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Home interior design reflects your personality, lifestyle and aesthetic sensibilities. Whether you’re redecorating or planning a new space, HomeDsgn provides stylish interior design inspiration. Fuel your imagination by perusing some of the most spectacular interior design in homes from across the globe.

Structure Decorated with Exotic Native Plants in Vietnam

By • Feb 13, 2018

The Modern Village Office is a project completed by Ho Khue Architects, a Vietnamese architectural firm based in Da Nang City. The building itself is located in An Hải Bắc Ward, which is part of the Son Trà district of Da Nang City, Vietnam, and was completed in 2016. The property covers a total ground area of 350 square meters.

Structure full of hanging plants
Detailed view of the building and its hanging plants

The structure seeks to combine the, sometimes distant, roots of so many of the dwellers of Da Nang City, which lie in the countryside, with the more modern side of the city. As such, it finds inspiration in the cement rooves, low brick walls, and bamboo structures of the country and mixes it with more urban traditions, seeking to create something that is entirely new and which breaks from the monotony of everyday life.

Walls with perforated bricks

The lot originally held old houses, white pampas grass, native bamboo shrubs, and plants that were able to survive without any human aid. What Ho Khue Architects has sought to create is a place where the old feeling of the village can blend in with a state of the art modern office. Banana trees, yellow brushes, and other native plants have been placed into the office, which helps the office feel both cozy and vibrant. Decorative concrete slabs in the southwest exposure help keep the interior cool and well ventilated.

Interior of the meeting area
Interior details full of bamboo
Stairs lined with green plants
Stairs with skylight
Stairs with painted brick walls
Meeting area with garden
Night view of the interior
Night view of the exterior of the building
Side night view
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Modern Residence Full of the Latest Technology

By • Feb 13, 2018

Siskiyou House is a private residence designed by Beebe Skidmore Architects, a Portland based architectural firm, under the leadership of Heidi Beebe and Doug Skidmore. The home covers a total ground area of 3,900 square meters, and was completed in 2016. It is located in Portland, Oregon, in the United States.

Exterior view in olive green
Detail of the window in shape of frame

Carpentry represents an important element in the design and construction of the home, as it is present in its structure as well as in its more aesthetic aspect. Wood beams, rafters, eaves, and window sills are made in such a way that they remain functional, but do not shy away from being beautifully ornamented.

Exterior details

Ecologically, the home has a strong emphasis on being efficient and conscious of its energy consumption levels. It is full of the latest technology when it comes to heating and cooling, intelligent thermostats, advanced insulation techniques, high performance windows and doors, and low V.O.C. finishes. The plan of the home emphasizes a seamless combination of indoor and outdoor living, both through the front and back of the structure, as well as access to fresh air cross ventilation through all spaces. Large windows allow an abundance of natural light to seep into the interior, reducing the need for artificial lights.

Modern living area with fireplace
Modern chair in black leather
/ Large kitchen in gray and white
Modern and spacious living-dining area
Modern dining room with brown leather chairs
Corner with windows
Bedroom with wooden floors
Exterior view at afternoon
Exterior view
Front night view
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Private Residence with Wonderful Sea Views

By • Feb 12, 2018

Zapallar House is a private residence designed by Sebastián Mundi + Antonio Mundi, and is located in Zapallar, a town and commune located in the Petorca Province, Valparaíso Region of Chile. The home covers a total ground area of 310 square meters, and was completed in 2017.

Construction of concrete with the sea at the far end
Construction located on top of the hill

The architects’ main intention was to incorporate the steep slope of the lot and the native flora of the hill into the architectural design. The property is located a mere 300 meters away from the sea, and is perched atop a hill, which means it enjoys stunning views over the ocean, as well as a refreshing seaside breeze. Being in such a perfect location was a privilege the architects wished to exploit to the utmost. As such, the home is intended to be a continuation of the landscape, so that the views can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Spacious terraces with sea views
Gardens on the rooftop of the residence
Stone wall around the house

Natural elements, such as green vegetation, pebbles, and stone surfaces, were used throughout the home in order to emphasize the connection to the landscape. The home is also pierced by numerous windows and balconies that allow an easy rapport between indoor and outdoor. In so doing, the home practically disappears into the landscape, only to reappear as a magnificent extension of it.

Concrete walls
Terrace with wonderful sea views
Wonderful sea views
Interior overlooking the internal gardens
Cozy living room with wooden floors
Wonderful views from the terrace
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A Place for Lovers of the Sea and Surfing

By • Feb 12, 2018

This project, designed as a beach house, was undertaken by architectural firm NiHu Arquitectos, on the beach of Guiones, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, an excellent destination of white sands for those who like to surf. It has an area of 416 square meters and was built in 2016.

Aerial view of the land with sea views
View of the main facade with concrete road

It is a place that tries to combine the restrictions of a space built with the freedom of enjoying the variety of open-air activities available. The surrounding geography is very flat and distant, which allows the exterior landscapes and views to be framed and taken in the interior spaces as works of art.

Main entrance with yellow door
Rear view of the construction
Pool area with terrace
External stairs made of concrete

The exterior and the interior combine perfectly. As a result of the location of the house, it is divided into two blocks that compensate each other. This compensation also helps to separate private spaces from the more social areas of the project.

This structure is not only well-adapted to its location, but also takes into account the user, for which it creates a third space between the blocks oriented to a navigator’s related activities.

The result is a patio that runs through the house, allowing spaces that are easily accessible to the guests. These trips will provide them with unique experiences that they won’t soon forget.

Interior in industrial style
Interior with concrete walls
Rustic cuisine in intense colors
Kitchen with industrial design details
Double room with wooden furnitureI
Master bedroom with wooden furniture
Bathroom with concrete walls
Aerial view of the pool area
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Stunning and Modern Residence Designed for a Couple in their Seventies

By • Feb 9, 2018

This stunning contemporary residence is located in Scotch Cove, a cove in East Chester, Nova Scotia, in Canada. It was designed by Susan Fitzgerald of the Halifax based firm FBM Architecture | Interior Design in 2017 and covers a total ground area of 2,560 square feet.

External view of the long construction

The home was designed for a couple in their seventies who nevertheless practice an active lifestyle and continues to work, as well as their extended, grown-up family members. The structure was designed following a concept of organization of shelter and space, while encasing it in a building with an architecture that breathes timelessne.

Terrace with wonderful views

The main structure includes two bedrooms, a living space that is used as a gallery to celebrate family artists, a space for gathering and for games, a kitchen, a large dining area for celebrations, and a sewing room for arts and crafts. A sheltered forecourt holds an area to park cars and partake in washer toss and croquet.

Warm interior with brick and glass walls and concrete floors

The interior combines a variety of materials, such as wood, glass, and polished concrete. Such a combination results in a décor that is refreshing and contemporary, while still recalling the earthiness of the natural landscape that surrounds the structure, connecting them both together.

Dining area with glass walls
Modern dining area with wooden beams
Modern kitchen in white and wood
Night view of the terrace
Night view of the beautiful residence
Terrace with wooden roof
Exterior during night hours
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Modern and Elegant House with Open Spaces

By • Feb 9, 2018

This ecological house has been designed by the architectural firm of Nico van der Meulen Architects in Inanda, Gauteng, a suburb of Johannesburg, in South Africa. It is a house full of natural light that has an area of ​​1,511 square meters, and where the first thing we see upon arrival is a steel sculpture of Regardt van der Meulen. It revolves on a podium next to the main door, which is built with glass, providing privacy.

View of the large furnished terrace
Modern and elegant living room with high ceilings

Upon entering the home, the transparency of the house becomes evident, with views of the multi-level room, the lounge, the spa, the pool and the garden, in addition to the two-volume family room, dining room, terrace, and kitchen. The whole living / kitchen / breakfast area is completely open, through the use of frameless doors, to the terrace and the garden.

TV area with concrete walls
Elegant living room overlooking the pool
Living-dining room in a very elegant modern style
Pool area for relaxation
Internal area with glass walls
Comfortable lounge in earthy tones
Modern living room with fireplace

Sliding glass panels hide the bar and kitchen when not in use, creating a more intimate atmosphere, while a skylight-lit walkway between the master suite and the guest rooms allows for views of the spaces and the garden.

A recessed illuminated handrail forms a graphic line on the wall, while a concealed horizontal sliding door allows the owner to block the upper floor of the ground floor for safety.

Spacious and modern kitchen in minimalist style
Modern kitchen island with exterior views
Modern breakfast table in black
Elegant dining room in black
Spacious and modern room with bathroom
Room with seating and reading area
Modern bathroom full of personality
Bathroom with bathtub in white
Modern bathroom
Night view of the pool area
Night view of the exterior
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Chic Contemporary Design for a Young Couple

By • Feb 9, 2018

Ovenecká, as this chic contemporary interior is named, is located on Ovenecká Street, near Letná Square in the Prague 7 district of Prague, in the Czech Republic. The project consists of an apartment reconstruction that was completed in late 2017 by Klára Valová and Eva Mohylová of the Czech architectural firm SMLXL. The apartment covers a total ground area of 105 square meters.

Modern living room in vibrant blue

The apartment was renovated in order to make it into a home for a young couple. While the remodeling focused mostly on design features, the architectural firm did not shy away from making changes to the construction of the apartment, as it modified the original layout of the interior space.

Detail of modern TV furniture
Modern and elegant desk area

The living room is decorated with parquet flooring, arranged in a French style. SMLXL chose to combine more traditional elements with details that were colorful and more industrial, creating an end result that is unique and refreshing. The color blue serves as a unifying element throughout the different spaces of the home, as it can be found in the paint of the living room exposed brick wall, the sofa, the blue mosaic that frames the bathtub in the bathroom, and the doors leading to the private bathroom from the bedroom. Metal is used in various forms, and can be found in a sliding door that separates the areas of the entrance and the living room, framing on shelves, and in the kitchen.

Details of wood and steel shelves
Simple and elegant entrance
Minimalist kitchen in black and white
Modern kitchen with industrial hanging lamps
Kitchen countertop in wood with modern chairs in black
Dining room with industrial lamp in black
Internal corridor with closet area
Modern and cozy corner for resting
Details of wooden doors
/ Bedroom in black and white
Modern bedroom with storage spaces
Modern and vibrant bathroom
Bathroom combines concrete with modern blue mosaic area
Sober bathroom in white and gray
Bathroom door in vibrant blue
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Curious House Designed as a Box Inside Another Box

By • Feb 8, 2018

Mell Lawrence Architects, an Austin based architectural firm, has designed this home — Balcones House — in 2016. The home covers a sprawling ground area of over 4,000 square feet, and is located in Austin, Texas, United States.

Exterior with concrete walls
Pool area with terrace

The home is designed in the style of a wide brimmed glass pavilion, rising from a solid concrete base. A tiny guest house sits next to the main building, a smaller echo of the style of the larger structure. Both have a view of the pool that sits in the backyard, as well as the lushly vegetated landscape that surrounds the complex.

Interior of polished concrete floors and walls
Modern living room overlooking the pool

The interior of the main building is of a curious design — the volume is a box that contains a smaller box, which itself houses the powder room, stairs, pantry, and is wrapped in untreated fir, which was chosen for its warm and tactile qualities. Steel beams, with structural fir decking, lines the ceiling, mixing warm and cool materials to create a unique and elegant effect.

Living room with glass walls

Floor to ceiling glass walls allow an easy rapport between interior and exterior on the top floor, as well as granting it spectacular views over the surrounding landscape.

Modern living room with views over the beautiful landscape
Modern kitchen in white with marble counter
Spacious room full of natural light
Room with glass walls
Storage area
Concrete walls
Bathroom with wooden floors and concrete walls

The guest house serves, while unoccupied, as a home office and art studio. This building is also conceived as a box within a box, the interior volume containing cabinetry and separating the bathroom from the front room, as well as housing a fold out desk, drawers, and a queen size bed.

View of the guest area

The guest house serves, while unoccupied, as a home office and art studio. This building is also conceived as a box within a box, the interior volume containing cabinetry and separating the bathroom from the front room, as well as housing a fold out desk, drawers, and a queen size bed.

View of the construction with its gardens
Night view of the construction
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Spectacular House With Views Over a Golf Course

By • Feb 8, 2018

This wonderful house with spaces that are vast, open, and full of natural light, as well as decorated with an exquisite taste and a unique elegance, is located in an alley that has fantastic views of the Championship Parkstone golf course, in the outskirts of Poole, England, in the United Kingdom.

Close-up of the house on the green hill

The original house was a two-story house initially built in the 1970s, with a very narrow access road and accommodation on two floors. The architecture was nothing extraordinary, with a design that did not highlight its surroundings or the views the building offered.

Large entrance with garage
Main entrance with stone garden

The concept for the remodeling was to create a house that embraced the surrounding environs while floating on the landscape. The architectural language needed to be neat and clean, with a design that flowed towards the modern. And this is where David James Architects & Partners Ltd, an architectural firm based in Dorset, England, set off to work and created this spectacular project.

Terrace with views of the countryside
Garden with tall, leafy trees
Terrace with wonderful views of the golf course
Rear view with glass walls

The fervent wish of the clients was a dynamic four-bedroom house that linked the different levels, with a modern open-plan design interspersed with intimate rooms.

Externally, it was important to create a landscaped garden, from which they could enjoy the fantastic views over the golf course while preserving the feeling of isolation.

The house has been finished to the highest standards, creating a luxurious and private refuge for the owners.


Bright and spacious interior
Modern and cozy living room full of light
Elegant and modern lounge area
Living room with glass walls and views
Modern kitchen in black and white
Minimalist style kitchen
Elegant and sober dining room with glass table
Wooden stairs and glass wall
Upper level with skylight
Reading and relaxation area
Bathroom integrated into the room
Spacious and modern bathroom in white and gray
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Warm and Cozy Refuge for a Young Couple

By • Feb 8, 2018

This house has been built for a young couple who had previously lived with their parents and had future plans to start their own family. The architectural firm 7A Architecture Studio was in charge of the project, and enlisted the help of their architects Hoang Dung Nguyen and Phi Son Hoang. Completed in the year 2017, it covers an area of 210 square meters and is located in Buon Ma Thuot City, in Vietnam.

Exterior view of the construction
View of the small street where the house is located

The house is distributed across two storeys, and measures 7 meters wide and 15 meters long. It includes many rectangular cells providing the interior space with the ability to open and close reasonably, all the while bringing as much natural light and fresh air as possible into the house. The remaining area is reserved for a garden and parking.

Cozy and spacious interior with high ceilings
Simple lounge area with modern hanging lamps
Mint green wooden chair

Private spaces are located at the edge of the house and are connected by common spaces in order to facilitate interaction among family members with different ages and personalities.

Linking along the vertical axle of the house are stairs made of solid raw concrete, which are decorated with the natural light from the roof. The separation of the windows also makes the view from the outside become livelier when the background seems too boring.

In other words, the house can be seen as a reflection of the miniature society, where each member of the family can “live together” through the connection between inside and outside space, light and dark, old and new in a common framework, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Living room with sofa in ocher
Modern concrete and glass stairs
Area under the stairs with shelves
Upper floor bathed in natural light
Simple room in retro style
Exterior view with asymmetric windows
Garden with terraces
Entrance with black metal doors




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Elegant Offices Designed by the Architectural Firm Turman Roman in Tel Aviv, Israel

By • Feb 7, 2018

These functional and elegant offices were designed by Yarden Turman and Yossi Romano of the architectural firm Turman Romano, two young creatives specializing in structural, spatial, and interior design. Their firm is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Long corridor with dark wood floors
Long corridor with dark wood floors

Before its remodeling, the space looked narrow and shapeless, all in all a space completely inadequate for any kind of occupation. Even so, they took on the challenge of transforming it, even though in order to do so they had to tear down walls in order to create an open space.


It covers an area of 10,764 square feet of construction, and its remodeling was carried out in the year 2017. Three open space work areas, seven private offices, and three meeting rooms form the huge central recreational area as well as an apartment with open kitchen, dining area, and cooling area. It has a video game room for those moments of relaxation and fun. Large desks, plants, photos, as well as an extensive amount of books for inspiration and enjoyment, have been added to create cozy and peaceful spaces.