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Spectacular Offices in Melbourne, Australia designed by Bates Smart Architects

By • Dec 12, 2017

These sophisticated and elegant offices belonging to law firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth are located in the city of Melbourne, Australia. They occupy four floors in the innovative and unique central building at 567 Collins Street. We’ll find spectacular views over the Melbourne skyline through the glass walls that go from the floor to the ceiling, creating a unique space.

Views of the spectacular interior of the offices
Views of the spectacular interior of the offices

Steel beams extend from the ceiling to the floor, framing the ten meter high staircase. They are lined with LEDs to provide focused lighting on the staircase and the surrounding space.
This wonderful design was created by the firm Bates Smart Architects in 2015.

Lights on the stairs
Wonderful rest areas

The expert team at Bates Smart Architects meticulously rebuilt elegant spaces with a multitude of refined details. Electrolight had to make sure that his work resulted in clean lines, as well as elegant and subtle forms. A deep level of planning and coordination between Bates Smart and Electrolight was necessary for light placement, concealment and performance.

Wonderful rest areas

Lighting designers worked with a mixture of color temperatures to distinguish each space and its functionality. Cooler temperatures are used in the meeting rooms, combined with warmer colors throughout the casual entertainment areas and creating a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere in the reception area.

Meeting area

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