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Home interior design reflects your personality, lifestyle and aesthetic sensibilities. Whether you’re redecorating or planning a new space, HomeDsgn provides stylish interior design inspiration. Fuel your imagination by perusing some of the most spectacular interior design in homes from across the globe.

Innovative Construction used as a Holiday House

By • Feb 21, 2018

House Duurzaamheid, as this project is called, is a private home designed by Renz Pijnenborgh, Vincent Valentijn, and Kim Verhoeven of the Dutch architectural firm Archi3o, which is based in Den Bosch. The home covers a total ground area of 210 square meters, and was completed in 2017. It is located in Cadzand, is a town in the province of Zeeland, in the Netherlands.

Striking construction in black wood and glass
Modern construction surrounded by vegetation

The client for this project is a well-known advocate for sustainable architecture, and an innovator in home automization. This is to be his holiday home, and so he sought to work with Renz Pijnenborgh, who is a pioneer in Bio based and healthy architecture, to create a home that would create an innovative relationship between technology and nature.

Covered terrace and swimming pool
Side with vertical gardens

The home was, for the most part, prefabricated in a factory in Germany from a design created by the architects in 3D BIM. In only three days, the home had been completely assembled. In addition to this, the home is fully self-sufficient and sustainable, as well as an amazing getaway for the client and his family. The home boasts a foundation of aerated concrete, a super insulated skin of hemp fibers, geothermal and mass heating, a solar roof that provides enough energy for the entire house, the cars, and some of the neighbors when the family is away, bio-based materials natural ventilation, and a state of the art home automation system.

Internal terrace with glass ceilings
Living area full of natural light
Living room in light tones
Area with modern sofa in red
Stairs in spiral
Modern dining room in brown leather
Modern dining room with hanging lamps
Rest area with chairs in intense colors
Bedroom covered in light wood
Modern bathroom in black and white
Exterior garage
Night view of the modern exterior
Night view of the construction
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House with Cedar Walls and a Warm Interior

By • Feb 21, 2018

This wonderful house full of light and with a wonderful feeling of family warmth is located on a bed of rocks and with spectacular views of the lake and the surrounding forest. Its cedar-clad exterior walls frame a clearing in the wooded area that extends alongside the home. The garage and the doors of the garden are fused with wood; at the same time, the main entrance interrupts it with a sheet of irregularly shaped glass.

View of the construction with cedar and glass walls
View of the construction on black steel bases

The glass from floor to ceiling and full body in the facades of the two modules allows each one to present a different and expansive view of the lake and its islands. Being inside the house gives a unique feeling as though you were hovering just above the water.

Wooden construction surrounded by thick forest
Cedar wall
Internal garden that joins the modules
Interior wooden terrace
Wood and glass walls

The 2000-square-foot design was created in 2013 by the architectural firm Lazor Office, with the help of its architect Charlie Lazor, and obtained advice from the Gregory Design Group.
The private living spaces occupy the ends of the modules, in which we can find three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Outside, the quay, the garage and the walled garden are joined by a series of walkways and wooden decks

Living area with fireplace and beautiful views
Large kitchen with wonderful views
Room with glass walls
Bathroom with rustic wooden counter
Wooden clad bathroom
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Elegant and Serene Apartment in Singapore

By • Feb 21, 2018

This modern and elegant apartment located in Singapore was designed by the local architectural firm 0932 Design Consultants, an award-winning architectural and interior design practice formally founded in twenty eleven. The design methodology and processes of this firm have been applied to private residences, retail stores, spas, resorts, hotels, serviced apartments, show-suites, and condominium developments. These properties may be found in Asia-Pacific. The space, an apartment full of natural light and simple lines, which are the focal point of this project, is fresh and elegant at the same time.

Modern lounge with soft and elegant lines
Details of the elegant furniture
Modern living room with sofa and armchairs in black

The lounge, small but cozy, invites you to relax and enjoy the quiet and peace that the atmosphere entails. Neutral colors are predominant in a design completely marked by the personality of its inhabitants, who find, in the space’s simplicity, the serenity and tranquility that only a home provides. Beyond the modern lounge, the kitchen and the room maintain the same uniform style in terms of design, creating an environment where calmness persists. The range of gray and black colors is only broken by the modern tables and tube lamps, in more golden hues, that create a pop effect in the decoration, without breaking the line.

Fluffy sofa in black
Details of the coffee table
Table details and floor lamp in gold
Detail of the golden lamp
Modern kitchen-dining room in black and white
Detail light wood wall
Pendant lamps in the shape of a golden tube
Simple and cozy room
Details in closet door in wood
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A House Where you Can Live and Feel Nature

By • Feb 20, 2018

This remodeling has been carried out by the architecture studio maarch in Boya, WA, Australia, in 2016, requiring careful consideration about the architectural location within the natural environment. An extension for the garden and kitchen room was requested, as well as interior and exterior renovations. These all resulted in a contemporary design, a steel and glass box. The original building, largely masonry (brown brick with concrete floors), had low ceilings, although it did offer good qualities of thermal mass.

View of the terrace with red brick walls
Terrace with wooden floors

The glass walls frame the exterior view of the vegetation and rocks and establish a relationship between the configuration of the house and the landscape that previously did not exist. An external bench seat in cement finish forms the edge of the garden. The design opens to the elements, allowing the owners to transport themselves inside the landscape, surrounded by the sounds of nature.

Minimalist kitchen in white and beige
Kitchen with integrated dining room
Large kitchen with dark wood floors
Modern dining room with glass walls
Dining room with glass walls

The building integrates principles of good natural ventilation, with vents blowing away hot air at night with refreshing breezes from the east. Measures against insects are also in place. Light and shadow are balanced between the old and the new, which is achieved in an intelligent architectural solution.

Exterior night view
Interior view from the outside
Exterior view
Night view of the construction surrounded by nature
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Simple House with Privileged Views

By • Feb 20, 2018

This simple construction of galvanized metal exterior walls has a privileged location since it is placed on top of a cliff with fantastic views of the lake. Predominantly oriented to the south, the galvanized metal exterior of the house is dotted with shop windows framing views of vignettes to the south, east and west. Inside, a dividing wall runs along the rectangular interior and supports the loft structure, which seems to float over the glazed spaces of the beam. The fir boards wrap three sides of the interior like a large wooden cladding that unifies the views of the staircase, the kitchen and the living room.

View of the construction on top of the hill
Side view with lake in background
Details of the galvanized metal wall

This 1400 square foot project was completed in the year 2018 and was designed by the architecture firm Mell Lawrence Architects, under the direction of its team of architects Mell Lawrence, Scott Smith, François Levy, Krista Whitson, & Mark Winford at Silver Creek Village, United States.

Wooden walls on one side
Interior with wood clad walls

The double glass doors open to capture the view of the south, the predominant breezes and the sounds and aromas of nature, creating interior and exterior connections without interruptions when desired.
It has 14 solar panels that collect enough energy to power its intermittent use. The rainwater collected from the roof provides all the water in the home.

Kitchen with wooden walls and ceiling beams
Bathroom with aluminum bathtub and concrete walls
Entrance with wonderful views
Night view from the outside
Night view of the construction on the hill
Exterior night view
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Offices with a Marked Industrial Touch

By • Feb 20, 2018

Setter Architects, a Tel Aviv based architectural firm, have designed these offices for Palo Alto Networks, a company involved in developing cyber defense solutions, in 2016. The site is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, on the 24th floor of a multi-storey office tower complex, and covers a total ground area of 3,000 square feet.

Rest area with cork edges

It is surrounded by an eclectic mixture of buildings in the downtown of the Israeli capital, with historical structures, such as painting workshops, artists’ studios, and restaurants, mingling alongside more modern buildings housing high tech companies.

Rest area with wooden walls
Office area with concrete walls and industrial decoration

The interior is a decorative expression of this culturally eclectic environment, as it mixes textures and patterns that are more traditional and places them beside more modern materials, creating a style that is unique and refreshing. In order to do this, Setter Architects repurposed much of what was already on site. For example, steel window profiles and garage doors became open space partitions, in order to sub-divide the internal space that felt more natural and facilitated circulation without sacrificing privacy. Other examples of the same concept include exposed brick blocks which were used as an interior wall in a conference room, and paint buckets from painting workshops that were used as distinct and curious wall decorations.

Office área with industrial style
Details of marks on the concrete floor
/ Meeting Office with view towards the city
Office área with glass walls
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Family Residence Full of Human Warmth

By • Feb 19, 2018

This magnificent family residence located in Esslingen, Germany, has been designed by the architectural firm Fuchs Wacker Architekten, together with the architects Stephan Fuchs, Michael Gehrmann. Built in 2017, it has an area of 450 square meters.

Exterior view of the construction
View of the construction and its gardens

Designed to house a family with children, it was necessary to include space for their activities, without forgetting spaces to enjoy meetings with friends and family.This was the client’s main request, and the architects obliged. If someone starts to fulfill a lifelong dream while maintaining the connection with loved ones, as well as with daily life, the result will be fantastic.

Details of the construction with glass walls
Construction with glass walls

The outdoor rooms almost seem to influence the bright interiors, and the architecture achieves a smooth and clean balance, moving from the exposed to the most intimate.

The floor-to-ceiling windows transform the entrance hall, with the large sculptural staircase and connecting bridge between the rooms. The luminous connector with glass wall offers flashes of color and a visual link between the interior and exterior spaces.

A fluid living-dining-kitchen area gives way to a glass door between the kitchen and the patio that looks as if it had always been there. Spacious and bright, modern and luxurious, the results are remarkably relaxed with family and friends who make everything come alive.

Furnished terrace
Wooden armchair detail
Garden with white flowers
Detail of wooden slats
Staircase with modern design in snail
Spiral staircase with wooden steps
Modern and elegant stairs
Wooden stairs
Second level with glass railings
Closet area
Exterior night view
Spectacular exterior view during night hours
Nocturnal view
Nocturnal view of the interior from the outside
Exterior view during night hours
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10 Homes With a Picturesque Interior

By • Feb 19, 2018

The interior of a home says a whole lot about the homeowners. Furthermore, it says a lot about their personality. However, some homes are simply built with the perfect interior. Keeping that in mind the following homes have picturesque interiors that are sure to inspire you to redecorate your home or reconsider your decorating style.

Home in Boca Raton by Marc-Michaels Interior Design

This home in Boca Raton is the perfect example of a trendy outdoor space that matches the elegant yet minimalist indoor space. The interior consists of multiple different shades of white and neutrals. Furthermore, the shades of neutral give the home the appearance of it being even bigger than it is. Plus, let’s not forget the glass walls add to the trendy yet dreamy feel of this residence.

Amsterdam Residential Home by Sies Home Interior Design

Located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands this gorgeous river front home has all of the makings of being beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. The interior consists of a clean white and neutral palette with bursts of color throughout. Its mostly white palette gives the home the cozy yet cool feel that you would expect from a residence that is directly in front of a body of water.

Church Conversion by Homewood Interiors

When Homewood interiors saw this piece of history they knew they wanted to convert it into something else and that is when the idea of making it into a home came about. They also knew they wanted to keep the home as authentic to its original shape as possible. Therefore, the interior of this home feels like an elegant, upscale residence with the essence of the preexisting church. The high church ceiling still remain, as well as the arched doorways. However, the décor is modern and classic with a feminine twist.

Miami Modern Home by DKOR Interiors

Every single space in this home screams modern. This Miami Modern home offers a unique twist on the traditional, modern décor as every room is decorated differently. Some are modern and minimal while others are vibrant and elegant. The idea was to have a home that was unique yet modern. Meanwhile, still being a traditional space at heart. Combining all of these features together are what give the interior décor of this home the picturesque feel.

Home 07 by i29 Interior Architects

A unique twist this home in Amsterdam features is its laser cut cabinets that are ceiling high. This concept is quite unique as there are only a few homes who have this feature not only that, but the home offers a minimalist interior design. There are little to no decorative items in the home. Therefore, the structure relies on itself for a bold impact. Doing so, i29 Interior Architects were able to create a trendy space that is unique and custom to the residence.

House in Sirahama-Cho, Japan with Magnificent Views of the Calm Waters of the Pacific Ocean

The view this home provides is unbelievable. Therefore, Kishimoto Himeno Architects decided to focus on the views of the Pacific Ocean when designing the interior of this home. The inside is quite simple and mostly made out of wood. However, the breathtaking aspect of this home is the ceilings. Every space in the home offers a different ceiling height. The living room has high ceilings for an expanded feel. Meanwhile, the bedrooms have lower ceilings for a cozy atmosphere.

White Interior Design Create a Star Wars-Themed Apartment in Taipei, Taiwan

This private residence takes interior designing to another level.  It features a Star Wars theme throughout the entire home. Therefore, there are simple white walls that allow the Star Wars furniture to make a bold statement. Furthermore, the home itself can be considered a Star Wars monument. There are pieces of every Star Wars movie in every single room that add a pop of color and texture to the space.

A House in a Moshav by Rotem Guy Interior Designer

Built in the early 50s this home was in need of an upgrade. Nonetheless, that is exactly what Rotem Guy Interior design did. They gave the home a classic appeal while still incorporating bright hues to modernize the space. In fact, adding these bright tones will bring out the wooden features in the residence.

House in Shatin by Millimeter Interior Design

This home in Shatin was designed to be an upgrade of the preexisting 40year old residence. The interior of the home is designed to be modern and trendy with simple and minimal furniture items. It was designed to let the home speak for itself. Doing so, allows the glass doors and windows to be the highlight of the home.

Loft 44 by CASAdesign Interiores

Loft 44’s interior was designed with an elegant yet trendy and sexy appeal. The dark furniture adds to the mysterious, touch the home offers. Therefore, the interior offers a mixture of different hues of wood that enhance the structure of the home.

Which of these house’s interior do you want to mimic in your house for that picturesque feel? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Modern House in Which every Unnecessary Element has been Eliminated

By • Feb 16, 2018

This house is located in the EL PASO Country Club, in the city of Santo Tomé, in Argentina. It covers 344 square meters and was designed in 2012 by the architectural group Ignacio Arrillaga + Walter M. Parola, at the hands of its professionals Ignacio Arrillaga, Walter M. Parola, Ramiro Vera, and Tamara Moron.

External view of the house and its green gardens
Main entrance with stone wall

A basic criteria for the design was to enhance the relationship between the interior of the house with the surrounding land through the arrangement of social environments in direct connection with the semi-open (gallery – quincho) and open (floors, swimming pool) spaces, allowing simultaneous use through the use of the openings system. Additionally, they sought to generate views of the ground where a golf course is deployed (as a visual focus of greater attraction) based on the layout of all the main environments of the house on the opposite front, open to that main perspective.

Front view of the entrance
Parking entrance view
Main entrance with double white doors
Back garden with pool
Pool with rest terrace
Garden connected to the interior by glass doors

On the other hand, and as a specific request from the owners of the house, they sought to create a front design that preserved the privacy of the interior of the house with respect to the street. For this, a design was created with careful openings that provide the entrance with the lighting and natural ventilation necessary, and a single large central opening in the upper floor that allows the home to have a wide perspective of the site from the main circulation.

From the formal point of view, the house proposes the reduction to the “minimum necessary” as a means of expression, eliminating any unnecessary or accessory element and resorting to evidence of its constructive and functional nature as an aesthetic resource.

Interior with modern decorative details
Wooden stairs
Living room with TV area decorated in wood and black
Living room with glass wall
Modern kitchen in black and white on wooden wall
Modern dining room with white satin chairs
Dining area in wood
Pool area in the afternoon hours
Side view surrounded by gardens
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Magnificent Remodeling of a House From the 60’s

By • Feb 16, 2018

This remodeling of an existing house of 484 square meters, which dates back to 1968 and due to which it had many really unnecessary spaces, has been carried out by the architectural firm ODETO.A and its architects Heewon Lee and Eunju Jeong, in Samcheong-dong, South Korea, in the year 2017.

Front view of the construction
External stairs lead to the entrance

As a main point, it was necessary to take into account that the client wanted to keep some parts of the existing house instead of building from scratch, so for their remodeling they basically focused on remodeling the existing useless details, such as the heating plate excessive floor, disproportionate roof structure, inefficient routes for installations, etc. The height of the space was also corrected, as it was insufficient; additionally, the insulation was poor and the façade had deteriorated.

Main entrance stairs

The team focused on these issues and actively redesigned them for the renovation of this house and gallery.

External lateral stairs
Large terrace with wooden floors
View of the exterior cladding
Interior of white walls
Large interior
Stairs in white marble
Wooden clad stairs

The idea was to place all the facilities outside the structure instead of following the conventional way. This represented several additional advantages, such as allowing a maximum volume for interior spaces, since floor and ceiling spaces are minimized.

A new appearance for the building was thus achieved, since the new covering surrounds the building to complement and improve the uneven edge of the facade and the deteriorated façade.

Interior full of natural light
Room with wooden floors
Large white space with wooden floors
Stairs in wood
Roof details
Room with internal door
Exterior night view
Night front view
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Villa with Wonderful Views over the Natural Landscape

By • Feb 16, 2018

This villa, designed by Isurunath Bulankulame of the architectural firm IPA Architects in 2017, is located on a narrow and elongated site measuring 265 square meters, and which is itself located between two apartment buildings, on a hill in the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka, with wonderful views over the historic Kandy lake. The villa measures approximately 70 feet in length and 30 feet in width. The client’s requirements demanded the maximum use of the land.

External view of the structure with glass walls
Parking area

The villa has been designed as a 5 bedroom house with 5 bathrooms, a pantry, a kitchen, a living and dining room, a double garage, a maid service, a toilet, an entertainment room, and a 40 foot pool with a roof terrace which has now been further transformed to accommodate more rooms being used as a boutique hotel.

Pool area and wooden terrace
Indoor plants provide greenery
Internal space full of natural light
Hallway with wonderful wooden floors

The main intention of the design has been to preserve the dazzling and unobstructed views, as well as to bring natural light and ventilation through the central core of the house to the adjacent spaces by introducing a patio. The patio has been enclosed in the upper part to prevent rain from entering the internal spaces, but also to filter the white and monochromatic light that permeates the spaces. The patio not only acts as a mechanism for cooling and bringing in natural light, but also creates a view corridor from the front of the house towards the later views of the lake and the landscape.

Living room with wicker furniture and wonderful views over the landscape
Living room with wooden floors and glass walls
Rest area with wooden furniture
Wooden room with glass walls
Spacious room with balcony
Glazed roof covers the center of the house
Pool area at night hours
Wonderful terrace with pool
Glass ceiling with interior views
External night view
Stairs leading to the entrance
Exterior night view
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Apartment With Wonderful Views Over the City

By • Feb 15, 2018

This wonderful single-family home is marked by its soft tones, where the environment flows naturally. The Costa Rican house, designed by architectural firm Mare Design Center in 2017, is full of light and exquisite taste unlike no other.Wide open spaces, high ceilings, and glass walls seems to merge with the outside in an effort to not miss the wonderful views over the city that this offers. This element is, without a doubt, part of its main attraction. The living room and kitchen are in the same area, a space that reflects peace and tranquility and invites you to enjoy them.

Elegant living room in beige tones with L-shaped sofa
Living room with fireplace and views over the city
Living room with terrace

A living room with soft sofas and a range of beige colors tempts us with the prospect of ​​taking a seat and admiring the city’s awakening through its wide panes.

It has a terrace that can be accessed from the living room or the kitchen.

The kitchen was designed with a minimalist style in mind, and in the same range of beige colors, integrating perfectly with the rest of the rooms.

It also has a bar area with comfortable furniture where you can enjoy meetings between friends and family in a pleasant atmosphere.

Living room with elegant fireplace
Detail of the elegant sofas in beige