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Darling Ukrainian Five Flowers shop designed by Nottdesign

By Courtney Constable


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Nestled into the ground floor of a multi-story commercial building, the Five Flowers florist (say that five times fast) boasts beautifully large windows that face right onto the bustling Ukrainian sidewalk out front. Thanks to Nottdesign, the store’s interior matches the cheer and charm of what it sells since its recent renovation!

Five Flowers is located in Óblast de Dnipropetrovsk, where it sits in a slight relief into the floor, lowering it slightly below the street’s pavement. This seemingly unimportant detail actually made it simpler for design teams to divide the store into two volumes; a warm area for customers and business and a cold zone for storing flowers that need less balmy temperatures to stay fresh.

The warmer zone of the store is located closer to the entrance because the dealings that happen in that space are less affected by temperature changes that occur when the front door is opened, depending on the weather outside. This zone is an open space that includes a greeting area, a table for bouquet making, and several spots to display stunning indoor flowers like the ones clients might purchase and display in their homes.

The cold zone of the store is more isolated to achieve temperature control. It sits at the back of the store, raised slightly above the ground (which is, as we mentioned before, slightly depressed compared to street level). This room helps keep certain kinds of flowers fresh and perky, particularly if their stems have already been cut.

In terms of aesthetic, this space is clean, minimalist, and very neat looking. It’s got a slightly industrial inspired feel to it with its emphasis on concrete and black piping and this contrasts beautifully with the delicate nature and fragility of the fresh flowers set on display in both the warm and cold zones.

Materials aren’t the only thing that create contrast in the space; designers also chose to get creative with shape! This can be seen in the way that the clear cut lines of things like the desk play visually against the round tables in the display area and the spiral staircase just past the door.

In keeping with the fact that they sell something natural, designers chose to keep the bulk of the material finished in Five Flowers quite natural as well. Grey porcelain stoneware interacts with bronze shades in the details. The neutral colours of these things allows the flowers that are set out on display to pop in a way that’s cheerful and uplifting!

Photos by Serhii Hotvianskyi

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