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Equipe Lamas Designs a Contemporary Home in Brasilia, Brazil

By Magaly Grosso


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This house, built surrounded by dense vegetation and specifically designed for a family that loves the environment and seeks to connect with it, is located in Lago Sul, Brasilia, Brazil, and was designed by Equipe Lamas in 2016. It covers a total area of 850 meters squared, all organized in one level.

Its exterior is populated by ravishing green gardens, comfortable yards, and a beautiful blue-turquoise pool surrounded by tall trees; truly a space where the family can enjoy direct contact with the outdoors.

Pool area through the vegetation
Pool with blue-turquoise water

Terrace leading to the pool

Beautiful living room with white couch and colorful details

Its interior, with its colorful, wide open spaces illuminated by the large windows that look out to its fantastic gardens, offers comfort, and from it emanates a welcoming sensation.

Its gorgeous wood ceiling contrasts with the concrete walls, giving the rooms a warming effect. Its simple furniture, in which we see details of intense colors that greatly impact the décor and design, invites the occupant to enjoy the outdoors from within the house.

Close-up shot of the interior; living room and dining room

Dining room with a circular table and black chairs, and large windows that look out to the garden

The wood kitchen, with a retro-style touch, has a number of different storage options.

Wooden retro kitchen

In the master bedroom, we can once again see the retro style in its décor. Its furniture is of dark wood with straight lines, and accompanies a very simple bed.

Bedroom with retro furniture
Study with a retro desk
Nocturnal view of the living room-dining room space, perfectly illuminated
Nocturnal view of the dining room

Nocturnal view of the terrace

At night, the stupendous illumination of the interior, in conjunction with that of the exterior, creates a unique effect, and gives the home a marvelous and inviting air.

Nocturnal view of the pool and the gardens that surround it

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