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Whether you’re lucky enough to be shopping for a beachside retreat or are just looking to incorporate some luxurious resort design elements in your home, HomeDSGN has just what you need. This collection of resort residences is the stuff of dreams –from seaside villas to mountaintop chalets, all these homes sport the latest in design. Scroll through and dream about spending time in these magnificent spaces and be sure to enjoy the views!

Stunning Hotel Hyatt Regency Andares created by Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos gives you angles and art all throughout

By • Jan 17, 2019

In Zapopan, in the lusha and gorgeous area of Jalisco in Mexico, the luxurious Hotel Hyatt Regency Andares was designed and built by Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos to provide guests with an experience that plays on the themes of high art and interesting angles all throughout the building’s structure and decor.

This “mixed-use” building is part of a visionary endeavour to reposition an area called the Peurta de Hierro zone as a new social hub and kind of urban centre in the city of Zapopan. The overall proposal, formally known as The Andares Master Plan, commenced officially in 2009 when an exciting shopping mall and an upscale residential high rise was built. Now, businesses and buildings like the beautifully structured Hotel Hyatt Regency Andares are being added as part of the plan’s initiative for expansion.

This hotel is a significant structure in the area, spanning 70,000 square metres and actually containing both a hotel and luxury apartments. The artistic looking building forms part of the new visual backdrop of the city at the same time as it forms a sort of backbone for Paseo Andares, a new road created in the city’s developing urban layout to serve several business and leisure purposes.

This building extends an impressive 41 stories upwards over the city streets. On the ground floor, a tree-lined plaza that is open to the public connects the new interior street to the world outside. Rising up from the ground like a graceful column, the hotel displays impressive facades to the north and south, enticing the gaze with expansive windows and frequent sunny terraces. Pure white concrete contrasts in a clean, beautiful way with shining black glass and aluminum from bottom to top.

Inside, the hotel occupies only 12 floors of the tower. The top 28 floors are occupied by stunning residential apartments and their respective luxury amenities. Floor 13, however, is reserved for transfer space, storage, and services used by both halves of the building. On the bottom, ground floor level, the building even features some retail space, several meeting rooms, and even a small ballroom! The hotel space additionally boasts a lounge, bar, restaurant, larger ballroom, pool, gym, and an exclusive members-only club.

In addition to the impressive art pieces scattered throughout the lobbies, retail, and social spaces, the pool is a primary visual feature on top of the way it provides entertainment. This sits on a double-height floor that is open concept, leading right into a stunning south facing terrace. Most of the art you’ll see throughout the building was created by Cesar Lopez-Negrete.

To add an extra element of special interest, the building that the Hyatt Regency Andares calls home is the second tallest hotel in the whole of Mexico, standing at 173 metres tall!

Photographs by Rafael Gamo


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Mitsis Rinela Beach Resort & Spa, created by Elastic Architects, provides a sunset laden beach haven unlike any other

By • Jan 15, 2019

On the stunning rolling beaches of Creta, Greece, the Mitsis Rinela Beach Resort & Spa was designed and created by Elastic Architects to give guests a relaxing beachside experience that’s practically unparalleled in its beauty.

This project was actually a refurbishment endeavour. The goal of the new design was to was to bring a breath of fresh air to the front of house areas of the hotel, like the lobby, restaurant, and social spaces, as well as the beach, outdoor lounge and spa areas, and cafe. Continuous views of the gorgeous Aegean sea are paramount in every single space.

Rather than simply giving these areas a new look, designers aimed to actually elevate the hotel’s entire aesthetic and hospitality atmosphere to a whole new level. This was done in pretty, simple ways that keep elements of Greek culture, history, and style at the forefront while also concentrating on good functionality of space.

Outside, in the spaces where the view is prime and the breezes plays through the seating areas, designers played a bit of a game with light and shadow. They created lovely, relaxing lounge areas with unobstructed views of the landscape, letting natural sunlight wave and change throughout the day and also the time of year.

Natural, neutral, and local materials were purposely chosen as key elements all throughout the social spaces of the hotel. Because so much wicker is involved, in the pergola for example, beautifully textured shadows are created in a way that almost becomes part of the decorative appeal of the area. This is particularly lovely because it means the aesthetic of the space is ever-changing.

The hotel has a beach that designers atmospherically split into five areas. These include comfortable day beds, luxurious loungers, group seating areas, and cozy, shady pergolas. The natural materials that all of these features are made from creates a cohesive visual story with the seaside environment surrounding the hotel.

In the cafe, this natural, shadow play aesthetic is continued. At the edge, a bar creates a sort of spatial division between active public spaces meant for dining and socializing and the more relaxation based spaces designed for seeking peace on the beach. The open air concept and continuation of concrete, wood, and wicker let the two spaces communicate visually despite their differing intentions, creating a sort of harmony.

Even the water spaces are harmonious between and around the natural material-clad seating areas. Just feet from the seaside, a stunning fountain was placed between the lobby and the main swimming pool, both of which are surrounded by gorgeous, clean looking marble.

Photographs by Pygmalion Karatzas

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Owl Creek House by Skylab Harnesses a Beautiful View and Provides One in Its Own Beauty

By • Dec 18, 2018

Usually when one thinks of how a mountain cabin might look, they will picture something small, wooden, and designed for temporary stays throughout the winter. The designers at Skylab, however, had very different ideas when they took on the task of building Owl Creek House in Snowmass, United States!

Rather than using natural woods and materials that reflect the scenery around the home, Skylab chose to create interesting, geometric, and captivating contrast by sticking to metals, straight lines, and corners. Instead of looking intimidating or out of place, however, the ultra modern looking structure appears grand, impressive, and intriguing.

Besides its shaped and materiality, Owl Creek House catches the attention of anyone passing it thanks to the way it perches so perfectly atop a hillside. The angles the windows are placed at provides guests with a panoramic view of Snowmass Mountain. This means you can absorb the stunning scenery around you whether you’re sitting inside or outside, and no matter which room you’ve posted up in for a cozy evening.

The angles and metal posts that you see in the structure might look like awesome aesthetic choices, but they actually serve a functional purpose as well. Because the site chosen for the home is so mountainous and rocky, builders wanted to ensure they overcame rocky surfaces and slope constraints safely and effectively. By anchoring the structure directly into the rocky landforms it sits on at different points around the house, builders overcame all obstacles provided by the chosen site.

At the inception of the project, designers and owners decided that the primary goal of the space would be to prioritize the way a physical place can actually deepen connections between friends, families, and the natural world around all of us. Owl Creek was designed to give people differing spaces to relax together, converse, eat, or be active with one another while also interacting with nature in ways that they might not get to regularly at home.

The social goals involves in building this fantastic house make even more sense when you learn that the dwelling was actually build as a singular but shared home for two families together, rather than just one. The structure is built as a collaborative home with one primary building for everyone, but there are also several small lodge areas clustered together outside the main building. These are intended as communal spaces meant for shared social time. Being able to travel from space to space with friends and family makes the entire home feel somehow both intimate and open all at once!

The walls of Owl Creek House might be made of thick materials and angles, but that doesn’t stop sunlight from sleeping in at all points! In fact, the involvement of natural light was a top priority along with shared social space during the entire building process. Designers purposely aimed to minimize visual separation between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing natural sunlight to reach all parts of the house and land alike. Each of these things in combination makes the house a fantastic place for recharging your relationships, reinvigorating your soul, and reconnecting to the earth around you.

Photographs by Robert Reck, Jeremy Bittermann, and Stephen Miller.

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Carles Faus Arquitectura Build Spanish Carmen House, Inspired by Ibizan Architecture

By • Dec 11, 2018

Located in the heart of Algemesi, Spain, Carmen House is an inspirational structure that was conceptualized, planned, and brought to life by teams at Carles Faus Arquitectura.

Directly inspired by a gorgeous Ibizan country house, this fantastic swelling features simple, clear lines, plenty of light, and a largely white colour palette among its prime features. Located in a desert-like setting, the goal of the house’s aesthetic was to stand out and look like a piece of art against the dry background, without looking entirely out of place.

To achieve this, designers featured cacti around the grounds and in the decor scheme, incorporating something that’s naturally found in that setting to create cohesiveness between the building and the land. This was bolstered by the building of a lovely rock garden, but the house was complemented in this piece as well by sticking to stark white rocks that matched the home’s exterior.

During its conception, designers aimed to build the house so that the path of someone’s day through the structure would follow the way the light hits it. By that, we meant that the light starts in the kitchen where you’d eat breakfast in the morning, spreads over social spaces throughout the afternoon, and ends high in the sky by the bedrooms on the top floor in the evening. The house, the natural sunlight, and the lifestyle of the dweller play of each other to tell a daily story.

Following the path of sunlight isn’t the only way that this lovely house builds a connection with its environment. The ground floor features sliding glass doors that open an entire wall to the back leisure space and bring the breeze right into the home, while balcony spaces built into the step-like structures higher up in the home give more private outdoor areas for relaxation near the master and guest bedrooms.

The way the structure of the house fosters a seamless interior and exterior relationship does more than just let a light breeze travel from room to room. It actually also works with the seasonal cycles by giving guests and dwellers a place plenty of places to go elsewhere in the house that stay cool and shady during the hottest month while the sun hits a very specific place, rather than seeping in all over.

In addition to letting fresh air and targeted sunlight pour into the home, designers chose to extend the rock and cacti gardens we mentioned earlier from the back leisure space and right into the home, tying the nature surrounding the house right into the faily experiences of those who live inside.

Upon entering the house, you’ll notice that most of the practical and social rooms are located in a central, open-concept space that makes everything one might need on an average day easy to move between. From there, the house extends upward in a nearly stacked fashion, with private and leisure rooms set at points that feel almost like platforms. Each one features a lovely window that showcases the view, but also clean, white curtains that will protect the interior from intense sun when necessary.

In addition to having an entirely white exterior outside of the presence of those green cactus plants, the house features a nearly entirely white interior as well. This is designed to mimic the fresh crispness of the kind of blank white canvas an artist might work on. In this context, it lets light play in each space, increases the brightness in each room, and keeps things bright and cheerful, making each piece of furniture and decor stand out in its own right.

Photographs by: Mariela Apollonio

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Kino House by Le Atelier Plays with Shapes and Stands Out like Modern Art

By • Dec 6, 2018

The innovative design process that went into Kino House, a project brought to life by Le Atelier located in Moscow Oblast, Russia, is nothing short of inspiring in the way it plays with shapes and visual textures.

This house, which is surrounded on all sides by ancient Russian pines and sits on a steep slope, was specifically designed to blend into its natural landscape rather than interfering with it. Designers vowed not to fell any trees, not to dig too far into the hillside, and to only source natural resources that can be found in the local terrain for maximum cohesiveness.

The overall goal of the house was to create a natural place of rest while still bringing a sort of sleek, modern aesthetic to the area, rather than working within typical woodland design frameworks that look more down home and rustic. This isn’t simply a countryside retreat; it’s a modern home experience established atop the hillside.

The house features three semi-levels, with an entrance on the middle level. In the entryway, guests encounter a hallway with a ceiling height of only 5 metres. Right in the centre sits a “black column”. This is the interior element in almost all rooms throughout the entire house; it’s the feature that creates consistency. The entrance level also features bathrooms, storage and utility rooms, and nursery rooms. Within each room, particularly the nurseries, you’ll find sizeable windows offering lovely forest views.

In the master bedroom, which sits on the lower semi-level, a lovely window nook offers a similar chance to take in the surrounding scenery. A king-sized bed spans the middle of the room for comfort. Inside the central “black column”, where the stairs run up and down, a cloakroom and a bathroom are situated.

On the highest semi-level, the last of the three, a private work or study room with a lovely fireplace and perfect forest view rests above the master bedroom. The kitchen also exists here, with a breathtaking view similar to the one from the entrance hall, since the kitchen sits right over it, but from higher up. Parts of the kitchen extend into the “black column”, making it spacious and giving it plenty of storage space.

On the exterior of the house, a large balcony wraps around above the bedrooms. Placing the balcony here rather than level with the sleeping quarters raises the outdoor space high enough off the ground to keep it from interfering with the environment its meant to facilitate appreciation of. This balcony is still accessible from all three areas of the house thanks to the centrally placed winding stairs.

Although the house is hardly visible from the road, its beauty is known for miles around. People express appreciation for the way the black parts of the structure are linear and angular, which perfect balances and plays off of the blonde wood aspects which are smooth, curving, and light. Much like the rock and wood in the natural terrain strikes a lovely balance, so do the parts of this innovative home.

Photographs by: Ilya Ivanov

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Building Rehabilitation Project Results in Golfo de Darien House by Cristobal Vial Arquitectos

By • Dec 4, 2018

Golfo de Darien House, designed and brought to life by Cristobal Vial Arquitectos in the heart of Las Condes, Chile, is stunning mixed-materials residence that provides guests with a beautifully green golf course view.

This project was one of rehabilitation and expansion on an old house that was originally built in 1970. The house is nestled into the commune of Las Condes in the city of Santiago, Chile. It is part of a grouping of 25 one-story houses that are arranged in an adjoining structure. This was an innovative idea for its time because it made better use of available land, left space for each house to have two independent garden patches of their own, and created a walled yard thanks to the direction of the arrangement.

Now, Golfo de Darien house specifically is owned by a young family with three children who wanted to adapt the space to their particular needs a little better. First, design teams took down several extensions that had been added to the original house in all different materials that bore some natural wear and tear thanks to weather and the passage of time. This stripped the structure a little and gave them more of a blank starting point.

Next, builders took down the connection walls that adjoined this house to the ones around it, thereby opening the space up to a stunning view of a golf course on lands below where the house sits. This also increased visible sky and the amount of natural light coming into the yard at any given time. Removing a chimney and replacing that with a singular separating wall made sure the house is still afforded some privacy without feeling closed off as it did before.

In order to increase the amount of natural light in the interior space (as well as to offset the heavy masonry of the house’s concrete frame), designers added several lovely skylights into the ceiling. Several monolithic walls, like the one near a newly installed extra bathroom, were also replaced with thick glazed glass paneling, making the home feel airy and more spacious without sacrificing too much privacy in personal areas like the bedrooms.

Just because the house has been largely disconnected from its original adjoining fellows doesn’t mean it no longer shares any space with them at all. A curved wall of exposed concrete leads from the door of the house and straight into a new parking sector and a defined barbecue area that is purposely placed to invite the presence of neighbours and guests, like a more public space.

Within their update, designers made the house more efficient and eco-friendly overall in their process. This happened thanks to the installation of a high efficiency aerothermal heat pump and a radian slab system, as well as the incorporation of thermopanel crystals. This lets the house be heated and powered without making a huge impact on its surrounding environment.

In its private outdoor space, the house features a lovely wooden deck that was built in the place three original divided courtyards used to stand. This area combines wood, stone, glass, steel, and exposed concrete but also bears a heavy green presence, making the seating area feel contemporary but also well integrated into the green space surrounding the home.

Photographs by: Cristobal Vial

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Spectacular Resort Inspired by the Tasmanian Rock Formations

By • Aug 30, 2018

This resort, Freycinet Lodge, the only national park resort in Australia, is located between spectacular rock formations in a pure and unaltered environment and completely surrounded by wild vegetation.

View of the coast area

Local architecture firm Liminal Studio was tasked with designing Coastal Pavilions, a series of one-bedroom suites that offer a luxurious and immersive experience that is different from the resort’s. Working in conjunction with Tasmania’s Cordwell Lane builders, the architects have designed sustainable-minded pavilions that were prefabricated off-site for minimal impact on the site.

Resort on top
Modern design surrounded by tall trees
Modern structure that reflects the landscape

The nine structures take inspiration from their sublime surroundings with natural wood finishes, curved shapes, and full height windows that allow us to take in the outdoors.

The design was inspired by the fluidity and the layers of the coastal rock formations, the coloring of the rich orange lichen, and the shapes of the nearby bays. The exteriors are treated recessively so as not to compete with this beautiful landscape.

The fluid topography of the coast is repeated in the interior design with its flow of walls, surfaces, and carpentry.

Terrace area
Cozy interior

The interiors are lined with pieces of Tasmanian and Blackwood oak.

The utilitarian use of natural materials in innovative ways has created a unique atmosphere in harmony with its environment

Interior covered with wood
Room with forest view





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Wonderful Resort in Santorini, Greece Overlooking the Deep Blue of the Sea

By • Jul 10, 2018

This wonderful hotel, rebuilt with local materials, is ideally located in Fira’s Caldera cliffs, with magnificent views of the volcano, the deep blue of the sea, and the most famous sunset, all on the island of Santorini, Greece.

Views of the white and outer Mediterranean

It has 13 simple and luxurious suites, designed in a Cycladic style, with beautiful curved and white walls from which we can enjoy not only the views, but also the intimacy of its wonderful terraces. Also included are a swimming pool and breakfast area. All this creates a relaxing atmosphere that invites us to rest and enjoy.

Its remodeling, completed in 2016, was led by the design firm Interior Design Laboratorium, with designeer Stamos Hondrodimos as well as Chrysi Makri and Nefeli Tsiami. It also has a fine restaurant where we can enjoy the local drinks and an exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. The quality of the ingredients and the local products will make this one culinary experience you won’t forget, made complete thanks to an open terrace and good music.

Views of the white and outer Mediterranean
Terraces with sea views

Or we can simply opt for a private dinner on their own balcony, a romantic setting under the moon and the night view of the island. A special dinner for two is served by your personal waiter in the most romantic place ever!

Terraces with sea views
Terraces with sea views
Terraces with sea views
Views of the white and outer Mediterranean
Terraces with pool and wonderful sea views
Terraces with pool and wonderful sea views
Terraces with pool and wonderful sea views
Terraces with pool and wonderful sea views
Terraces with pool and wonderful sea views
Terraces with pool and wonderful sea views
Terraces with pool and wonderful sea views
Private terraces with swimming pool
Wonderful Mediterranean style interior
Private terraces with swimming pool
Private terraces with swimming pool
Private terraces with food area
Private terraces with food area
Terraces with sea views
Private terraces with food area
Private terraces with food area
Details of the interior
Wonderful Mediterranean style interior
Wonderful Mediterranean style interior
Wonderful Mediterranean style interior
Terraces with sea views
Wonderful Mediterranean style interior
Cozy and romantic room with sea view
Cozy and romantic room with sea view
Cozy and romantic room with sea view
Cozy and romantic room with sea view
Details of the interior
Wonderful Mediterranean style interior
Wonderful Mediterranean style interior
Wonderful Mediterranean style interior
Details of the interior
Details of the interior
Details of the interior
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Hotel-Cabin Surrounded by a Quiet Lake and the Surrounding Vineyards

By • Mar 16, 2018

The GCP Wood Cabins Hotel was designed by the French architectural firm Atelier LAVIT, which is based in Paris, in 2017. The eco-hotel covers a total ground area of 300 square meters, and is perched on the shore of Lac de la Lionne, part of a fishing reserve in Sorgues, a commune in the Vaucluse department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in southeastern France.

Cabin hidden among the thick vegetation

The hotel is composed of ten suites, which are designed to resemble primitive reed buildings, floating on the water like rafts or stilt homes. The way the wooden structures are constructed, with vertical beams for walls, allows a degree of privacy that is matched by the protection they provide from the sun and the wind.

Cabin between the calm waters of the lake

The landscape of the lake and the surrounding vineyards provided a challenge for Atelier LAVIT, and so they chose to allow nature to remain the protagonist of the project, creating architecture that would leave as little footprint as possible.

Cabin with the lake as a company
Cabin with wooden railings surrounding it

The project was largely built in a wood workshop, a process that took three months to complete, and later assembled on site. This facilitated the architectural firm’s attempt to affect the landscape as little as possible, as it reduced the local time and efforts of construction.

Wooden terrace with lake views
Wooden cabin in the lake
Interior of the terrace with chairs
Terrace with lake views
Cabin interior covered in wood
Bedroom covered in Wood with skylights in the ceiling
Night view of the cabin in the waters of the lake
Night view of the cabin
Night view of the cottage
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Hotel in China for Those who Enjoy Contact With Nature

By • Mar 6, 2018

This hotel, located in the town of Deqing Xian, Huzhou, Zhejiang, China, has an area of ​​1491 square meters. It was designed in 2017 by the architectural firm Naturalbuild under the direction of its architecture professionals Yanfei Shui, Yichi Su, Yuanrong Ma, Dan Deng and Hanhua Xu. It is tucked into the southwest corner of a silkworm farm previously owned by the state in Yucun, Moganshan, Zhejiang province.

Back of the hotel overlooking the creek
Main entrance of white wall and sloping wooden roof

The design is limited and also motivated by both the dynamic present and unpredictable perspectives. The strategy of interiorizing the landscape not only establishes a gesture of defense against the unfavorable conditions of the environment, but also converts the saturated interior space into part of the landscape.

Terrace with direct access to the lounge area
Interior garden with covered terrace
Entrance door in wood
Small covered terrace
Pool area with covered terrace
Pool furniture for relaxation
Modern and elegant lounge
Reception area with wooden furniture
Cafeteria area
Modern and elegant restaurant area
Restaurant with wooden roof
Restaurant with glass walls
Internal stairs with wooden railing
Internal corridor with glass walls
Modern room with views

Most rooms are in the southern part of the main building to get enough sunlight as well as to have panoramic views of the garden. At the west end, there is an outside gallery and a pool, which frame the main entrance and create a perimeter that cushions the site from the main road.

Along with the main building, an outer gallery formed by columns forms an open patio area that only serves hotel guests. As for the construction on the east end, it is an independent and isolated villa that can be rented to a whole family.

Modern room with tiered wooden floors
Spacious room and full of natural light
Internal bathroom with glass walls
Main entrance in night hours


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Beautiful Resorts That Offer the Ultimate Vacation

By • Feb 7, 2018

Going on vacation is one of the luxuries of life everyone can enjoy. It is the perfect excuse to travel to somewhere unknown and discover what the world has to offer. Additionally, it is a great way to discover new resorts that have excellent amenities to offer. Not only are the amenities great, but the view is always better. If you are looking to take a vacation this year, look no further, these beautiful resorts offer the ultimate vacation with a spectacular view.

Luxury Resort Villas Located in the Aegean Sea

When we think of the ultimate vacation spot many of us cannot imagine going anywhere else that is not the beach. This resort on the Aegean Sea takes the beach and puts it on display for all guests to enjoy. With 72 luxury villas, a hotel, and luxury facilities this resort is one of a kind. The exterior is breathtaking, to say the least, but the structure is a beauty on its own. Filled with clear, large glass windows that allow you not only to see the beauty that sits in front of the resort, but it allows the beauty of Greece to come directly inside.

Naman Retreat Resort

Located in Vietnam the Naman Retreat Resort features a friendly environment and healthy activities such as spa, yoga, beach sports, and others in hopes of creating a relaxing experience that will connect you with nature. Designed with relaxation in mind the structure itself features a seamless combination of greenery, natural stone, and bamboo. With 80 bungalows, a hotel, 6 VIP villas, 20 more villas this resort creates a space that is charming in a simple living kind of way.

Song Saa Resort

The Song Saa Resort brings in the beauty of the island indoors to provide a flawless blend. Surrounded by greenery and undiscovered areas this resort allows you to explore the island’s deserted oases of virgin rainforests, tropical reefs, and glistening white beaches. This resort takes the natural beauty of the sea and incorporates it directly into the villas. Furthermore, the villas are filled with beautiful hues of green, blue and untouched wood.

Pangkor Laut Resort

Located on a small island in Malaysia tucked away in trees and nature the Pangkor Laut Resort gives vacationers the ultimate retreat. Pangkor Laut Resort puts together the beauty of the island while being hidden away in a sense. The idea was to create a place distant enough from others that you relax and feel on vacation.

Banyan Tree Al Wadi Resort

Tucked away in Al Wadi, the United Arab Emirates the Banyan Tree Al Wadi Resort is an oasis of Arab culture. Traditional decor brings the Arab culture directly into the resort with amenities that help you relax. Amenities featured are as follows: Asian-inspired hydrotherapy spa facilities, a dedicated nature reserve, and private beach access at Banyan Tree Ras Al Khaimah Beach.

Eco Resort

Eco Resort is a unique project put together to help vacationers that want to really connect with nature on a more natural level. This seven-cabin resort feels more like you are camping, which was the main idea behind it. The idea was to create a resort that felt like home away from home while helping you distress and detach from the everyday routine.

Six Senses Con Dao

Six Senses Con Dao resort was created around the concept of having a resort that brings nature and luxury together. The luxurious resort features individual private villas that have a traditional wooden décor with a contemporary twist. Furthermore, having the privacy of the resort allows you to connect with nature.

X2 Kui Buri Resort

X2 Kui Buri Resort is a contemporary vacation spot that provides 23 semi-private villas, with their own terrace and pool. Sitting on the Gulf of Thailand this resort incorporates natural elements such as trees and untouched stones to bring an earthy feel directly indoors. The elements used to decorate the resort come directly from the island.

Taj Exotica Resort and Spa Maldives

Taj Exotica Resort and Spa Maldives is the perfect private, romantic getaway. Located in the Maldives this 5-star resort takes luxury to another level. Surrounded by tropical plants, crystal blue water, and one of the largest lagoons in the Maldives. Additionally, featuring 64 villas with natural décor and ocean views from each one of them. This resort creates a romantic getaway experience that is luxurious from the inside out.

Amangiri Luxury Resort Hotel

Unlike other mentioned resorts this one is located in Utah. The Amangiri Luxury Resort Hotel features 34 luxurious rooms tucked into a protected valley with views of the canyon. Additionally, this hotel features relaxing amenities that work with the surrounding space. The concept while creating this resort was to create a space away from home that felt like home in a unique type of way. Natural elements add a “hippy” vibe to the hotel.

Which of these is on our bucket list to visit? Share with us in the comment below.

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Beach Resorts That Will Make You Want to Travel

By • Jan 10, 2018

Traveling the world and seeing all of its glory has been a dream for many of us. However, with so many places to visit it can become a bit challenging to make up your mind and choose one specific place. Beach resorts have become quite popular in recent years. The calm feeling of being on the beach smelling the salty air and not having a care in the world can feel like the ultimate vacation. Furthermore, who doesn’t want to be on the beach as often as possible? If you are having difficulty planning your next vacation here are beach resorts that will make you want to travel and book your next flight immediately.

Anantara Resort in the Maldives

This majestic resort known as Anantara on the island of Las Maldives is exactly what vacation dreams are made of. Its white sand and Crystal-clear waters have a breathtaking effect on anyone who visits. One of the many amenities the resort has to offer is their numerous bungalows that are placed directly on the sand. Furthermore, if you would like a private dinner on the terrace you can actually ask the chef and he or she will create a delicious meal that is just for you.

Spectacular Beach Resort on Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece has always been known for being a top contender for travelers. This resort is located on the golden sand of Elias Beach. It features the perfect blend between mystical landscapes and modern décor to create a lavish vacation spot. Furthermore, this resort urges its visitors to experience the beauty and charm of the island as every room offers an impeccable view of the Aegean Sea. The suites offer elegant bathrooms and balconies with hot tubs. Meanwhile, the villas feature infinity pools, dining areas and even high-tech features and amenities.

Gili Lankanfushi Resort in the Maldives

This paradise resort known as the Gili Lankanfushi Resort in the Maldives is a sight to be seen. Located directly on the tropical island in North Mal this inhibited island features a relaxing resort with only 45 stilted villas that float above a lagoon. Privacy and intimacy where the main concerns when it came to the design of this resort. All 45 luxury villas were built interconnected jetties which makes them only accessible by boat. Furthermore, the resort offers an extensive delicious menu that can be enjoyed from your villa or the resort restaurant.

Banyan Tree Maldives Vabbinfaru Resort

The Banyan Tree Maldives Vabbinfaru Resort is located on the island of Vabbinaru in the Maldives. The beautiful yet unique aspect of this resort is that the entire island is the resort. Which means when visiting this resort vacationers find themselves being the only residents on the island. Having this feature creates the ultimate relaxing feel right in paradise. The area is known for being big on scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, and sailing. It offers the perfect paradise for all outdoor experiences. The resort itself is designed with a modern appeal that feels romantic and warm.

Lily Beach Resort & Spa

The Maldives is known for having an astonishing view.  This Lily Beach Resort & Spa on the island of Huvahendhoo, in the Maldives, is yet another gorgeous resort. Additionally, its stilt structure cabins sit on the island in a beautiful natural mandorla shape right above the crystal-clear water. Providing a home away from home in a relaxing luxurious way was the main purpose of creating this resort.

Dhonakulhi Maldives, Spa Resort & Marina

Isolated from civilization without being fully disconnected from comfort and luxury the Island Hideaway at Dhonakulhi Maldives, Spa Resort & Marina gives you a getaway experience with a luxurious twist that you can expect from an island resort. Furthermore, the resort is a picturesque home away from home. There’s 48 villas in 8 different styles. Every villa provides a beautiful view of the island creating the tranquility the resort is well known for.

Viceroy Anguilla Resort

The Viceroy Anguilla Resort takes the beauty of Anguilla and puts it on display with a luxurious feel. Additionally, this resort is stylish, trendy, and modern all while catering to being, a relaxing space for all guests. Furthermore, the resort offers two white sand beaches, Sunset pool, cafés, and even a spa directly on the premises. This resort is dedicated to creating the perfect relaxing space for all guests including children.

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, French Polynesia

When you hear the name “four seasons” you know it’s going to be a luxurious experience and this Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora is no exception. Surrounded by the bluest waters and whitest sands the beach that surrounds this hotel itself is a beauty on its very own. Offering traditional cuisine this resort takes you on a trip to the island right from the moment you arrive. Furthermore, it offers individual cabins for privacy all while having interconnecting spaces that offer activities for guests to enjoy.

Six Senses Con Dao Resort by AW²

Six Senses Con Dao Resort offers one of the most beautiful views because of how natural and relaxing the entire resort feels. There is something very organic yet luxurious about being in this resort this is mainly due to its décor. Nevertheless, the décor is exceptional and flows extremely well with the view of the rich blue sea and white sand. Keeping that in mind the idea for this resort was to create a getaway that did not take away from the surrounding landscape instead it adds to the space. Doing so, allows all guests to feel relaxed and right at home whether they are enjoying the indoor amenities of the resort or the outdoor views.

5 Star Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa

A spacious, modern, stylish, and relaxing is the perfect way to describe the 5 Star Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa. This resort offers 142 villas making it one of the largest beach resorts on our list. Furthermore, the resort offers over 1 mile of pure white sand with 3.5 miles of coastline. Filled with 17,000 coconut palms and trails that you can explore the resorts landscape is a beauty on its own.

Whether you want to spend a week or a month on the beach one of these resorts is sure to be on your next bucket list. Which of these beach resorts is on your next vacation bucket list? Please let us know below.

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Wonderful Holiday Villa in the Mountains Designed for Those Who Like to Enjoy Nature

By • Nov 30, 2017

Villa Slow, located in an area surrounded by thick vegetation, has been designed to accommodate people who enjoy direct contact with nature. This includes couples, families with children, and people that just want to be surrounded by friends.

Warm holiday villa in the mountains surrounded by nature
Villa in the mountains with stone walls and barn doors

The house is located in a very special natural area known for its spring water, and thus Villa Slow has its own source of clean water.

Wonderful stone walls that add a rustic touch
Side view of the villa with wooden doors
Wooden doors connecting the rooms with the outside

This magnificent refuge in the mountains of Valle del Miera, Cantabria, Spain, is designed and built with great attention to detail by the architectural firm Laura Alvarez Architecture.
The house is very respectful of the environment that surrounds it. Its design is based on the traditional typology of a Casa Pasiego (name given to the typical houses of this region of Spain), but with a contemporary touch. The rough but charming exterior with stone walls and roof contrast with the delicate structure and wooden details of the interior.

Terrace with wonderful views over the mountains that surround it

Two large panoramic windows in the living room facing in opposite directions allow us to gaze upon the beautiful scenery of mountains, clouds, and trees. The wonderful landscape of the exterior can be enjoyed in the comfort and warmth of the home’s interior.

Terrace with rustic wood dining room
Terrace connected to the interior by glass doors
Modern and comfortable interior corner with views of the mountains
Living room with retro-style furniture in dark gray

It also pays special attention to sustainability and is qualified as a passive house. Among its many details, it has a heat pump, underfloor heating and insulation, and high-quality windows for minimum heat loss.

All electronic devices are A +++ (appliances with minimum energy consumption). The high-performance glass heats the interior in the winter and the large wooden shutters protect it during the summer from heat gain. All the materials used to build Villa Slow come from the Cantabria area.

Living room decorated in retro style with antique fireplace in black embedded in the wall
General view of the living-dining room with high wooden ceilings
Corner furnished with retro armchairs overlooking the mountains
Modern and simple kitchen in white and wood
Modern, bright room with glass doors that allow exterior views
Simple room in light colors with white closet
Room with studio area containing a small desk in dark wood
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Small Module built in the Interior of an Old Barn with Wonderful views of the Myrkdalen Valley in Norway

By • Nov 21, 2017

This villa is located in a dream setting in Myrkdalen, a ski resort in Norway, with spectacular views over the valley. It was remodeled in 2016, as it had been abandoned for a long period of time. As such, it had fallen into disrepair and had deteriorated due to the passage of time.

View of the small module with the snowy mountains in the background
Exterior of the cabin on the snow
Wooden cabin interior with view to the mountains

The firm OPA Form was in charge of the remodeling work, carried out by Marina Bauer and Espen Folgerø, who managed to create a new world in a space of only 25 square meters. The result is a small module inside the old granary that provides all the comfort that may be needed to sleep well, a refuge that lovers of the sky, nature, and mountains will enjoy to the maximum.

Circular entrance to the small module inside the barn

It is a small space completely covered in wood, warm and welcoming, and from where guests can enjoy the wonderful and unforgettable views that the snowy mountains provide. Without a doubt, a unique spectacle.

Circular door, open

Seen from the outside, there are only small signs of transformation. Once inside the stable, we find an authentic interior with rough surfaces, a space formerly used to house cattle. However, through the space we can see the new addition with a circular entrance. It is a space designed to offer guests a stay filled with comfort and relaxation, something that they will certainly appreciate.

Remodeled interior space, made of light wood
Circular entrance door
Circular door details
Outside views at night
Night view
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Hotel in the Aurina Valley, Italy with Excellent Views Over the Mountains

By • Nov 1, 2017

This project is located on a hill at 1200 meters above sea level, and extends to the East in the Valley Aurina – Ahrntal, Italy. It has an extensive ground area – 5,300 square meters – and its construction was completed in 2017.

It has six floors in which there are 20 rooms, as well as a spa. The restaurant area has been enlarged. The expansion project has been considered as an “additional expansion” of an existing building, being remodeled only in the areas that such remodeling was necessary. The resulting building retains much of the old structure.

From there, we can enjoy the wonderful views over the green vegetation that covers its mountains that surround the hotel. The interaction of natural materials, such as the black larch that has been used, gives the building an obvious beauty. The characteristic features of the local typology have been used in a contemporary way.

In the bedrooms, we can find wooden floors made from larch that has been taken from the surrounding forest. In addition to the wood cladding used inside the building, clay plaster was also used – all local. This choice and combination of local materials has created a highly welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for its guests.

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Spectacular Resort in the Maldives, with White Sand and Crystal Clear Waters

By • Oct 27, 2017

Anantara, a wonderful resort with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, is located in Las Maldives, islands known throughout the world for its paradisiacal landscapes and its wonderful and luxurious hotel complexes, where tourists come from all over the world to enjoy splendid holidays far away from the world.

Relaxing areas with white sand and crystal clear waters

The resort contains a series of bungalows that are located on the sea and with direct access to its wonderful waters. It also offers the option of a villa facing the sea, as well as an exclusive suite with a private freshwater pool. The occupants can also ask the chef to prepare a private dinner to be served on the terrace. I don’t think I could ask for more, the problem will be when I return home again!

As for extra activities, they offer surfing, beach yoga, and scuba diving, as well as a wonderful spa area to relax at the end of a busy day. Or you can opt for an ayurvedic massage (a type of relaxing massage, belonging to a thousand-year-old Indian technique that helps us correct the imbalance of our energies), all the while enjoying, through the glass floor, the wonderful marine fauna of the area. As if this weren’t enough, it can all be followed by a steam bath with Thai herbs and ginger. You’ll have to get me out of the tub!

Open baths with ocean view
Night view of the resort
Night view of the resort
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Tourist Hostel designed by Proyecto Cafeína in the Cty of Puebla in Mexico

By • Oct 17, 2017

HOSTAL TOSEPANKALI is a tourist project located in Cuetzalan, in the northern Sierra of Puebla, Mexico. It is completely surrounded by nature and is perfectly integrated into its surroundings. It was designed by the architectural firm Proyecto Cafeína in 2014, and has a total area of 335 square meters.

The hostel consists of eight rooms, a common covered area and a campfire area, all rooms have private bathroom as well as a locker room.

Its exterior design stands out for the undulating shape that has been given to its roof, creating a kind of spiraling structure that runs through all the spaces and ending on both sides in peaks that seem to fall yielded on the ground.

Inside, the high ceiling gives us the feeling of a bigger space than it really is, with beautiful rustic decoration, that we can appreciate in the walls of stone and bamboo beams that rise to the ceiling and cross it. The furniture follows the same line, with small seats made in bamboo that remind us at every moment where we are.

The rooms, with beds—also with bamboo frames—placed one on top of another, present us with a wonderful option we have for resting in this pleasant and quiet place.

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