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Chalet One Oak, a retreat near Megeve Ski Resort in France, gives a unique blend of rustic and swanky

By Courtney Constable


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In the picturesque town of Combloux in France, nestled amongst the mountains and lush greenery, is the Chalet One Oak. This gorgeous retreat is situated near the Megeve Ski Resort, a better known and rather swanky resort just a few miles down the road.

Chalet One Oak is a perfect winter escape that can only be described as luxurious. Its 3 floors of decor and relaxation take the idea of a “holiday home” to a new level while also providing unparalleled views of the majestic Mont Blanc in the distance.

Stylistically, the chalet is rather artistic, both inside and out. Rustic looking local and reclaimed wood is a heavy feature in every single room, while slightly more contemporary furniture shapes and lines keep things looking a little “swanky” rather than just old fashioned. Hand carved pieces, animal busts and pelts, and art made from nature bolster the woodsy, rustic feel.

Chalet One Oak includes four bedroom suites, one being an absolutely superb master suite that actually comes with its very own private floor. Nearby, a bunkbed room and a beautiful lounge are located, each featuring furniture that borders on ultra-modern to create stunning contrast with the rustic features elsewhere in the home.

One of the primary features of the house is undoubtedly the main social space that includes a rather high end dining area complemented by high-tech concierge service. The overall goal is to create a genuinely luxurious experience that still feels thanks to things like the grand fireplace and its cozy seating area, like a slightly more traditional winter retreat at heart,

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