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Malcom Davis Architecture Design a Home for Nature Lovers in Healdsburg, California

By Magaly Grosso


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This house, constructed for a family of nature lovers, was designed by Malcom Davis Architecture in 2016. It’s located in Healdsburg, California, USA, and covers an area of 1550 m2.

Surrounded by a beautiful landscape filled with abundant vegetation, green trees, and numerous hills, this construction includes various installations that allow us to enjoy outdoor activities.
The large, climatized pool is perfect both for exercise and leisure time. The gorgeous backdrop only makes this all the more desirable, helping us relax when we need it most.

The home also includes a concrete chimney, around which we can host a delicious BBQ or a relaxing family moment.

Complete view of the two modules that comprise the house.
Side view of the home, from which we can see the concrete chimney and the pool
View of the wooden house, with the green hills hidden behind it.

View of the pool, surrounded by green vegetation
Kitchen-dining room with glass walls
Exterior shower with wooden walls
Main entrance of the house seen from the garage
Main entrance with steps and wooden floors

Its interior, with wooden floors and a ceiling held by wooden beams, is inhabited by simplistic furniture and décor.

The kitchen-dining room is found inside a sort of glass box, and through these walls of glass we can see the area of the pool in its entirety, as well as the vast green landscape that surrounds the home. Dinner time becomes the perfect opportunity to enjoy the sights.

Kitchen with wooden steps and ceiling held by exposed beams
Dining room with a view to the pool
Space for yoga with chimney

As night falls, I can’t think of anything better than to sit in the terrace and enjoy the view left by the last rays of light.

Nighttime view of the pool from the terrace

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