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Not all design inspiration comes from private homes and apartments. Public spaces, which are often created by top architects and designers, offer a wealth of stylish décor and design ideas for your own home. HomeDSGN brings you an array of hotels, office buildings and other public environments that feature stunning interior design elements, alluring ambiance and innovative lighting. With a little imagination, these elements can be incorporated into any home interior design.

Elegant and Warm Restaurant Designed with High Quality Materials

By • May 21, 2018

This new and modern restaurant is located on the top floor of the new Tivoli Corner building in Copenhagen, Denmark, overlooking the historic Tivoli Gardens, and with wonderful views over the city skyline. Tivoli Corner is a multifunctional development designed by world-renowned architects Pei Cobb Freed & Partners of OEO Studio, based in New York City, New York, in the United States. The newly built space houses shops, restaurants, a food hall, and over 20 new rooms for the award winning Nimb Hotel.

Terrace with views of the modern city area
Modern interior with glass walls

The design concept devised by OEO for the new restaurant is based on the universe of the Sticks’n’Sushi brand, which reflects the meeting of East and West and is inspired by Japan reinterpreted in a modern European context. The result is a warm and welcoming space with many evocative details, custom design elements, and high quality materials combined to offer the taste of Japan in the center of the Danish capital.

Decorative details in solid wood
Dining area with black furniture
Bar area
Bar area
Area of tables overlooking the terrace
Dishware details

The central and focal point of the restaurant and all the action that takes place in the heart of Sticks’n’Sushi is its structure. The custom-made wooden structure provides a skeletal framework for a high-quality and functional kitchen designed to optimize the service functions and improve the overall dining experience.

Large meeting areas
Dining area with allusive details
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Hip Bed and Breadfast Designed by ARCHIMED PROGETTAZIONI

By • May 18, 2018

This hip bed and breakfast was designed by the Italian architectural firm ARCHIMED PROGETTAZIONI Architetti Associati in 2017. It is called “L’Officina di Apollo,” or “Apollo’s Office,” and it is located in Palermo, a city in the autonomous region of Sicily, in Southern Italy.

Kitchen in yellow and black metal bases
Kitchen in yellow and black metal bases

The interior makes use of a yellowed-wood motif throughout the different areas of the bed in breakfast in order to create continuity, putting it to use as tabletops and cabinet doors in the kitchen and dining room, on the walls, as headboards and footboards for the beds in the bedrooms, and as additional surfaces in the bathrooms. The skeleton of all furnishings and details is done in black, forged iron, adding to this sense of continuity as well as granting the spaces a sense of the industrial. Simple light fixtures hanging from the ceiling with black wires and ending in a naked light bulb continue this same trend.

Kitchen in yellow and black metal bases
Dining room area in yellow with metal bases in black

Colorful and trendy pieces of contemporary art decorate the walls, adding an extra touch of vibrancy to the spaces, as well as a bit of culture. By contrast, the bedding in all bedrooms is done in earthy and neutral tones, creating a sense of peace and serenity for these special places.

Dining room area in yellow with metal bases in black
Dining room area in yellow with metal bases in black
Dining room area in yellow with metal bases in black
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
Bedroom of the same style—yellow with bases done in black metal
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A Chapel Surrounded by Beautiful Landscapes on the Sloping Hills of Austria

By • May 15, 2018

Chapels are places where we can go to reflect and pray, and where many times we seek to listen to our inner selves. When they are located in a place as wonderful as the location for this particular chapel, I think we have already half-won. This small building, covering an area of only 40 square meters, is located on the beautiful, sloping hills of Austria. The chapel is surrounded by wonderful landscapes and has views of the nearby mountains. The atmosphere and the air that is breathed there creates a reassuring effect for those who visit it.

View of the chapel on the hillside, surrounded by greenery
Exterior view of the walls of wood and stone

It was completed by Bernardo Bader Architects in the year 2016, and came to be the replacement of a chapel that had been in that same location for 200 years.

View of the chapel with beautiful landscape background
View of the chapel with beautiful landscape background
Entrance door details

In its interior, fine and delicate light wood covers much of the walls and ceiling. At the far end, we find a small altar with an image of the Virgin. White wood has been used to highlight the small space. A small horizontal window allows light to enter the interior of the chapel, which gives clarity and calmness to the space. The pews, designed in the same wood used in the rest of the chapel, invite us to sit and meditate in a place brimming with peace.

View of the interior covered by wood
Vertical window facing the outside
Details of wooden pews
Wooden ceiling details
View of the chapel within the fog
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DAS-Studio Designed an Exercise Center Located in Paris,France

By • May 10, 2018

Nowadays it has become a trend to go to the gym or partake in activities offered in centers dedicated to the physical exercises. Every day more people care about their health and exercise is one of the ways to keep healthy while at the same time taking care of the physical aspect of the body.

Entrance with glass doors

It is not only young people who come to this type of place, but older people have also started to worry about keeping up their body activity by carrying out continuous and constant exercise, which leads many of them to enroll in all kinds of gyms.

This one in particular offers spinning, or fixed bike exercise, which has been shown to be one of the most complete exercises, since a great number of muscles are activated at the same time.

This is a perfect example of a more than adequate space for such activities, as well as a place that provides clients with a workout in a suitable and comfortable atmosphere that they can enjoy.

This exercise center was recently opened and is located at 24 Rue Chauchat, in Paris, France. It covers an area of 260 square meters and was designed by the architectural firm DAS-studio, under architects Felix de Montesquiou, Alexandre Goinard, and François Cattoni.

Details of the interior
Details of the interior
Lockers area
Lockers area
Lockers area
Lockers area
Footwear area
Footwear area
Exercise room
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Funerary Garden Located in Veracruz, Mexico

By • May 9, 2018

And now for something completely different. This funerary garden is located approximately 20 minutes away from the port and city of Veracruz, in Mexico, just on the coast of the Gulf. The resulting space is, appropriately, serene and peaceful, providing visitors with a comforting atmosphere in which to grieve. It covers an area of 3 hectares, which is approximately 7.5 acres, and is done in a minimalist and stark style, dotted by trees and with large expanses of green grass.

Interior view of the garden with its lush greenery

The buildings and structures that populate the space are done in a gray tone, a neutral color that also adds a touch of tranquility, allowing the only color in the ensemble to be the green of the grass and tree leaves. One can only imagine, as unfortunately these images don’t show it, how it must look in the spring, with colorful flowers and birds dotting the green trees, a stark contrast to the sobriety of the park which also serves to further illustrate the cycle of life, the understanding of which is a pivotal part in the grieving process.

Interior view of the garden with its lush greenery

An ecumenical chapel will also be included in the park, in addition to family chapels surrounding the lake, which will allow a more private place for visitors to mourn their loved ones.

Interior view of the garden with its lush greenery
Interior view of the garden with its lush greenery
Interior view of the garden with its lush greenery
Interior view of the garden with its lush greenery
Interior view of the garden with its lush greenery
Interior view of the garden with its lush greenery
Interior view of the garden with its lush greenery
Interior view of the garden with its lush greenery
Interior view of the garden with its lush greenery
Interior view of the garden with its lush greenery
Interior of the resting areas
Interior of the resting areas
Interior of the resting areas
Nocturnal view
Nocturnal view
Nocturnal view
Nocturnal view
Nocturnal view
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Elegant and Cozy Space for Coffee Lovers

By • May 7, 2018

The main objective of this project was to create an elegant and welcoming space, presenting a personal style of western/oriental fusion, combining characteristics of the interiors of southern Italy and the countries of Southeast Asia. The design adapts to the personality of the owner, a woman of good taste, a lover of traveling and coffee.

Spectacular service area

The project, which consists of 172 square meters, was entrusted to the architecture firm FAR OFFICE, headed by architects Giovanni Ferrara, Victor Cao, Xin Hong and Si Song, in the year 2017 in the city of Changsha Shi, Hunan Sheng, China .

Modern and elegant details
Decorative detail in wood

The original design is narrow and mostly developed in length, with a considerable lack of natural lighting in the lower area. This was a challenge when it came to organizing the space properly. Because of this, they decided to locate a living room in the lower part of the plot, in the darkest area. To give light to the dark space, many hanging lamps were placed, which fall from a square bamboo ceiling as the centerpiec. As a result, the weakest point was changed. This entices visitors to sit down and find a comfortable place in an area that would otherwise be vacant.

Interior of the elegant and cozy coffee area
Details of wicker chairs
Comfortable chairs with cushions
Table area with hanging lamps
Spectacular view of the coffee in all its extension
Area of tables in soft and relaxing tones
Decorative detail
Individual and independent coffee area
Private area with glass walls
Modern relaxation and exhibition area
Night view of the main facade
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Hotel in Barcelona, Spain Designed by Jaime Beriestain

By • May 4, 2018

This hotel is located in the Spanish city of Barcelona, a magical city, of a unique charm and full of history. Staying at Room Mate Gerard Hotel, you’ll be right in the heart of colorful Barcelona, next to the famous Plaça Catalunya and within walking distance from landmark-studded El Born and the Gothic Quarter. Its façade, with moldings that add elegance and distinction to it, of the type that characterized old constructions and that is long lasting, is simply spectacular. Every detail in it speaks of its history – its balconies, its doors… everything is mesmerizing.

Wonderful view of hotel exterior

Envisioned by interior designer Jaime Beriestain, the rooms blend classical warmth with urban sophistication, featuring private desks, minibars, Bluetooth speakers, and dark sophisticated bathrooms. Its interior has been transformed. In it we see a modern design with vibrant colors that makes us forget, for a moment, just how old the building truly is. Beautiful furnished terraces have been conditioned for the enjoyment of their clients, some to sunbathe during hot days and others to simply enjoy a breakfast or a drink in good company.
The comfortable and cozy rooms invite us to rest after a long day of walking around the city.

Terraces with wooden floors
Terraces with wooden floors
Interior of the hotel with colorful furniture design
Beautifully decorated breakfast area
Beautifully decorated breakfast area
Rooms with spacious and comfortable beds
Rooms with spacious and comfortable beds
Elegant bathroom with designs and details in gold
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Spectacular Remodeling Project of a Space that Used to Be a Barn

By • Apr 19, 2018

This project was carried out by NONG STUDIO architectural studio and led by Chasing Wang, Neal Zhu, Luca Lannote (Italy) and Kunyang Wang in 2017. It has an area of 180 square meters and is located in Suzhou South Rd., Huangpu District, Shanghai, China.

Modern and elegant entrance area

If we follow the history of Shanghai, an important point for its inhabitants is the Suzhou River. Industrial buildings along the river have witnessed the prosperity and decline of concessions, as well as the emergence of national industries. This space used to be the private granary of Yuesheng Du before ultimately becoming the warehouse of the Commercial Bank of China.

Sober and elegant space
Elegant decorated in marble and gold

Its façade and its interior space have been restored in such a way that it respected its history, integrating itself with the modern elements. This allowed it to demonstrate its intimate connection with the past.
In terms of functional design, the space was organized according to the level of privacy or efficiency, which is common in the design of traditional offices. And it was organized according to the possibility of interaction.
When design can tell the life and experience of a person, it is already a search for the emotional essence.

Reading space with libraries
Cubicle closed in glass
Interior of the cubicle with armchairs
Modern meeting area with white furniture
Elegant table with marble and golden chairs
Elegant chairs with gold border
Modern chair in orange
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Kadeau, a Restaurant in Copenhagen with Roots in the Small Danish Island of Bornholm

By • Apr 17, 2018

This cozy restaurant called “Kadeau” is located in København, the native name for Copenhagen, Denmark, and was designed in 2015 by the design firm OeO Studio, inspired by a deep passion for the country’s landscape.

Traditional entrance in blue wood
Details of the entrance with the name of the restaurant

For this project, the members of the firm tried to immerse themselves in the universe that surrounded the restaurant, which lead them to maintain many hours of dialogue with the head chef and his team to create a shared understanding of the driving passions behind Kadeau. The design was not only about creating a physical environment, but also about using it to shape the atmosphere of the restaurant and complete the dining experience.

Cozy interior with mix of materials and styles
Dining area with views of the inner courtyard
Interior of the dining room with mixes of styles

The culinary roots of Kadeau Copenhagen are found on the small Danish island of Bornholm, in the Baltic Sea. The love of Nicolai Nørregaard for his small native island, which is full of coniferous forests and surrounded by sandy beaches, is evident in everything the restaurant does. Dining at Kadeau is an immaculate and sophisticated experience that consists of celebrating the smallest details, a universe where guests feel they are dining at home with their dear friends.

For its design, OEO Studio left no surface untouched. All materials, colors, and design solutions used have been carefully designed to create the right feel, atmosphere, and sense of place.

Bar area with high seats
Details of the fine wood used
Large kitchen in thick wood
Wooden tables and cupboard with spices and condiments
View of the interior of the restaurant from the kitchen
Cupboard with spices and condiments
Hallway leading to the bathroom area
Mint green bathroom
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Spectacular Office Center in the City of Shanghai Shi, China

By • Apr 11, 2018

The construction of this spectacular center was recently completed in the Yu Xiu Dong Lu region, in Fengxian Qu, Shanghai Shi, within China.

Imposing view of the office center in the distance

It was designed by the architectural firm Benoy, led by its team of professionals, composed of Qin Pang, Yi Jiang, Chong Yu and Xiaochun Wang. The project is extremely large, spanning a total area of ​​140,000 square meters. It is called the new World Trade Center and its architectural design is a continuation of the master plan for the Lujiazui Qiantan Commercial District.

Entrance with high glass walls
Modern construction of glass walls
Internal view of the area between the buildings
Internal corridor connecting the buildings

The project includes two office towers of 135 meters to the east and a shopping mall of three floors to the west. In keeping with the goal of creating a dynamic new lifestyle center for the city, the World Trade Center is designed as a sustainable business destination with a pedestrian-friendly design that incorporates a large number of green spaces.

With an area of ​​15,000m2, the outdoor area offers outdoor spaces, pedestrian walkways with two decks, green planting, retail space and outdoor restaurants to create a multi-level recreational oasis for office workers, visitors and nearby residents.
The multi-layered urban pedestrian system, the interconnected network of commercial spaces and the continuity of the urban presence add to the diversity of the urban complex, which translates into a better user experience and a sense of public space. The design allows the development to maximize commercial success.

Side view
Internal corridor
Imposing entrance area with elevators
Imposing modern stairs
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Modern Boutique Cafe in an Old Western District of Hong Kong

By • Apr 10, 2018

This boutique café is the second designed by the firm Studio Adjective, an architecture and interior design agency in Hong Kong, for this franchise. The project was personally led by one of its designers, Wilson Lee.

View of the interior of the modern cafe

This is located at 321 Des Voeux Road W, Sai Ying Pun, in Bohemian House, in the old western district, and has an area of 140 square meters.The design team wanted to offer a complete coffee-tasting experience through the conceptual design of interiors.

Modern coffee decorated in gray, white and wood
Area of tables and high chairs

The general design focuses on presenting a complete visual experience through zoning and flow. First, the clean and natural palette is dominated by both white and gray, as well as more wood-like colors, to highlight the sensation of space and zoning through the simple and rustic tones. In addition, the bean and dining room storage areas are separated by large glass doors with white metal frames.
The design will not only attract passers-by, but also offer customers an overview of the coffee making process, from storage, toasting, packaging to brewing, thus completing a unique experience.
The 7 meter long coffee bar will allow baristas to demonstrate their skills.

Complete view of the tables area
View of the modern and full of light
Detail of the decoration on the floor
Views of the relaxed and modern environment
Bar area in white and light gray
Detail of the entrance door


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Hotel Alexandra, in the Heart of the City of Barcelona, Spain

By • Apr 9, 2018

The renovation of this hotel, the Hotel Alexandra, of the Hilton hotel line, has been carried out by the firm Borrell Jover, Office of Architecture, in the year 2017.

External view of the main entrance

It is located in Barcelona, Spain, a few minutes from the Passeig de la Gràcia, the fashion, culture and the commercial heart of Barcelona, as well as steps from the Rambla de Catalunya, Casa Batlló, La Pedrera and other main attractions. This boutique design hotel is a place where fascinating history, modernist details, and the avant-garde meet.

Wonderful terraces full of exuberant vegetation
Cozy corners full of charm
Outside dining area
Private terraces
Dining areas for different tastes
Luxurious dining area

The building dates back to the nineteenth century, and has been completely renovated and still reflects the charm, elegance, and spirit of the Barcelona environment. The walls are covered in local photos, designer furniture from the 50s and 60s, original tiled floors, framed ceilings, and natural oak throughout the hotel.

Bar with bar
Relaxation and reading area for your clients
Comfortable and cozy reading area
Computer areas available
Computer areas
Rooms full of luxury

Its rooms have all the comforts of a home, such as air conditioning, free WiFi, a 37-inch high-definition TV, satellite channels and a large work space. You can choose a junior suite or a suite with options such as a terrace, relaxation area, separate bathtub or outdoor bathtub, it’s up to you!

Alexandra Barcelona also offers excellent culinary experiences that include a Catalan gastronomic buffet breakfast with quality local products.

Room full of comfort
Room full of comfort
Elegant and sober rooms
Elegant rooms
Cozy rooms
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Functional Office Building Pays Special Attention to Sustainability Techniques

By • Mar 21, 2018

The architectural firm Abscis Architecten designed in 2017 in the city of Ghent, Belgium. This office building that has an area of 1094 square meters. The building is a solid volume of brick characterized by volumetric incisions and strategically located windows.

External view of the structure with stone and glass walls

The front façade opens on the ground floor through the lobby to the street, and receives visitors through a front courtyard. This provides great visibility and transparency. On the back façade, both the writing rooms and the offices enjoy a beautiful view of the garden with old trees. Special attention was paid to sustainability in terms of the use of water and materials, energy consumption, and sustainable techniques based on renewable energy. All insulating materials are sustainable.

Entrance through the parking area
Side view with black blinds
Internal garden with glass walls
Detail of the main entrance
Access door to the internal garden
Office hall overlooking the garden
Reception with wooden furniture

It has two waiting rooms adjacent to the writing rooms designed in an open plan. The patio works as a structural element to create privacy without removing transparency. The concept of the interior was to show simplicity and tranquility.

The white lobby on the ground floor is clearly presented in the open parking lot and welcomes visitors through this entrance.
The landscaping sensation of the garden was maintained by conserving the valuable old trees and reinforced by the placement of hedges that make up the parking lot.

Modern office and full of light
Office area
Waiting room full of natural light
Waiting room
Exterior night view
Night view
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Mexican Restaurant Where you can Taste Some Delicious Dishes Typical of the Area

By • Mar 20, 2018

Located in Mexico, a country known for its delicious food and famous tacos, this restaurant has become a gastronomic reference when it comes to enjoying the local cuisine, not only for the quality of its ingredients, but also for its service and friendly atmosphere.

Nice external terrace with tables

It has been designed by the architectural firm Esrawe Studio, with the experience of its excellent team, made up of the architects Héctor Esrawe, Javier García-Rivera, María Santibáñez, Aloisio Guerrero, Alessandro Sperdutti, Daniela Pulido, and Federico Stefanovich, who, in a space of 240 square meters, designed this fabulous restaurant-taquería in the busiest street in the city, Avenida de los Insurgentes, in Mexico City.

Glass walls allow a view of the interior

In 2017, the brand began an expansion process and opened a new restaurant in this new location, in which El Califa establishes the guidelines for its evolution as a brand, revealing a new interior design and identity.

Bar open to the public
Spacious and modern interior of the restaurant

Esrawe Studio found its source of inspiration in the tortilla and its variants. Tortilla has been an important part of the lives of people in Mexico since pre-Hispanic times, when the locals used corn tortillas as a dish, as food, and as utensils. Today, everyone finds ingenious ways to use it, creating a personal touch in the way of preparing, folding, and holding a taco.

Modern and current design on the wall
Large dining area with granite floors
Tables and chairs in a modern style
Refrigerator area with beverage display
Entrance to kitchen area
Modern bathroom in deep blue and granite
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Offices Recently Remodeled to Create Workspaces Full of Natural Light

By • Mar 20, 2018

These luminous modern offices were originally work areas where there was no natural light, and which were populated by very dark rooms. As such, one of the main motivations for the project was to transform it into open rooms where light fills each of its spaces.

Entrance door to offices

The architectural studio SABRAB lead the project, and was responsible, in 2017, for carrying out the radical change suffered by this office area, located in Lisbon, Portugal. In an area of 108 square meters, the architectural firm intended to create several areas that could meet the needs of the company: two offices, a meeting room, and an open space with a common work area and a technical and printing room.

Waiting area with modern “Barcelona” style chairs in white
Work areas with modern furniture
Small office in glass cubicle
Work tables in white
Modern office with glass table and chair in white leather
Glass cubicle
Office with modern and elegant furniture
Elegant office full of natural light
Elegant office
Central office in glass cubicle
Internal area between glass cubicles
View of the division of offices in cubicles
Modern meeting area in orange

Being a company based on creativity and the development of new ideas, on the exchange of knowledge between its employees, and on the search for new solutions, the firm created a play area that could provide a relaxed atmosphere. In this room are a pool table and a ping pong table, which also allows the possibility of becoming a larger worktable.

In order to break the square and regular shape of the office plan, uneven geometric shapes were created that now define the meeting room and the two work rooms.

Relaxation area with games table
Game area
Relaxation area
Bathroom made of veined marble
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Multifunctional Space Created as a Platform for Young Artists

By • Mar 16, 2018

This new multifunctional space transformed an empty building, located in the grounds of an old sewing factory that operated in the Soviet era, into an urban space. In it, they created a platform for young and free artists to create, share, implement, and execute new ideas.

External view of the block

The ingenious people behind the idea were the architects Giorgi Sakvarelidze and Devi Kituashvili, belonging to the architectural firm MUA. The project was carried out in the 2017 and has an area of 7600 square meters. It is located in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Interior of the dining area with long tables
Sociable area with furniture
Hall with glass walls

The concept of the Soviet design style is maintained, but it is modernized both inside and out which makes it more attractive and interesting. The space consists of three distinctive building blocks, which form a rectangular-shaped courtyard.

FABRIKA Tbilisi is the space for socialization, inspiration and collaboration, where you can implement new ideas, get to know artists and their art, have interesting conversations with foreign travelers, and connect with free and rebellious people.

It consists of the following spaces: art shops, studios, rehearsal studios, shared work spaces, cafeterias and bars, hostels, artists’ residences, galleries, and other public spaces. The place will be a daily destination for those who wish to create and share, those who love freedom, and those who are open to new ideas and inspirations.

Bar area
Bar area with industrial decoration
Modern stairs in vibrant red
Stairs seen from the upper level
Double room for couples
Room with double beds
Room with bunk beds
Beautiful family room with terrace
Family room with play area
Bedroom at night
Bedroom at night
Large common bathroom with lockers
Night view of the construction
Exterior view
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Offices Designed for its Staff to Maintain a Natural Communication

By • Mar 15, 2018

These wonderful offices offer their employees warm environments in which to work and give free rein to the imagination. They have been designed by the General Design firm in the hands of its main architect, Shin Ohori, in the city of JINGUMAE in Tokyo.

Open offices with relaxation areas for sharing

The space, owned by every day is the day, a creative agency that was founded in 2017, has wide open spaces in which the green of the plants, as well as the wood that has been used in its furniture and in some elements of its construction, is a common detail in each of its spaces.

Office with plants that give freshness and greenery

It has 200 square meters and its distribution allows the personnel of the company to congregate and participate in various tasks, while allowing natural communication. The design team eliminated the finishes of the ceiling and floor present in the space, in order to expose the raw concrete structure of the 50-year-old building.

Office with plants that give freshness and greenery
Offices with modern furniture
Offices full of natural light

No walls or fixed partitions are found throughout the interior, which is filled with soft natural light. All the objects in the office, including abundant vegetation, antique sofas and a large oak table, are intended to improve creative communication.

Meeting areas in shared spaces
Offices with concrete roofs that give an industrial touch
Wide open offices full of natural light
Modern area with black furniture
Kitchen area with wooden chairs
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