters. It was designed in 2017 by the architectural firm Naturalbuild under the direction of its architecture professionals Yanfei Shui, Yichi Su, Yuanrong Ma, Dan Deng and Hanhua Xu. It is tucked into the southwest corner of a silkworm farm previously owned by the state in Yucun, Moganshan, Zhejiang province.

Back of the hotel overlooking the creek
Main entrance of white wall and sloping wooden roof

The design is limited and also motivated by both the dynamic present and unpredictable perspectives. The strategy of interiorizing the landscape not only establishes a gesture of defense against the unfavorable conditions of the environment, but also converts the saturated interior space into part of the landscape.

Terrace with direct access to the lounge area
Interior garden with covered terrace
Entrance door in wood
Small covered terrace
Pool area with covered terrace
Pool furniture for relaxation
Modern and elegant lounge
Reception area with wooden furniture
Cafeteria area
Modern and elegant restaurant area
Restaurant with wooden roof
Restaurant with glass walls
Internal stairs with wooden railing
Internal corridor with glass walls
Modern room with views

Most rooms are in the southern part of the main building to get enough sunlight as well as to have panoramic views of the garden. At the west end, there is an outside gallery and a pool, which frame the main entrance and create a perimeter that cushions the site from the main road.

Along with the main building, an outer gallery formed by columns forms an open patio area that only serves hotel guests. As for the construction on the east end, it is an independent and isolated villa that can be rented to a whole family.

Modern room with tiered wooden floors
Spacious room and full of natural light
Internal bathroom with glass walls
Main entrance in night hours


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Wonderful Family Refuge in a Rural Area of Portugal

By • Mar 5, 2018

This house is the weekend refuge of a family of four, although they are thinking of making it their main residence in the near future. It is located in the town of Corroios, Portugal, on the top of a gentle slope and surrounded by wild vegetation.

Exterior view of the house and the surrounding landscape
Front view of the house among the wild vegetation

In 2015, the architectural firm CSAA, led by its professionals Sofia Saraiva and Vasco Cabral, got down to work and designed this fabulous residence that today has three well-defined functional areas, a social area, a service area and a private area. All of this was aptly designed to fit within a 240 square meter space.

Terrace and garden with swimming pool surrounded by landscapes
Modern construction in the shape of “L”
Exterior view of beautiful natural landscapes

In terms of concept, it was intended to create a home with urban interior features and finishes, which could be integrated into the rural and more traditional context of the rural area in which it is located.

Designed to be a single-story dwelling, it allows a calm and serene coexistence with the environment in which it is located, and which is derived from the privileged relationship between the interior and the exterior.

The L-shaped volumetric arrangement allows the separation of outdoor areas, organizing it according to the degree of privacy desired in the house.

On the east side of the house, next to the entrance, from the outside, a covered area was created leading up to the home. This allows the parking of cars and, because it is a more exposed area, it has a less private feeling to it.

Main entrance with modern wooden door
Internal view of the living-dining-kitchen area
Living room with gray sofa and modern fireplace
Views of the surroundings through the glass doors of the lounge
Interior corridor leading to the bedrooms
View of the external landscape through the glass window
Night view of the Main entrance
Night view of the Main facade
Night view of the pool area
Night view of the house and its natural environment
Night view of the house
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Wonderful House Overlooking the Lake and Open to Nature

By • Mar 5, 2018

Window on the Lake is a project completed by the Canadian architectural firm YH2, which is based in Montréal, in 2017. The home covers a total ground area of 140 square meters and sits on the shore of Lac Plaisant, located in Saint Élie de Caxton, in the Mauricie region of Québec, Canada.

Aerial view of the house surrounded by tall trees

The architectural firm’s intention when it came to the design of this home, which sits on a site previously occupied by an old family cottage, was to create a simple wooden dwelling which was open to nature and the peaceful lake beside it. As a result, the home perfectly embodies the essence of cottage life — a wooden home in which to spend restful moments and be at one with nature.

Terrace with lake views
House within the trees

The home sits in a small clearing and is composed of a single structure made out of white cedar wood. Such simplicity is precisely what cottage life is about, and YH2 expresses this through their architecture in a subtle and elegant way. The home’s walls, however, are pierced by clear glass sections which allow an easy rapport between the interior and the exterior, blending the boundaries between them. This also allows an abundant supply of natural light to seep into the interior, making it luminous and cozy.

House in front of the lake
Access glass door
Interior with wooden walls
Modern interior with wooden floors
Large living-dining area with high ceilings and glass walls
Exterior view from the kitchen area
Dining room in light wood
Living-dining-kitchen area in same place
Social areas full of natural light
Decorative details
Cozy bedroom area in soft colors
Bedroom in light colors and wooden floors
Night view of the house from the pier
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Apartment in Brazil with a Scandinavian Feel

By • Mar 2, 2018

Apartment with Partitions is a project completed by the Sao Paulo-based architectural firm  Casa100 Arquitetura in 2016. The home itself is located in Vila Mariana, a dynamic borough of the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, located to the south of Bela Vista and Liberdade, east of Jardim Paulista and west of Ipiranga. The home covers a total ground area of 65 square meters.

Balcony area with wooden floors
Balcony with relaxation area

The clients wished for this home to have a Scandinavian feel, and so they asked Casa100 Arquitetura to focus on creating a minimalist interior design. In order to achieve this, the color palette was kept within a limited range, and the furnishings chosen are sparse, allowing the architecture to speak for itself.

Living room-kitchen in gray tones
Kitchen shelf detail
/ Kitchen countertop in concrete
Modern kitchen with wooden shelves
Kitchen in gray and white
Living room-kitchen connected to the balcony
Beautiful concrete walls

Originally, the apartment had two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The resulting floor plan consists of a much larger master suite, with a spacious closet where the second bedroom was originally located. The bathroom saw the two shower cabins fused into a larger one, while the smaller bathroom was converted into a restroom. The open kitchen was given a counter, which doubles as a dining space, and which looks out onto the living room.

The interior décor is done mostly in pale shades of gray, white, and wooden surfaces. Plants and patterned surfaces, such as the rug that decorates the living room floor, serve to add touches of vibrancy to the space.

Closet in wood
Casual bedroom in Scandinavian style
Details in gray of the bedroom
Bedroom with bathroom
Bathroom in gray and brown
Modern bathroom
Details of the bathroom with circular mirror
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An Old Church Converted into a Family Home

By • Mar 2, 2018

Nowadays, this magnificent construction of an old church is a family home, and it couldn’t be more amazing. It is located on a hillside and has two levels which have been designed to incorporate the element of subtropical design, thus emphasizing a connection with the natural context and the site.

Facade of the old church next to the new construction
Modern and elegant construction

It is located in a suburb of Brisbane in Norman Park, Australia, has an area of 609 square meters and has been redesigned by the architectural firm DAHA by the hand of David Hansford in 2017. The extension of this house is a balanced adaptation of an existing church in a unique family home. The extension creates a continuity of the existing church through different materials, creating a balance between the old and the new.

Area that connects both constructions
Garden with pool and green areas
Rear garden connected to the interior
Detail of the area that connects both
Construction with concrete walls
Terrace with wonderful views over the city

The project responds to the unique conditions of the site, including natural ones as well as those related to its construction. The large portion of elevated terrain in which it is located provides you with wonderful views of the city. The prominent church, built in 1924, is in a central position and needed to become part of the family home.
The use of gaps and bridges promotes interaction and social connections between levels. The design of the extension generates social centers, as well as private retreats, creating a home that can grow with the family in the coming years.

Entrance to the interior of the old church
Modern living room with glass walls and views
Stairs in wood
Modern reading area
Kitchen with island in polished concrete and brick wall
Details of the sober kitchen
Dining room in gray and black tones
Modern dining room with concrete walls
Modern stairs with concrete walls
Detail of the steel railings
Bathroom with black and white details
Wonderful playground in the old church
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Two-Storey Family Residence with Privileged Views

By • Mar 1, 2018

AG House was designed by the architects Adriane Wender, Miguel del Río Francos, Giovani Acevedo Alemán, Jacques Stiernet, Humberto Piccinini, and Guilherme Silveira Cardoso, who belong to the architectural firms Atelier de Luz and WRarq. The home has been designed on a platform set three meters above street level, in a residential area of Sierra Gaucha, in the city of Canela, Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil.

Fantastic view of the exterior among the tall trees
Entrance that goes up to the small hill

It covers a total ground area of 683 square meters, and was completed in 2016. The façade that looks out to the northeast of the property enjoys privileged views over the valley.

Side view of the white construction
Stairs rise through the garden

The spaces seek to satisfy and make the most of the qualities of the place, within the breadth and continuity of the space demanded by the client. Therefore, the program was organized in a linear scheme.

The home is distributed across two levels, with public areas on the ground floor and private areas on the upper level.

The base of the residence consists of an entrance hall, the TV room, a gym, the service area, and the dining room as the main space completely open to the northeast, merging with the garden through a porch.

The four existing suites were placed along the northeast facade, united by a balcony through a subtraction in the volume that indicates the views to the city valley.

Stairs lead to the main entrance
Covered terrace area with garden
Terrace and garden border the house
Balcony that connects the rooms
Main entrance
Large and cozy living-dining area
Modern living room full of natural light
TV area
Modern stairs with glass railings
Detail of the stairs
Upper level area
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A Very Authentic House with Its Own Expression

By • Feb 28, 2018

Located in the city of Xalapa Enríquez, in Jalapa, Mexico, this project, which covers a total ground area of 200 square meters, intended to achieve a contemporary design while maintaining its local roots, preserving the identity of the city in which it is located. The design was created by the architectural firm BCA Taller de Diseño in the year 2017.

Main entrance with red brick wall
Living room in a simple and current style

The architectural firm’s design for this project pivoted around three separate points: architecture, interior design, and lighting design. A simple composition of pure volumes gives rise to the main body, creating both public and private spaces. The selection of materials was a key factor in the realization of this project (enclosure stone, natural oak wood, visible concrete, and half red clay), and underlines the architecture of this house, which is distinguished by its authenticity and its own expression.

Dining room and kitchen in a combination of wood and black
Wooden furniture space separator

The methodology is based on generating the design from within, giving greater weight to a more human experience. The areas, despite having different uses, are part of the same volume. This was achieved on the first floor, for example, by removing the walls and adding specially designed furniture that ordered and separated the spaces. The furniture was made with local craftsmen and companies from Xalapa.

Stairs in wood and black metal
Modern and elegant bathroom in wood
Night view of the main entrance
Later night view
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Architectural Studio Designed for a Couple of Architects

By • Feb 28, 2018

This project is a 46 square meter home studio designed for a couple of architects who not only share their passion for architecture, but also both enjoy music and painting together. It is located in Kerala, India, and was designed by the architects Shinoop & Revathy of Attic Lab.

View of the studio hidden among the thick vegetation
Front view of the house

The interior needed to be flexible and serve as a multifunctional space in which to practice music and enjoy debate and discussion. It also needed to be compact and modern in its material and construction. The entire space is divided into two levels, ground floor and attic, which act as work and leisure space, respectively.

Main facade surrounded by green and thick vegetation
View of the small terrace that connects the interior with the exterior green
Interior of the study with rest area

The characteristic regional expression of Kerala architecture is the result of geographical, climatic, and historical factors. The most distinctive visual form of Kerala architecture is the long, steep sloping roof built to protect the walls of the house.

Structurally, the roof frame was supported on the pillars in the walls erected in a raised base of the floor for protection against moisture and insects in the tropical climate.

The selection of materials and construction techniques was influenced by structural load, cost, installation time, and maintenance over time and sustainability.

Shared desktop space
Elegantly decorated office space
View of the exterior from inside the studio
Area of the study dedicated to the enjoyment of music
Elegant and sober study
Wonderful and cozy space for rest
Comfortable reading area
Night view of the magical exterior


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Warm Chalet with Fabulous Views Over the Mountains

By • Feb 28, 2018

Located in Tegernsee, Germany, these fabulous chalets have been designed by the interior design firm landau+kindelbacher Architekten Innenarchitekten.

Magnificent views of the mountains

With the opening of the Alpine chalets, the hotel DAS TEGERNSEE has expanded its wide range of lodgings by adding a new format — and what’s more, these chalets are also available for long term stays. Since 2017, 18 apartments and double rooms measuring anywhere from 35 to 120 square meters have offered up to 8 people a temporary home.

Cozy wooden round dining room table

Through a weather-resistant glass passage, the Alpine chalets are connected directly to the hotel and, therefore, to the lobby, the hotel’s gastronomic offer, and the large spa area. The holistic and practiced philosophy of the hotel is also continued in the new accommodation.

Dining room with terrace and views of the mountains

Two sections of construction, directly interconnected, house 18 new room units on two levels. Whether they have their own private terrace on the lower level or balconies at the top, they all have an unrestricted view of the Tegernsee and the surrounding mountains. The exposed rooms and the floor-to-ceiling windows, in combination with high ceilings, additionally reinforce the spatial effect.

On the upper floor, all the rooms are completely covered in spruce, in the style of the unique character of the alpine wooden chalets. The ceiling of the rooms and suites on the ground floor are also clad with wood.

Two sections of construction, directly interconnected, house 18 new room units on two levels. Whether they have their own private terrace on the lower level or balconies at the top, they all have an unrestricted view of the Tegernsee and the surrounding mountains. The exposed rooms and the floor-to-ceiling windows, in combination with high ceilings, additionally reinforce the spatial effect.

On the upper floor, all the rooms are completely covered in spruce, in the style of the unique character of the alpine wooden chalets. The ceiling of the rooms and suites on the ground floor are also clad with wood.

Modern dining room with hanging lamps
Dining room with wonderful views
Cozy double room
Double room with terrace
Room with beautiful views of the mountains
Room with bunk beds
Bathroom full of natural light
Night view of the exterior of the chalets
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A Small Apartment that Nevertheless Contains all the Necessary Amenities

By • Feb 27, 2018

This apartment covering a ground area of only 50 square meters is on the upper level of a three-storey building located in the neighborhood of Pinheiros, São Paulo, Brazil. It was designed by the architectural firm Vão, by a team made up of architects Anna Juni, Enk te Winkel, and Gustavo Delonero. The project was completed in the year 2017.

Small living room full of natural light

The main request made by the future resident was that the 50 square meters that comprised the useful area of the apartment had to be reorganized, so that the bedroom could be isolated from the other spaces. Considering this, the construction was carried out almost without any demolition, which is quite unusual for remodeling projects.

Space shared by the living room and kitchen

The extension of the existing wall allowed the creation of a volume that houses the bedroom, relocating it from the main façade, which faced the street, to the back, where the windows overlook the interior garden of the community. In addition to preserving this restful environment from the sounds of the street, the new location was also designed so that the proportions of the integrated living room (living room, kitchen, and balcony) would be balanced, as well as the natural light that flows into them.

Since the building has a collective laundry room on the ground floor, the area that was available for that purpose was replaced by a large closet.

TV area
Dining room and kitchen
Wooden kitchen
View of the living room – dining room from the kitchen
Modern living room with high ceilings
Storage area