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Colle-Croce and Mariana Kusenier Design a Seaside Home in Uruguay

By Magaly Grosso


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This home, located in Uruguay and built by Colle-Croce and Mariana Kusenier, has as its main selling point its impressive views of the ocean. Built with this objective in mind, the home was constructed over columns that place it 10 meters above sea level, and being first in line in front of the beach, the views can be enjoyed in its entirety.

View of the two sections of the home from the sand dunes

Vista lateral en donde se pueden apreciar las 2 terrazas / Lateral view where we can see the two terraces

Posterior view where we can see the wooden walls, the stairs, and one of the terraces

View of the home and the ocean

Front of the home facing the ocean and the terraces on each of the sections

Lateral view of the external terrace

With its exterior walls done in wood, the home is divided into two different sections, spotted with terraces hanging over the sandy beach. Two of these terraces face the ocean, and so from them we can enjoy the plentiful ocean breeze that graces them, and relish in perfect relaxation.

Terraces with floors and walls of wood connected by a corridor

Dining room with a view of the ocean

In its interior, we find simple furnishings in perfect agreement with the home’s location – carefree beach style that gives the space a sense of tranquility. Wicker and white fabric make up the décor and contrast with the multi-toned wood of the floors. Its walls in strips of white wood not only give it a nautical feel, but also add to the sense of amplitude in the reduced space. Wide windows allow light to filter in and gives us the opportunity to enjoy the views even from the inside of the home.

Close-up view of the living room with terrace facing the sea
Lateral view of the living room with fireplace and wicker chairs

The space continues to end at a dining room/kitchen of pine wood, lined with wide sliding glass doors that take us to one of the terraces that faces the ocean.

Kitchen/dining room with terraces on both sides
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