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A Cozy Grey Scandinavian Studio Apartment

By Magaly Grosso


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This studio apartment is just more proof that if we have very little space, all that truly matters is knowing how to take advantage of it. The apartment has a tiny little living room with a sofa and a modern chair, as well as a table for the television which also provides some storage options. The entirety of the décor is done in tones of gray and white.

By the living room, and separated only by a wall made of drywall, is the bedroom. The top of this wall is pierced by windows, which allow natural light to flood into the bedroom and keep it from becoming dark.

It is evident that the spaces are small, and that only the minimum could be used in terms of furnishings to keep from reducing the spaces even more. Even then, I believe a space full of good taste, and one that covers the needs of the client, was created.

Living room with sofa and chair in tones of gray and white
Living room with sofa and chair in tones of gray and white
Living room with view to the bedroom

The kitchen, a space where every nook and cranny is used up, has most of its furniture dedicated to storage. A small, simple, and elegant dining room also finds its home here.

A tiny terrace opens up from the living room, from where we can enjoy breakfast al fresco while we delight in the views over the nearby buildings.

Kitchen/dining room with door that connects to the small terrace
Kitchen/dining room

Living room seen from the bedroom
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