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A Contemporary Home in the Mexico City Neighborhood of Lomas de Chapultepec

By • Jun 1, 2017

This house, with a marked 1960s style, is located in a neighborhood called Lomas de Chapultepec, in Mexico City, Mexico. It was designed in April of 2016 by the architect José Juan Rivera Río and his studio JJRR / Arquitectura. It is surrounded by beautiful green gardens, and the materials used to construct it include volcanic rock, concrete, and steel columns.

The construction has several accesses to the gardens, as well as to the terraces, since in this way it was possible to create a fluidity of air and light toward the interior.

At the entrance, we are received by a fountain with fresh water, within which was placed a monolith and, over it, a sculpture made of volcanic rock.

View of the green gardens and fountain
The monolith with the volcanic rock sculpture
Entrance with heavy wood door and glass wall
TV and studio area. At the far end, the dining room

In the dining room, sliding doors were provided so that the rooms could be connected to the exterior without any inconvenience.

From the studio or TV area, which was decorated with beautiful wooden walls and floors, we can admire the landscape that we see through the dining room.

The décor, despite being rather dark and retro, is softened slightly by the natural light that it receives from the outside, an advantage that is used to the utmost in each room, since most of them have glass doors that connect to the outside.

Exterior view at sunset

View of the gardens and the terrace at sunset

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