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TIUM Architects Design a Country Cabin in South Korea

By • Mar 20, 2017

This 83-m2 cottage located in Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea, was built by TIUM Architects in 2016. The exterior is built out of brick and wood, with rustic walls painted in white and surrounded by stone gardens.

Exterior of the house
Exterior with wooden corridor and stone garden
Wooden corridor
Backyard with raw brick walls

The main entrance is located at the end of a corridor with walls of raw brick and a ceiling with tree-trunk beams.

Entrance corridor

It is a country building that consists of a single room. First, a small dining room where we find a combination of woods on the floors, the walls, the ceiling, and the furniture set around the space. A smaller area serves as a living room, hidden in a corner, with a window that allows the entrance of light and some seats covered by cushions.

Wooden dining room
Dining room with small lounge in the background and glass window

To the side, a wooden table with several chairs serve as the dining room, illuminated by a line of spotlights that cross it from side to side.

Embedded in a recess on the brick wall with a countertop of aged wood, we’ll find a small sink.

A corridor, lined with wood, takes us to the private area of ​​the cabin. The cabin’s only bedroom, it holds a simple bed resting directly on the floor, as well as a small table with a lamp.



The bedroom, completely lined in multi-toned wood, is crossed at the ceiling by a thick wooden beam.

Bedroom with floors, walls, and ceiling in wood
Detail of wooden beam on the roof
Wooden shelf in the bedroom

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