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Cost-Effective Ways to Maintain a Comfortable Temperature in Your Bedroom

By Sophie Johnson


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Extreme temperatures can be a considerable hindrance to a good night’s sleep. This is particularly true in areas that are prone to bitterly cold winters and blisteringly hot summers.

A sleeping space that’s too warm or too cool is practically guaranteed to leave you tossing and turning all night, which is likely to impact your ability to function the following day.

Fortunately, maintaining a comfortable temperature in your bedroom doesn’t have to entail spending a small fortune on heating and cooling costs. Homeowners looking for cost-effective ways to keep their sleeping spaces at an agreeable temp should consider the following measures.

Install a Good Ceiling Fan

A bedroom-based ceiling fan is an absolute must for people living in areas with hot summers and/or year-round warm weather. Good ceiling fans will be able to effectively circulate cool air throughout your sleeping space, setting the stage for a comfortable night’s rest. During periods of extremely warm weather, run your fan counterclockwise at medium to high speeds. This will ensure that instead of simply blowing warm air around the room, your fan will push cold air down. Furthermore, for maximum safety, make sure ceiling fans are turned off before you adjust them.

Invest in Sun-Blocking Window Dressings

Extreme sunlight stands to increase the temperature in your bedroom, particularly if said room is located in an area that receives a fair amount of sun. Additionally, copious amounts of sunlight finding their way into your bedroom can make sleeping through the early morning hours quite a challenge. You can nip this problem in the bud by investing in sun-blocking window dressings. Not only are sun-blocking tools easy to install and highly effective, they’re also affordable on any budget.

Sun-blocking curtains are a good option for people whose bedrooms are frequently set upon by extreme sunlight. As the name suggests, these curtains are designed to block outside light and are ideal for people who prefer their sleeping spaces to be as dark as possible. If you don’t feel like investing in new curtains, why not try blackout screens. These screens are even more affordable than the aforementioned curtains and can be applied to windows with ease. With proper care, this very small investment can last a very long time. However, keep in mind that many blackout screens aren’t made to be reused, and once you’ve removed them from their respective windows, the adhesive generally isn’t amenable to reapplication.

Select the Appropriate Bedding

The type of bedding you select can have a profound impact on the quality of your sleep. As such, it’s recommended that you take the climate into account when choosing the right bedding. During periods of warm weather, look for bedding composed of lighter materials, and during periods of cool weather, look for bedding that’s conducive to warmth. Linen and cotton, for example, are both materials that are associated with comfortable summertime sleeping. The natural fibers from which these fabrics are woven breathe very well, making them perfect for warmer weather. Conversely, if you live in an area that’s prone to extreme cold, you can sleep comfortably with wool, cotton fleece, cotton flannel and cashmere bedding.

Have Your Central Heating and Cooling Units Professionally Inspected

Having your central heating and cooling units professionally inspected at least once a year is associated with a number of benefits. For starters, it helps ensure that small problems are caught early on – i.e., before they’re able to become costly nuisances or potential safety hazards. Secondly, annual inspections can help these essential devices continue to run at peak efficiency, thereby saving you money on heating and cooling costs. The harder heating and cooling units have to work, the more running them is liable to cost you.

A good night’s sleep is essential for many reasons. In addition to providing you with plenty of energy for the day ahead, getting enough rest can prove beneficial to your concentration abilities and general outlook. However, when dealing with extreme temperatures, comfortably sleeping through the night can be an uphill battle. While maintaining an agreeable temp in your home is often synonymous with increased heating and cooling bills, there are a number of cost-effective measures that can help you combat extreme temperatures in a convenient and budget-conscious manner.

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