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Public Space

Not all design inspiration comes from private homes and apartments. Public spaces, which are often created by top architects and designers, offer a wealth of stylish décor and design ideas for your own home. HomeDSGN brings you an array of hotels, office buildings and other public environments that feature stunning interior design elements, alluring ambiance and innovative lighting. With a little imagination, these elements can be incorporated into any home interior design.

Modern Construction Houses an Office Complex in Yucatan, Mexico

By • Jan 24, 2018

The city of Merida, the vibrant capital of the Mexican State of Yucatan, is the location of this simple and modern construction, which covers an area of 270 square meters. It was designed by the architect Roberto Ramírez Pizarro of the architectural firm R79 in the year 2016.

Side view of the garden

“When nature prevails over construction,” was the premise for the design, and the marked line that led the firm to make this office complex in the north of the city. It covers an area 10 meters wide by 29 meters deep, just one block from one of the main and busiest avenues in the city.

Garden with vegetation

The plan consisted of superimposing the two bodies that make up the construction in such a way that they “trapped” the trees, and at the same time created a small alley towards the outside.
The design is dominated by light shades of white and beige, with some accents in black and wood as well.

Black glass walls connect with the garden

A first volume in black glass, which gives an air of elegance to the construction, receives us on the left side, its polished surface reflecting the preexisting vegetation as well as the new area that has been planted. The transparencies invite us to the interior and unite the interior with the exterior in a natural way and without interruptions. The complex houses two companies, one for Design and Advertising and another for Architecture.

Interior of the small office area
Lobby area decorated in black and white
Office with glass walls
Office with exterior views
Modern office with terrace
Internal concrete stairs
Large office area at night hours
Reception with rest area
Modern office with wooden floors
Terrace connected to the office area
View of the interior of the offices from the terrace
Terrace at night
Night front view
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Old Construction has been Remodeled and Converted into the Main Building of Aalto University

By • Jan 22, 2018

ALA Architects, a Helsinki based architectural firm, has completed this project in 2017. Dipoli, as the building is called, was originally constructed in 1966 by Raili and Reima Pietilä to be the Student Union at the Helsinki University of Technology. Today, it has been fully renovated and has become the main building of Aalto University, which opened its doors for the Fall Semester of 2017. Located in Espoo, Finland, the structure covers a total ground area of 12,400 square meters.

Exterior view of the construction with stone walls
Side view with glass walls

After the renovation, the building will function as a meeting place for the university administration, the academic community, and the students, and will be the base for two hundred of the university’s administrative employees. It will also continue to function as the main location for lecture events and other university festivities, as well as a display platform for the university’s research and design projects. Additionally, the building also hosts restaurants, cafeterias, and a bar which caters to both students and staff members.

Front view with high walls in green
Interior with modern access stairs
Interior spacious and full of natural light
Interior of rustic walls and ceilings

The interior is open and spacious, with large clear glass windows that allow an abundance of natural light to seep into the interior. It also allows for a clear view of the surrounding buildings and greenery, creating a dialogue between the interior and the nearby architectural elements.

Spacious interior with skylights in the ceiling
Area with modern fireplace in black
Concrete and glass walls and modern fireplace
Open space area with wooden ceilings
Stairs that connect the different levels
Internal stairs with concrete walls
Sleeping area with fireplace
Lounges connected by sliding wooden doors
Interior space with rest areas
Space with tables and walls of natural stone
Brick fireplace
Large public dining room
Public dining room with tables areas
Meeting room in vibrant colors
Large internal area with wood paneling
Large area with concrete roof with skylights
Modern concrete construction
Elegant and modern public bathroom
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Luxurious and Elegant Hotel in the Center of the City of Light, Paris

By • Jan 16, 2018

If visiting Paris is on your horizon, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this luxurious and exquisite hotel, the Nolinski Paris, located in the center of the city and a few meters from the Louvre Museum in District 1 and with access to the metro stations and the main airports in the city.

Elegant entrance with gold details
Elegant reception with fine furniture

This impressive hotel has a reception with a minimalist style made of marble, giving guests a pleasant and friendly welcome. Its spacious interiors feature the distinctly eclectic refinement of decorator Jean Louis Deniot, with each bright and luminous space designed to make you feel at home. To ensure that guests are well connected, the hotel has a 4G Internet service and international calls (USA, Canada and Europe) during your stay.

Imposing stairs with luxurious details
Bar area full of charm
Breakfast area full of light
Luxurious bar with fine lines
Sober restored full of good taste
Roofed pool

Once installed, we can enjoy a treatment in its elegant Spa, where its professionals will make you feel relaxed in an intimate space where you can also enjoy a sauna, steam bath or a wonderful indoor pool, depending on your tastes. And if that was not enough, it also has a gym, a personal fitness trainer and gym classes.
Still in doubt? Or you are completely convinced where your next stay in this wonderful city will be?

Relaxation space
Wonderful rooms full of charm
Elegant room in bluish gray tones
Details of decorative vases
Sober room full of comfort
Room with study area
Room decorated in vibrant colors
Room decorated in a range of beige colors
Room full of personality
Elegant bathroom in gray marble
Bathroom with bathtub and shower in elegant contrasts
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If You Plan to Travel to Tuscany, do not Forget to Stay at this Wonderful Hotel in Lucca

By • Jan 9, 2018

Traveling to Tuscany is always a wonderful experience. Besides the stunning landscape that are its fields and green rolling hills, we can also enjoy the wonderful hotel El Albergo Villa Marta. This hotel was originally an old eighteenth century church that has been beautifully remodeled and converted into a space full of charm, and where spending a night or two would be an immense pleasure.

Narrow street with old stone buildings

The remodeling work was carried out by the architectural studio O2 studio, and the hotel is located in Lucca, a beautiful town situated in Tuscany, Italy. It covers an area of 80 square meters and is 200 years old, which makes it even more special.

Main facade of the original chapel
Recreation area with jacuzzi
Room in the main chapel

It is characterized by elegant and comfortable furniture, and boasts 15 bedrooms, two of which are luxury rooms located on the third floor of the villa. The chapel has been converted into a bedroom and is furnished with furniture that integrates the bed, TV, and sofa.

Spacious room with the old altar in the background
Room connected to the bathroom by French doors

The side aisles fulfill a new function and are configured as a walk-in closet and bathroom. The altar is still intact and remains the main element in the design. The hotel also has a swimming pool, a garden, free Wi-Fi, and two large parking lots available for guests.Inside the villa is the Botton D’Oro restaurant, which serves a variety of tasty dishes in a romantic atmosphere. The restaurant has a large terrace for summer evenings and is perfect for special occasions.

View of the internal bathroom of the room
Modern and luxurious bathroom with shower in gold
Bathroom with sink area and arched windows
Marble sink with gold pieces
Beautiful bathtub in gold and white
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Spacious and Modern Offices with a Marked Industrial Style

By • Dec 28, 2017

HR&A is a project completed by the LA based architectural firm CHA:COL in 2016. The structure serves as the offices of a leading consulting firm specializing in economic, real estate, and urban planning, and which has offices in New York, Dallas, Washington D.C., and, with the completion of CHA:COL’s project, in downtown Los Angeles, California, USA. The offices cover a total ground area of 2,500 square feet.

Reception area with modern furniture in brown and white
Main entrance to the offices area
Modern closed cubicle in glass with shelves

The offices are located on the 29th floor of a high rise complex known as The Bloc, and so boasts stunning views north and westward of the city of Los Angeles. The floor plan for the offices is designed in such a way that the work stations are not completely separate from one another, creating a work environment that fosters flow of communication and emphasizes team work. Also available for all employees are conferences areas, both large and small, a sort of “phone booth” which provides acoustic privacy, and a lounge and break area. Such a combination of environments allows workers to fully use all office installations as they see fit.

The exposed ceiling fixtures serves to give the entire office space an industrial feel which, paired up with the contemporary furnishings, gives the interior a unique look.

Office area with wooden bookcase space
Detail of the bookshelves made out of light wood
Small open office
Elegant and modern meeting room
Spacious and functional offices area
Office area divided into cubicles
Relaxation space with kitchen and dining area
Kitchen with dining space
Relaxation area next to glass cubicles
Relaxation space in intense and bright colors
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Vibrant and Luminous Interior Spaces that Function as both Offices and Housing

By • Dec 22, 2017

This small tower has been built by Dominique Coulon, Olivier Nicollas, Benjamin Rocchi, and Steve Letho Duclos of the French architectural firm Dominique Coulon & Associés. It is located in the historic Krutenau district of Strasbourg, France, a district traditionally populated by boatmen and fishermen, and crisscrossed by canals. The tower covers an area of 500 square meters and was completed in 2015.

External view of the small tower

Strasbourg has a number of what are known as hollow teeth, or vacant plots that are too small to be attractive, and thus be put to use. The consultation then called for the production, on a plot measuring just 120 square meters, of a building that would guarantee the achievement of high energy performances, the use of bio-sourced materials, and a mixed-purpose project housing offices and accommodation, as well as well as a kitchen garden and an organic swimming pool on the topmost terrace.

Details of the black tower
Terrace area with elongated pool

The façade of the building is clad in scorched wood (larch), a technique originating in Japan, where they scorch the outer surface of the material in order to extend its life. Orange and silver awnings cover some of the windows, granting the exterior a pop of color. The interior is vibrant and luminous, providing open spaces in which to partake in a variety of activities.

Spacious offices made out of concrete
Offices with glass walls
Offices with file cabinet spaces
Modern black metal stairs
Detail of modern black metal stairs
Narrow stairs in pure white
Housing level with living room and kitchen
Modern living room with dark gray sofa and fireplace
Rest area with glass walls
Wooden stairs
Wooden dining room with concrete and glass walls
Rest area in vibrant colors
Relaxation area
Modern bedroom completely covered in light wood
Children’s room with bright red colors
Bedroom decorated in red
Bathroom in intense blue and black
Exterior night view
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Modern Project that Seeks to Integrate the Architecture with the Landscape that Surrounds It

By • Dec 22, 2017

P&D+I KLABIN Center is a project completed by the Brazilian architectural firm Paulo Brazil E. Sant’Anna Arquitetos Associados in 2017. The research, development, and innovation center covers a total ground area of over 3,000 square meters, and is located near the entrance of Villa Harmonia in Monte Alegre, Brazil.

Construction surrounded by extensive gardens
Concrete bridge that works as access ramp

It was important for the clients that the project manage to integrate the architectural ensemble to the surrounding landscape, which is characterized by an open, green expanse bordered by a lush and verdant wood. In order to do this, the architectural firm made themselves think of the project as a whole as a humanized landmark. The end result is a structure that is perfect for the intellectual immersion of the researchers, and which exists in perfect harmony with the surrounding historical buildings.

/ External view of the modern construction
Modern glass wall entrance
Corner with gardening work

The structure is contemporary in its design, with glass walls that allow natural light to flow into the interior spaces. Inside, the structure is wide open and spacious, providing any number of spaces in which to conduct a variety of activities. The main block holds three floors with laboratories, lounges, dresser rooms, meeting rooms, and research centers. The annex faces north and holds an auditorium which can sit up to 80 people, as well as exposition areas, rest rooms, and an area for events and exhibitions.

Internal corridor filled with light
Interior with glass walls
Corridor of blue glass walls
Waiting area with modern black leather furniture
Laboratory equipment
View of the laboratory
Spacious office area in black and wood
Internal stairs with glass railings
Spacious exhibition area
Conference area
Conference room in black and wood
Night view of the modern construction
Night view of the gardens
Complete view of the construction
Modern construction surrounded by gardens
Modern construction with glass walls
Night view of the construction
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This Wonderful Remodeling of an Office Building will Make you Want to Renovate Yours

By • Dec 20, 2017

These modern offices belonging to the group BUONGIORNO.IT! _NTT DOCOMO GROUP, Mobile technologies, were renovated by the architectural firm of Cristiana Vannini, a Florentine by birth and Milanese by adoption, and her team of professionals which includes the architects Alessandra Spaltini and Enrico Muccio, and whose firm focuses on private houses, workplaces, hospitality, and various other architectural fields, from refurbishment of rural architecture to interiors in the city of Milan, Italy.

Modern reception area filled with natural light
Modern reception in earthy tones

Located in the city center, the early 1900s historical building that hosts the company has been completely renovated to give a new and dynamic twist to the interiors, creating and defining Buongiorno’s corporate image.

Brown and beige reception furniture
Modern hanging lamps
Modern kitchen area
Brown and beige kitchen area

The project includes common spaces and working areas. On the ground floor are located the reception, a modern and elegant space that will give a first impression to their prospective and future clients, and a multifunctional area.

It also has a cafeteria area that can be converted into a meeting room, depending on the needs of the team.

On the higher levels are located large open spaces, meeting rooms, and private offices, alternated with common spaces like coffee-points and telephone booth areas.

Nobody can doubt the wonderful change that this old construction has undergone.

Kitchen in beige with steel electric appliances
Dining area and modern kitchen
Modern entrance in shades of brown and beige
Corridor with telephone areas
Modern office
Modern and spacious office areas
Modern offices in shades of black and white
Meeting areas
Large meeting room
Dining and relaxation area
Kitchen with coffee area
Rest area
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Fantastic Hotel Five-Star located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain

By • Dec 15, 2017

This ravishing five-star hotel is located in Palma de Mallorca on the Spanish island of Mallorca, one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s known for beach resorts, as well as its exciting and vibrant night life.

Hotel’s façade
Marvelous terraces with fine furniture

The building, which dates all the way back to the 19th century, was recently renovated and restored, and now consists of over 42 fantastic rooms and suites.

Marvelous terraces with fine furniture
Marvelous terraces with fine furniture

With excellent terraces in the exterior, which clearly invite the occupants to enjoy its magnificent beach climate, this hotel has a luxurious interior clearly reflected in its extravagant interior design, as well as in its moldings, which give it a unique touch of sobriety.

Terraces with a pool

With high ceilings with beautiful decorations, large styled staircases, and glass doors that allow the natural light to seep into the rooms and fill all four corners, there is no doubt that it has more than earned its status as a five-star hotel.

It has luxurious restaurants that offer only the most exquisite cuisines on its menu, and bars that allow the occupants to take a moment’s rest at the end of the day.

Luxurious reception area
Luxurious reception area
Luxurious reception area
Common resting areas for the guests
Common resting areas for the guests
Luxurious dining area
Luxurious dining area
Bar area
Bar area

The large and comfortable bedrooms have been decorated with a very luxurious style, maintaining that which is present in the remainder of the areas.

At dusk, the terraces offer beautiful corners where the occupants may take their seats and enjoy the sunset in wonderful company.

Bedrooms decorated in earthen colors
Bedrooms decorated in earthen colors
Bedrooms with a balcony
Bedrooms decorated in earthen colors
Bedrooms decorated in earthen colors
Bedrooms decorated in earthen colors
Bedrooms decorated in earthen colors
Bedrooms with a balcony
Bedrooms with a balcony
Bedrooms with a balcony
Spa and massages area
Beautiful terrace with a view.
Beautiful terrace with a view.
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Takeru Shoji Architects Built a Unique Building in Niigata Prefecture, Japan

By • Dec 14, 2017

What do you do when you can’t decide whether you want to build in an urban or suburban area? You do what Takeru Shoji Architects did and take up residence somewhere like Chuo Ward, an area where the city center gradually gives way to the suburbs.

Exterior of the building
Interior with large plants

Located in the Niigata Prefecture, Japan, this home – so-called Wow!Sta. – was completed in 2015, and covers a total area of 258 meters squared. The building has the advantage of being only a couple of blocks away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life, while also enjoying the quiet solitude of the street upon which it sits. Its wooden shutter-like walls add to this by mixing a sense of privacy with an inviting sense of exposure. The structure has three different levels, each with a distinct purpose.

Balconies with wooden curtains
Drinks area

The first serves as a restaurant, done in a modern style and mixing wood with concrete. Touches of green in the form of plants dot the space, allowing nature to join the fun.

Bar area with nearby tables
Kitchen area with a view

The second level is an office space, wide and luminous, with wooden floors and minimalist lighting, which emphasizes its functional style.

The third level holds a multipurpose rental space which includes a kitchen and a bathroom, and which enjoys the added benefit of an outdoor area.

Working area equipped with tables and chairs
Exterior view of the building
Exterior view of the street
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Spectacular Offices in Melbourne, Australia designed by Bates Smart Architects

By • Dec 12, 2017

These sophisticated and elegant offices belonging to law firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth are located in the city of Melbourne, Australia. They occupy four floors in the innovative and unique central building at 567 Collins Street. We’ll find spectacular views over the Melbourne skyline through the glass walls that go from the floor to the ceiling, creating a unique space.

Views of the spectacular interior of the offices
Views of the spectacular interior of the offices

Steel beams extend from the ceiling to the floor, framing the ten meter high staircase. They are lined with LEDs to provide focused lighting on the staircase and the surrounding space.
This wonderful design was created by the firm Bates Smart Architects in 2015.

Lights on the stairs
Wonderful rest areas

The expert team at Bates Smart Architects meticulously rebuilt elegant spaces with a multitude of refined details. Electrolight had to make sure that his work resulted in clean lines, as well as elegant and subtle forms. A deep level of planning and coordination between Bates Smart and Electrolight was necessary for light placement, concealment and performance.

Wonderful rest areas

Lighting designers worked with a mixture of color temperatures to distinguish each space and its functionality. Cooler temperatures are used in the meeting rooms, combined with warmer colors throughout the casual entertainment areas and creating a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere in the reception area.

Meeting area
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Furniture Store Located in Tolmezzo, Italy by Ceschia e Mentil Architetti Associati

By • Dec 11, 2017

This furniture store, which is located in Tolmezzo, in the province of Udine, in Italy, was designed by Mentil Federico from the architectural firm Ceschia e Mentil Architetti Associati in 2005.

Exhibition area enclosed in glass
Exterior halls

The lot, measuring a total of 110 square meters, had been previously used as a warehouse deposit for a small shop from the 1970s. A first intervention turned it into a commercial space dedicated to the sale of products to complement bathroom furniture. A second intervention expanded its size.

Exterior halls
Exhibition area enclosed in glass

The need for an exposition space for the different pieces of furniture, in particular for the wood fireplaces, suggests to clients a new expansion that will be built beside the warehouse previously mentioned, in a lot formerly occupied by a parking lot. The wishes of the client were to create a new space that would communicate through the creation of window exhibitions.

External exhibition area
External exhibition area

The plane is broken, in a way, by a small space open to the sky, which can be observed through two windows opposite. There, a small garden grants the air life and floor, while at the same time dividing the space in two – into the furniture exhibition with a reception and meeting area, and into a visualization area.

External exhibition area
External exhibition area
External exhibition area
Chair exhibition
Chair exhibition
Office area
View from the second level
Exterior view through glass walls
Exterior view through glass walls
Exterior view through glass walls
Exterior view through glass walls
Exterior view through glass walls
Exterior view through glass walls
Exterior view through glass walls
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Office Located in Bangkok, Thailand, With an Entire Interior Space is Distributed Across Five Floors, Plus a Roof Terrace

By • Dec 11, 2017

Dplus Intertrade Head Office is an office design project completed by Pure Architect in 2017. The offices are located in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, known in English as Bangkok, Thailand, and cover a sprawling total ground area of 1,600 square meters.

Exterior view of the modern Offices with wooden floors
Exterior view of the modern Offices with wooden floors

The entire interior space is distributed across five floors, plus a roof terrace. Dplus Intertrade, a Thai electronic accessory trading company, aimed to re-brand, and thus re-energize teams with the intention of moving forward as a family in order to renew employees’ quality of life through a renovation project.

Modern reception made in White marble
Modern reception made in White marble

The interior décor is dominated by the color blue, which is the Dplus Intertrade company color, thus giving it a strong company identity. Additionally, red, yellow, orange, and green were used in order to imbue it with a sense of cheerfulness and entertainment. Wooden surfaces and white furnishings are used throughout the spaces, making each room and hall feel luminous and bright. Upon entrance, we’re met with a stark white lobby with a marble counter, emphasizing its elegance and modernity above all else.

Modern reception made in White marble
Modern interior with electric blue walls

The office spaces are distributed with an open office design in mind, instead of with cubicles or individual offices. Such a design allows for ease of communication between employees and emphasizes the strong teamwork dynamic of modern day companies.

Modern interior with electric blue walls
Modern interior with electric blue walls
Modern interior with electric blue walls
Modern interior with electric blue walls
Modern and spacious offices
Modern and spacious offices
Modern and spacious offices
Modern and spacious offices
Modern and spacious offices
Modern and spacious offices
Modern and spacious offices
Modern and spacious offices
Modern and spacious offices
Nocturnal view
Nocturnal view