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Public Space

Not all design inspiration comes from private homes and apartments. Public spaces, which are often created by top architects and designers, offer a wealth of stylish décor and design ideas for your own home. HomeDSGN brings you an array of hotels, office buildings and other public environments that feature stunning interior design elements, alluring ambiance and innovative lighting. With a little imagination, these elements can be incorporated into any home interior design.

This Wonderful Project is a Prime Example of the Home Office Concept

By • Nov 17, 2017

Peak Office is a prime example of the home office concept, as delivered by the Thai architectural firm Pure Architect, based in Bangkok. The structure, which was completed in 2017, covers a total ground area of 1,200 square meters, or 3,937 square feet.

View of the main facade
Modern facade of the office building

The project is located in the Bangkok, Thailand neighborhood of Town in Town, and is, for the most part, surrounded by low rise buildings that feature both traditional and contemporary design. As such, the architectural firm had a unique opportunity, that of turning this structure into a local landmark while still keeping the harmony with the buildings that surrounded it.

Angular view of the modern facade
Details of the modern building

The client is an aficionado of car racing, which is a quality with which Pure Architecture wished to imbue the structure, giving its outer façade a sense of dynamic movement and speed. A section of this façade is made out of biowood that is sculpted and placed in such a way as to create a wave on the otherwise flat surface, adding to this same effect.

Modern wave-shaped design
Modern design of main entrance
Spacious and bright interior
Interior with glass walls
Internal stairs
Stairs with black metal railings

The interior space is distributed across different levels. The ground floor holds the parking and reception areas; from the second to the fourth floors are the office spaces, which are available for rent; the top floor holds the owner’s resident area.

Spacious interior
Interior garden
Glass walls with view to the interior garden
Internal corridor
/ View of the internal garden
Modern bathroom in white
Night view of the main entrance
Exterior night view
Night view of the office building
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Modern and Sleek Interior Design in a Cultural and Sport Center

By • Nov 17, 2017

This project, the Poix-Terron Cultural and Sport Centre, is located in Poix-Terron, a commune in the Ardennes department in northern France. It was designed by the architectural firm Philippe Gibert Architecte, based in Reims, in 2010, and covers a ground area of 1,230 square meters.

Modern metallic structure

The center holds both a media library and a gymnasium, allowing the architectural team at Philippe Gibert Architecte to explore the possibilities of having such diverse environments under the same roof. Both areas of the building are accessed through the same entrance, which is situated through the forecourt of the property, enhancing its public building status. The shared hall opens to the media library and the gymnasium, and also an open room that can serve as an exhibition, reception, or meeting space.

Metallic structure surrounded by green areas
Structure with large windows
Modern structure facing an older brick building
Metallic structure with reflective glass
Large entrance with glass doors
Windows overlooking the interior of the play area

The interior design is modern and sleek with an extensive use of metal and glass, giving it a stylish industrial style that recalls the neighboring factory buildings. Large skylights allow natural light to flood the interior, making the space feel fresh and inviting. The children’s section in the media library is furnished with colorful pieces that are inviting to youngsters, while also being practical and comfortable. The surrounding woods are easily visible from the interior, granting the spaces a hint of vibrancy and freedom.

Library area
Library with children’s furniture
Computer area with bookshelves
Library with exterior views
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Unique Beauty Salon in the City of Nagano in Japan

By • Nov 15, 2017

This unique beauty salon, an old store that had stood at this site for more than 50 years, is located on a main street full of shops in the city of Nagano, located at the intersection of the Chikuma and Sai rivers, in the island of Honshu, in Japan.

Side entrance to the beauty salon
View of the beauty salon washing and styling area
Shop with wooden furniture

In addition to serving the function of a beauty salon, the client required a wide range of other features, such as a space for the sale of various products, an exhibition hall, a study room, and a space to host events for the community. Therefore, one of the main objectives was to ensure the flexibility to respond to these diverse functions by eliminating the partition walls that had divided the structure into smaller spaces.

Interior area of the beauty salon

The architectural firm Poten-Poten was commissioned to carry out the remodeling of this space of 68 square meters, under the leadership of its architects Junki Kato and Kiyonori Sugiyama. The project was completed in 2017.

Eating area with dining room
Hairstyling area connected to the washing area
Main entrance

The architectural firm’s intention was not simply to decide what parts of the existing building would be maintained and which would be replaced; their objective was something intermediate, to mix the contrast between the old and the new to create something unique and timeless.

View of the beauty salon from the main entrance
Night view of the entrance
Exterior view of the lounge
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Imposing and Modern Design of a College Campus in the City of Tuen Mun, in Hong Kong

By • Nov 10, 2017

This modern and imposing construction of a college campus, located in Castle Peak Bay, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, was designed by the architectural firm Rocco Design Architects Limited. The building, which covers a total ground area of 26,500 square meters, or 285,243 square feet, was built in 2016. It examines the compact urban conditions of Hong Kong in search of direct inspiration and creates, within a limited space, a miniature city, dense and connected. It maximizes space by focusing on verticality over horizontality, creating several levels that rise up to expand its interior.

Exterior view of the modern construction
Imposing design
Exterior glass walls

Among other features, it boasts a series of conference rooms, sky gardens, roof decks, and a gym.

Internal access ramp
Glass wall ramp
Interior gardens
Aerial views of the garden
Campus interior
Relaxation area

A Student Boulevard rises to form a three-dimensional network of streets in the air that weaves and joins the different blocks and levels into a connected whole. From the boulevard, students can access a series of gardens and decks of various scales at different levels, a sloping green lawn, a student plaza, and a mini cafe, all with magnificent sea views and a pleasant and lively atmosphere.

The modern structure’s composition and construction resemble the inherent spirit of Chinese calligraphy, that is, the beautiful balance between the solid and the empty in elevation.

Views from inside the campus
Classroom corridors
Dining area with glass walls
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Modern Structure Houses not only an Art Gallery but also works as a Center for The Work and Communication of Artists

By • Nov 10, 2017

This modern structure that is located in Benxi Shi, a prefecture-level city located in the east of Liaoning province in the People’s Republic of China, was designed in 2016 by the architectural firm TAOA, under the leadership of Lei Tao, Bozhou Kang, and Zhen Chen. Together, they created a space that not only works as a local art gallery for cultural exhibition purposes, but also as a center for the work and communication of artists. It has four levels plus a basement area, covering a ground area of 4,000 square meters (or 43,055 square feet) of construction.

Exterior view of the modern structure
Front exterior view of the structure
Side view with concrete walls

The interior space of the first floor has both a shared and an individual space for the exhibition of art. The second, third, and fourth floors are used mainly to work, create art, and host meetings. The public staircase that connects each floor shows us its multiple forms from the basement to the top.

Exterior details
Side access stairs

The roof with its “upward trend” works with the obtuse corners and the inclined entrance staircase, generating a kind of artistic urban vitality. In addition, the cavities carved into the stone facades of the building are created for people to stop and rest.

Modern and bright interior
Spacious and modern stairs
View of the interior of the stairs
Night front view
Night side view
Night view
Night view of the area
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Sales Office Built in Sydney, Australia, Designed to Increase the Visitor Experience

By • Nov 9, 2017

The architectural firm THOSE ARCHITECTS designed these sales offices in an old dairy farm that is located in the city of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in the year 2017.

House module surrounded by gardens
Office module with wooden and glass walls

The offices have an area of 200 square meters and were conceived as a building in a landscape, which is unique in its space and which has been designed to increase the visitor experience and convey a sense and a feeling of the community in which they will eventually reside. And unlike most sales offices, which usually have a short-term purpose and nothing more, this construction has a longer lifespan, as it will remain on site as a café and a meeting place when new residents move in.

Gardens surrounding the facility

THOSE ARCHITECTS intended to create for The Dairy a discrete work of architecture designed to inform the potential purchaser about the place where they will live, and how it might feel to live there. It revolves around the idea that architecture connects people to the landscape.

All of this was created within a low budget in which the architectural firm made an effort to use modest materials that would nevertheless powerfully demonstrate for visitors what it feels like to be in this exuberant landscape of dairy pastures on a daily basis.

Module with opening in the center
Entrance module with wooden walls
Views from the terrace
Interior of the wood-clad office module
Night view of the interior
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New Headquarters of the Dachland Offices in the City of Hechtsheim, Germany

By • Nov 8, 2017

Dachland is a company that specializes in roof insulation, greening roofs, and photovoltaic energy. The architectural firm SYRA_Schoyerer Architekten, under the leadership of the architect Julian Andreas, was commissioned in 2016 to carry out the design work for the German company’s new headquarters. The resulting building covers an area of 2500 square meters (or almost 27,000 square feet), and is located in Hechtsheim, a district of the Rhineland state capital of Mainz, Germany. Since its foundation in 1969, the company has installed more than 4 million square meters of roof insulation, both in Germany and abroad.

Black imposing construction
View of the planted roof
View of the roof
Black high walls and aligned windows
Main access street
Side view of the construction

A new headquarters was needed for the approximately 50 team members that are employed on the Mainz site, so Dachland launched a selection contest, which SYRA_Schoyerer Architekten won in December 2013.

In this project, the architects gave great value to the isolation of the entire site, which means that the construction yard, with all its functional requirements, is not visible from outside the site, giving it a degree of privacy. The patio door is normally closed and immediately in front of it, visitors find the visitors’ parking and the main entrance.All areas of the roof have been planted, giving the imposing construction a touch of nature.

View of the offices
Main entrance to the offices
Entrance to the offices
Views of the glass walls
Exterior views
Stairs with high concrete walls
Stairs to the offices
Offices of glass walls
Offices with wonderful views
Entrance to the offices
Office area
Modern meeting office with views
Office with meeting table
Modern office
Office with windows
Kitchen area in green and white
Kitchen area in black
Internal dining area
Modern bathrooms
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Charming Hotel from the 50s has been Remodeled with an Art Deco and Modernist Ttouch

By • Nov 6, 2017

The Tiki Tiki Tulum Hotel is located in the city of Tulum, a walled city of Mayan culture located in the state of Quintana Roo, in the south east of Mexico, on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, and which is currently a major tourist attraction of the Riviera Maya.

The structure, dating from the 50’s, has a prominent influence from the Art Deco style, accompanied by modernist details. It is a combination of local designs and materials found in the region. It was designed by the architect Arturo Zavala Haag in 2016, and covers a total ground area of about 1000 square meters. Attention to detail is king here, and combined with the high quality of the space, it helps to make the project a stellar accommodation option.

The hotel is distributed around a central swimming pool that is the core of the project. It is a refreshing and visual oasis surrounded by tropical plants and an architecture that blends harmoniously with its surroundings.

The Tiki Tiki Tulum has 15 rooms full of charm, with a fantastic rustic touch along their walls — the same motif that we find in the bathrooms. Local wood has been used in its furniture, as well as in the carpentry details.

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Andaz 5th Avenue Hotel in the Spectacular City of New York

By • Oct 31, 2017

The city of New York is a universe in and of itself, full of energy and diverse and varied activities. Visiting this metropolis means immersing yourself in a very eclectic gastronomic atmosphere and, at the same time, enjoying the different shopping areas, crossing with different and picturesque people on every corner. A city that offers diverse places of leisure, monuments to admire, and restaurants where we can enjoy rich and varied dishes.