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Estúdio BG + LVPN Arquitetura create fluid, contemporary new office space for Silveriro Lawyers in Brazil

By Courtney Constable


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In the bustling urban area of Porto Alegre in Brazil, innovative public space designers at Estúdio BG + LVPN Arquitetura have recently complete an office overhaul for leading firm Silveiro Lawyers.

From the very beginning of this office renovation’s conception, the main inspiration for its style, shape, and even its core energy was the idea of fluidity. Designers and executives alike wanted to create a space that fosters the fluid flow of energy, information, communication, and ideas, but also that has a fluid sense of style and atmosphere, making all who are present very comfortable.

More specifically, the space was built with the intention of putting fluid working practices, like collaboration and mobile workspaces that fit different scenarios, into action in a way that simultaneously reflects the fluidity of working practices and lifestyles in contemporary life.

The very basic sense of something being “fluid” is visually apparent immediately upon entering the office. Even before you’ve passed through the welcoming area with the reception desk and waiting room, you’ll already have witnessed several structures, furnishings, shapes, and details that put the word into practice. The desk, for example, curves smoothly across its front without sacrificing flat and effective working space on the top, while the walls around and behind it undulate in smooth waves behind it, leading smoothly further into the office.

As part of the goals in fluidity, executives asked designers to make a space that feels as though it’s not limited to modular places and closed off rooms. Instead, they wanted to concentrate on flowing lines and continuity that flows easily through the whole office in a way that makes sense in terms of organization, function, and interactive flow.

One of the most unique aspects of the space is the emphasis on knowledge and learning within the fluid inspiration! This is embodied in the presence of an extensive library that permeates the entire office, traveling through it on waving, softly curved shelves that follow the path through from the lobby and inward, from space to space.

The chosen theme and atmosphere is actually so prevalent throughout the office that you’d be hard pressed to find a sharp right angle just about anywhere. Even the staircase was designed in a sculpturesque fashion, adopting a rounded shape all the way up that feels balanced between the lightness of its curves and the weight of its wooden materiality.

The very wood that you see in the staircase is actually another key element of the whole wider space as well; the wood is present right from the welcome lobby and on into every other aspect of the space in the walls, bookshelves, and custom and luxury furniture pieces. The combination of fluid lines and naturally stained wood gives the place a sense of organic comfort.

In order to make the shine of the wood really stand out in all its glory, designers chose to combine it primarily with white surfaces and details to really give it sensical contrast. The wood is able to pop without enveloping the space or making it feel too dark and rustic. The sense of modernity is preserved and things remain light and fresh looking.

In terms of the furnishings specifically, designers opted to complement the combination of wood and white materiality with a sightly mod aesthetic, choosing pieces that look specifically like what you might have seen in modern homes and leading offices. This adds a sense of style and charm to the impressive and reassuring presence of knowledge sharing.
Photos by Cristiano Brauce

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