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Country Club in Japan Built by Furuya Design

By Magaly Grosso


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This club was built by Furuya Design as a customized project for a client to be used as an escape to the natural world and away from the noise and activity of the city. Built in a forest and surrounded by immense trees that provide substantial shade, the encircling areas are tempting for those that wish to spend time at rest and disconnect completely from the day-to-day agenda.

It is located in the Japanese prefecture of Chiba. It has a total area of 9,261 m2 and its construction was finalized at the end of 2016. Its exterior is completely covered by pieces of wood of different sizes that give a sensation of rusticity, in accordance with the environment in which it finds itself. However, its glass walls soften, in one way or another, this effect, thus giving it a more elegant and modern touch.

One of its primary attractions is its stables, where grass is placed on the roof, thus giving the area a harmonic touch and linking it with the golf course that extends beside it.

View of the roof of the stable
The stable, with various spaces to accommodate for horses

Diagonal view of the building with its wood walls
Terrace with views

In the interior, its polished concrete and wood contrast, in a very different way – and, at the same time, creating an aesthetically pleasing effect – with an elegant and contemporary furniture set.

Beautiful hanging lamps hang from the concrete roof and create a welcoming space that invites sharing and resting.

Interior view of the building with elegant furniture
Beautiful dining room table with wood tables over a rustic wood floor and chimney
Resting area created in its entirety with OSB wood

Nocturnal view of the building, the interior can be seen through the glass walls

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