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Cozy and Charming House Extension

By • Oct 23, 2017

This project is located in a typical “Amsterdam School” neighborhood, a style of architecture that arose during the 1910s and lasted until about 1930 in the Netherlands. It has been completely renovated thanks to Jasper Grool Architect, resulting in a spacious, fully-functional home.

Cozy and Charming Space Exterior deck
Interior view from the back garden

The space, with a design that includes a structure that stretches from the entrance to the garden, has been remodeled to add an extra area where three bases have been located: a living area on the side of the street, a kitchen in the central part, and the dining area on the side of the garden. There are also folding metal doors, which give maximum accessibility to the outside space.

Cozy and Charming Space - Folding Door
Wooden dining room with colorful chairs seen from the outside
Cozy and Charming Space - Glass black framed door
Interior separated by glass doors
Cozy and Charming Space - Glass framed door and hardwood parquet floor
Internal area with parquet floors
Cozy and Charming Space - open space kitchen layout
Shared spaces between the kitchen and the dining room
Cozy and Charming Space With Marble Kitchen Countertop
Modern kitchen with white marble counter

The house is decorated in a modern style, and yet there are some classic details that have allowed us to create balance and symmetry in the design, where the taste for art and quality furniture is in full splendor.

Cozy and Charming Space - Sleep storage space Doors
Storage space with sleek doors

The private rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms have been created in parallel, separated from the rest of the home by glass doors with bases of black metal. Natural light gently seeps into these intimate spaces, giving them warmth.

Cozy and Charming Space - Elegant Gray door Closet
Elegant room with gray closet
Cozy and Charming Space - Glass doors to bathroom area
Glass doors that lead to private area
Cozy and Charming Space - Bathroom with gray accents and walk in shower
Modern bathroom with wooden furniture and gray accents
Cozy and Charming Space - Narrow Bathroom Design
Modern bathroom in gray tones

The result is cozy and warm spaces that provide comfort and relaxation to its inhabitants.

HomeDSGN has received this project from our WeTransfer channel. Architects and interior designers are welcome to submit their work for publication.

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