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Home interior design reflects your personality, lifestyle and aesthetic sensibilities. Whether you’re redecorating or planning a new space, HomeDsgn provides stylish interior design inspiration. Fuel your imagination by perusing some of the most spectacular interior design in homes from across the globe.

Elegant and Majestic Apartment with Views Over the City of Bangkok

By • Jan 19, 2018

This stunning and elegant 3 bedroom apartment is located in an exclusive high rise condominium in the center of Bangkok, Thailand. It is located on a 49th floor, and from there we can’t help but enjoy 270 degrees of fantastic views over the urban landscape of the city of Bangkok, a vision that is brought to us thanks to its multiple panoramic glass walls. From there we can enjoy a vibrant urban horizon, a changing tapestry of the metropolitan area by day and by night.

Sober entrance in dark tones
Modern living room decorated in gray tones

It has been inspired by the style of the city of New York and is characterized by a preponderance of monolithic natural stone that has been balanced by adding warm wood walls and tinted mirrors to the space. It was designed by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd in 2017.

Living room with wonderful views over the city

To fulfill the vision of a real bachelor residence, the renovated interiors convey the sophisticated ambience that is undoubtedly refined and undeniably elegant.

Modern living room with glass walls
Elegant living room with high ceilings
Living room with modern and cozy furniture
Modern living room full of natural light
Living room with modern storage space
Relaxation space with fantastic views
Kitchen island made of gray marble
Modern kitchen in wood and black
Modern kitchen with gray marble walls
Bar area
Total view of the living room with glass walls

Designed for social events and a modern lifestyle, the final touch for the apartment are the private spaces hidden behind a smooth mirror door, where we find a master bedroom with full a bathroom suite, dressing room, private study area and balcony .

Modern room in beige range
Room with views over the city
Studio integrated into the room
Modern studio in gray tones
Storage space in the studio-room
Modern bathroom in gray tones
Elegant white sink
Elegant shower
Eye-catching bathroom in vibrant colors
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Spectacular Holiday Home Designed to House a Large Family

By • Jan 19, 2018

This cozy 8,500 square foot residence sits on a hillside at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village, Wyoming, United States and was designed in 2015 to house the extended family of a Brazilian restaurateur during their retreats in the summer and winter. It was designed by the architecture firm DYNIA ARCHITECTS, by its team of architects Stephen Dynia and Karen Parent, who have followed the rigorous design guidelines of the community which influenced its discreet exterior.

Wonderful exterior of wood and stone
Area with glass floors
Glass wall with wonderful views
Cozy resting area, with fireplace

Oakley stone vertically stacked on its outer walls is juxtaposed with naturally skated horizontal planks. The interior finishes are a palette of elegant and sober materials of white oak, gray stone and white plaster panels. The large windows and a large interior glazing package, which includes a glass floor over the entrance, allow maximum light infiltration and visually connect the two levels of the house. The main living spaces are on the second floor capturing views of the mountain to the south and the southwest.The house can accommodate up to 30 guests as it has 6 bedrooms and bunk spaces designed to measure in the lower level.

Views over the thick vegetation
Interior with wooden floors and stone fireplace
Wonderful lounge in gray tones with stone fireplace
Cozy lounge area with gray sofas
Double living area with glass walls
Small room with rest area and entertainment
Large and modern kitchen in wood and stainless steel
Large dining room seen from inside the kitchen
Dining room in wood and red textiles
Dining room with stone fireplace
Rest area with glass walls
Stairs connecting both levels
Modern room in wood
Room with reading and relaxation area
Room with modern and functional bunk beds
Modern bathroom in white and wood
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Modern Construction Hidden Among the Dunes of de Oost-Vlieland, The Netherlands

By • Jan 19, 2018

This construction is “embedded,” so to speak, into a landscape of undulating dunes in the Oost-Vlieland area of The Netherlands, among a rich collection of summer houses built in the early twentieth century. The foundations of the new cabin are a more careful integration with the landscape of the dunes. The construction is at the top, adjacent to a dune platform, and stands against the backdrop of the forest on the south side. The most striking feature of the house is its roof, as it resembles a tent due to the elevated section at the center.

View of the construction in the dunes

The basement is invisible from the public road, and by placing the entrance door there, the volume in the dune remains completely unchanged. There is no front or back. It is an open and informal holiday house where the doors of the terrace provide access.

Interior of the living area with glass walls and wooden ceilings
Modern kitchen in stainless steel

Transparent glass and wood have been used on the facade for the frames and strips. Its interior stands out for the use of light wood that we find in ceilings and walls, as well as for the large number of windows that allow natural light to flood the spaces. The roofs, which fall in the form of an inverted V, look really wonderful and create different but definitely charming spaces. It has been designed by the firm Borren Staalenhoef Architecten, and covers an area of ​​240 square meters.

Modern dining area with views
Room with high ceilings in inverted V
Room with wooden ceilings and skylights
Studio area with magnificent views
Night view of the house “embedded” into the dunes
Internal night view from the outside
Night view of the house
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This House has been Designed to Provide Privacy Despite Being Open to the Outside

By • Jan 18, 2018

The architectural studio Beczak / Beczak / Architekci – led by a team made up by Magdalena Beczak, Maciej Beczak, and Jarek Borowski – designed this modern house in the city of Czarnów, Poland, in 2016. The owners wanted a private house that was still open to the outside. To fulfill this wish, the house was divided into a block facing south, which is dark and closed, and a block facing north, which is set higher and done in a lighter shade of gray. The main openings are located where the blocks intersect, and are strongly framed and directed by independent exterior walls that follow the main structure of the building.

Modern living room with wooden floors and high ceilings
Living room area with concrete walls and wooden floors
Modern living room with concrete walls and glass doors
Terrace with garden

The north wing measures 4.6 meters high and houses a living room and three of the bedrooms. The southern part of the house houses a kitchen, bathrooms, the laundry room, and a guest room. The windows of this facade are long and narrow, and are placed just below the roof, so that they are able to provide sunlight, but do not allow visibility from the road. Although the kitchen has large windows, it is retracted, and the view to it from the road is blocked by a free wall that follows the main line of the facade. In the space between the kitchen and the wall, there is a small secondary terrace. Both terraces are finished with concrete slabs and connected by a wooden platform. The entrance to the building is distinguished by the use of wood in the elevation.

Open internal areas with terrace
Large terraces connected to the interior by glass doors
Back garden with terrace
View of the back garden with terrace
View of the interior from the garden
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Fabulous Residence Nestled in a Wooded Hill of Quebec

By • Jan 17, 2018

This wonderful two-story structure is located on a slope of a wooded hill in Quebec, Canada. It has been named “Rock” and measures 2,300 square feet (213 square meters). Its exterior has been covered with black painted wood so it mixes with the thick vegetation that surrounds it.

Black wooden structure on two levels
Terrace accompanied by a thick vegetation

The initial idea of this project was to merge with the mountain, somehow nesting the house on the land until it becomes one with the residence. The architecture firm of Montreal, Atelier General, began working with this idea in mind. The residence is accessed from the lower level, where the unit becomes a space covered by the upper floor. This portion of the building is supported by thin columns along the edge.

Spectacular interior with wooden ceilings and polished concrete floors
Modern kitchen in white and wood with black details
Dining room with glass doors
Wooden clad stairs
Modern dining room in wood with hanging lamps

Most of the upper floor is occupied by a living room and an open-plan dining room, separated from the kitchen by an incorporated island. Floor to ceiling windows wrap around the dining room, which connects to a covered terrace built along the hillside.

A master bedroom with a large bathroom and a storage room are also located on the upper level. The master bathroom has a white tile unit with tub and glass shower. White walls, polished concrete floors and laminated wood ceilings decorate the entire interior.

Covered terrace with wonderful views
Terrace covered with wood
Modern bathroom with white honeycomb tiles and bathtub
Exterior night view
Night view of the interior from the terrace
Exterior view of the house nestled in the thick forest
Full view of black wood structure
Full view of black wood structure
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A Lake House with Spectacular Views Over the Llaima Volcano

By • Jan 17, 2018

This lake house was designed by the architectural firm Rodolfo Wiedmaier Delorenzo in 2014, and is located in Curacautín (meaning “Gathering Stone”) in Mapudungun, a commune and city in the province of Malleco, in Chile. The home covers a total ground area of 470 square meters.

Spectacular natural environment of the house
House surrounded by tall, leafy trees

The home sits perched atop a mild hill, flanked by two Coihue trees, and boasts a spectacular view of the Llaima volcano and an artificial lake. The interior of the home is characterized by straight lines, though its rich wooden surfaces — made out of recycled, native wood — recall the surrounding natural landscape to mind. The result is a home that seems to bring human architectural order to the much wilder expanse of nature that surrounds it, creating a home out of the woods and forests outside. Colorful decorative accessories add a sense of life and vibrancy in the interior. Skylights and large windows allow natural light and the landscape outside to seep in.

Natural garden surrounds the house
View of the back garden
Wonderful views of the volcano from the house
Main entrance covered with thick wood
Spacious and bright interior with high ceilings
Wooden roof with skylights
Living room covered with wood
Ceiling with wooden beams
Cozy TV area
View of the dining room from the upper level
Kitchen in an old-fashioned style

The home also boasts a basement space in which to spend time at night or during rainy days. In contrast, the terrace roof is designed to provide panoramic views over the Araucania mountain range that is visible from this site.

Dining room with intense red chairs
Dining room overlooking the gardens
Wooden clad stairs
Rustic style room
Master bedroom with study area
Study area full of natural light
Simple room
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Corrugated Metal Houses Designed by Architecture Students

By • Jan 17, 2018

This two unit apartment was designed by fifth year architecture students of the Kansas State University to serve as housing for low income tenants that earn less than 80 per cent of the city’s average income. The students are part of Design+Make Studio, which is a collaboration between the university and the local architectural firm El Dorado. The Waldo Duplex, as the project is called, is located in a diverse and historic district of Kansas City, in Missouri, USA, which is known for its single family bungalows and shotgun homes.

Wooden stairs lead to the external terrace
Details of the corrugated metal wall

Each of the units covers a total ground area of 725 square feet (or 67 square meters), and each consists of two bedrooms and an open plan area with a kitchen, a dining room and a living room. Each interior is designed to be illuminated by a mixture of natural and artificial light.

Carapace of wooden slats cover the terrace

The project was completed within a budget of $290,000, but they were still able to make use of high quality finishes and custom cabinetry, giving the interiors an elegant feel, and proving that low income families can still aspire to low cost housing that is aesthetically pleasing and cozy to live in, as well as durable.

View of the terrace from inside
Kitchen area in white and wood
Internal corridor leads to the rooms
External front view of the two units
View of the exterior garden of the units
Night view of the rear area of the unit
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Comfortable and Cozy House with Wonderful Views

By • Jan 16, 2018

This house is located in an area of Jeju Island in Seogwipo-si, South Korea and is surrounded by a natural and relaxing environment with beautiful views over the ocean and Mount Hallasan. From the slope in which it is located, you can see out to the sea. It’s easy to see that the lifestyle here is unique, relaxing and full of the magic that comes from feeling surrounded by nature. It is surrounded by low stone walls and has two levels. The structure itself is surrounded by trees, adding another element of beauty while simultaneously providing shade and privacy.

Spectacular cabin made of stone and wood
Entrance to the cabin

Well-harmonized with the characteristics and the natural environment of Jeju, the house is a contemporary house that incorporates elements of traditional Korean residences (called Hanok), such as traditional eaves and wooden floors.

Cottage surrounded by green garden with vegetation
Interior full of natural light

The design, carried out by Guga architecture firm Urban Architecture, led by its team of professionals Jiyoung Joe, Soomin Yang and Seongeun Gu, was built in 2016 and has an area of ​​191 square meters.

Wonderful interior in wood and white
Kitchen-dining area with cirtsal walls
Living room with modern sofa and wooden floors
Modern comedror in wood and white
Large room with relaxation and reading area
Cozy room
Bathroom in rustic style
External view through the glass walls
Night view from the garden
Night view of the construction
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Luxurious and Elegant Hotel in the Center of the City of Light, Paris

By • Jan 16, 2018

If visiting Paris is on your horizon, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this luxurious and exquisite hotel, the Nolinski Paris, located in the center of the city and a few meters from the Louvre Museum in District 1 and with access to the metro stations and the main airports in the city.

Elegant entrance with gold details
Elegant reception with fine furniture

This impressive hotel has a reception with a minimalist style made of marble, giving guests a pleasant and friendly welcome. Its spacious interiors feature the distinctly eclectic refinement of decorator Jean Louis Deniot, with each bright and luminous space designed to make you feel at home. To ensure that guests are well connected, the hotel has a 4G Internet service and international calls (USA, Canada and Europe) during your stay.

Imposing stairs with luxurious details
Bar area full of charm
Breakfast area full of light
Luxurious bar with fine lines
Sober restored full of good taste
Roofed pool

Once installed, we can enjoy a treatment in its elegant Spa, where its professionals will make you feel relaxed in an intimate space where you can also enjoy a sauna, steam bath or a wonderful indoor pool, depending on your tastes. And if that was not enough, it also has a gym, a personal fitness trainer and gym classes.
Still in doubt? Or you are completely convinced where your next stay in this wonderful city will be?

Relaxation space
Wonderful rooms full of charm
Elegant room in bluish gray tones
Details of decorative vases
Sober room full of comfort
Room with study area
Room decorated in vibrant colors
Room decorated in a range of beige colors
Room full of personality
Elegant bathroom in gray marble
Bathroom with bathtub and shower in elegant contrasts
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Sophisticated and Bright Apartments in Tehran, Iran

By • Jan 16, 2018

Studio Saheb, a Tehran based architectural firm, has designed this 10-unit infill apartment under the leadership of its architects Amir Reza Saheb and Maryam Shaker. It is located in Tehran, Iran, and covers a total ground area of 2,200 square meters. The project was completed in 2017.

External view of the construction
Detail of modern construction

Niloofar 22, as the project is called, is a 10-unit infill apartment. Traditionally, in Tehran, this type of building is constructed seeking to complete them swiftly, without attempting to explore new or improve upon old architectural practices. With this project, however, Studio Saheb sought to do precisely that, in order to counter this tradition and boost forward the evolution of efficient architecture.

Detail of glass doors with perforated blinds
Line of windows in black metal

In order to do this, the architectural firm divided the main building mass into subsections which redefined the larger whole once they were placed alongside each other in a new order.

The resulting interiors are elegant and sleek, open and luminous, giving new residents the perfect setting for a sophisticated and contemporary home. Balconies allow an easy rapport with the exterior space that surrounds the building, as well as aid in the ventilation of the interior rooms and corridors. This is how a dynamic new architectural typology was created, which could influence infill building in the future.

Modern and elegant interior full of details
Interior full of light
Sliding doors with perforated blinds
Spacious interior full of natural light
Open spaces in light colors
Luxurious hall with elevator and stairs
Modern marble and metal stairs
Stairs in black marble
Details of the elegant stairs
Detailed view of the exterior
Night view of the exterior of the construction
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Spectacular Concrete House Surrounded by Fields and Vegetation

By • Jan 15, 2018

This concrete home has been designed by Luciano Kruk, and is located in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Casa Mach — as the property is called — covers a total ground area of 1,528 square feet (or 142 square meters), and has a reflection pool along its front end.

Front of the concrete house with line of windows
Front view of the house with water fountain

Pine planks were used for the formwork of the concrete walls, and as they left an imprint on their surface once the material dried, the result is a rough, wood like texture. This practice is typical of Luciano Kruk’s work, who often designs concrete homes such as this in the outskirts of Buenos Aires and other Argentinian cities.

Diagonal view of the house with its concrete walls
Detail of the fountain that adorns the main entrance

As requested by the client, an inner courtyard sits at the heart of the home, allowing for greater ventilation and a closer relationship with the exterior. A smaller reflecting pool sits in this courtyard, framed by some greenery that brings a subtle sense of vibrancy into the space.

Rear garden terrace with concrete roof
Pool area with terrace
Main entrance with concrete tiles
Exterior view
nternal garden surrounded by glass wall
Modern lounge area with glass and concrete walls
Modern kitchen in concrete and black
Large kitchen with concrete island

The kitchen and living room exist in an open space, allowing for easy communication between them. Clear glass doors line the walls, and open out onto a terrace that looks out to the swimming pool and garden.

The use of concrete makes it so that the interior of the home is kept cool at all times, which helps with temperature control and energy preservation.

Concrete island and black metal chair
Room with glass wallsof the concrete house
Spectacular exterior view of the concrete house