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Alan Nicholson Design Studio Creates a Contemporary Home in California for a Retired Couple

By Magaly Grosso


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This beautiful residence is located on the peak of a hill in California, meaning that its key attractions include the gorgeous views that we can enjoy through the house’s numerous glass walls. At a size of 2,750 square feet, it was designed by Alan Nicholson Design Studio in 2014 for a retired couple, seeking to settle down somewhere where they could take in the natural environment.

It has various terraces located at different levels of the terrain, and from which the views of the mountains, which surround the house, can be pleasantly enjoyed.

A line of concrete slabs leads through the house’s garden stones, bordered by well-cared-for vegetation, all the way to the house proper. Inside, we find a welcoming environment that invites us to enjoy marvelous views through its copious glass walls.

Total view of the house with its terraces, solar panels, and glass walls
The house surrounded by flower garden
View of the mountains from the terrace
Bedroom view through the glass walls that leads to the garden

Primary entrance through the glass door

The living room, dining room, and kitchen coexist in this spacious area in perfect harmony. A simplistic décor makes it abundantly clear that the protagonist of this house is, indeed, the view, and thus we must make sure not to miss the fantastic landscape that surrounds the home.

From the high wood ceiling hang lamps, whose shape allows the light flowing through them to give them the image of glass bubbles floating in the air.

The pool outside sits calmly, appearing to be a mirror that reflects the landscape that engulfs it.

View of the mountains the background with chairs and a chimney in the living room at the foreground
Kitchen and dining room with glass walls
Hanging lamps in the dining room

Pool with a view

We move away from it, only to realize the immense size of everything that surrounds us.

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