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Chalet with Luxurious and Galmorous Atmosphere in France

This beautiful and elegant chalet is located in the heart of Val d’Isère, France. Its atmosphere of luxury and glamour surrounds us as soon as we enter the space, and every detail will leave us stunned. There’s no doubt that the exteriors are privy to some spectacular vistas, but the interiors will leave us breathless.

The spaces with high ceilings are completely covered in beautiful wood. It’s not just the floors; the wood rises up the walls until it reaches the ceiling, where we’ll find gorgeous beams.
The immense, stone fireplace in the living room looks impressive and ready to bring warmth.

The beautiful and expensive glass lamps are a spectacle in their display, and appear to be floating in the air above the space.

The furniture, of an indisputable elegance, compliments the columns, the details, and just about everything in the villa, where each detail radiates luxury.

The glass walls allow us to have a complete view of the exterior from the comfort and warmth of the interior. Although it has a terrace with wonderful views, I prefer to keep myself close to the warmth of the fireplace.

It includes a beautifully decorated indoor swimming pool with colorful lights, providing a romantic and relaxing space that is sure to set us at ease.

Exterior view of the chalet in the snow
Breakfast terrace with views
Interior of one of the living rooms with stone fireplace
Living room with fluffy sofas in white

Elegant dining room with hanging glass lamps
Wood-paneled bedroom with fluffy bed
Jacuzzi and indoor swimming pool
Jacuzzi and indoor swimming pool
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