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Concrete Pavilion with Pool, Sauna and Hot Tub in Tehran, Iran

By • May 25, 2017

This project, located in Tehran, Iran, was completed by the architectural firm Kourosh Rafiey Architectural Design Studio (KRDS). This swimming pool & spa is located in a private garden which is surrounded by green areas and pine trees. Perched atop a small hill and surrounded by green gardens, it has wonderful views over the city.

The pavilion, a concrete construction, is located on one side of a rectangular swimming pool. Inside, we can find a sauna and a hot tub. The structure also has a spacious terrace from where we can lay under the sun, dive into the pool, or simply enjoy ourselves in peace while watching the sunset at the end of the day.

The main idea with this project was to create an interaction between the architecture of the building and the gardens that surround it, and somehow integrate both into one.

The beautiful gardens, where flowers of different colors give us their aroma and grant life and color to the place, serve as a preamble for the rest and relaxation that we will find inside their facilities.

Front view of swimming pool with concrete pavilion at the end
Roads and gardens with view to the pavilion
Concrete pavilion at the end of the swimming pool
Swimming pool view from the pavilion terrace

In the evening, under the artificial light and the silence of the night, an atmosphere in complete calm invites us to rest.

Night view of the swimming pool and pavilion

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