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Elegant and Historic Apartment in the Centre of Gothenburg, Sweden

By • Jun 30, 2017

There are spaces that implicitly contain a feeling of elegance, be it because their walls are covered in stucco moldings, because their ceilings are painted to turn into what are truly works of art – and works of art for which it is a priority that they’re preserved and taken care of – or because they have elegant doors with details, or chimneys that tell stories of time and style from a while ago. These small details are what mark each space, and give them a touch that marks and indicates the best option when decorating.

This is what we find in this beautifully preserved historic home dating from 1888, where each room tells the stories of history, of invaluable marks left by time from the lives lived there.

This does not mean that we must decorate such spaces with furnishings from that same time period; nothing could be farther from the truth. The combination of styles that we can afford nowadays is virtually limitless and spaces with mixed styles have been accomplished countless times, thus creating marvelous ensembles in private and public spaces alike. What we absolutely must keep in mind, above all, is quality.

In this apartment, such details, so important, were preserved, as they mark each space, modern furnishings were integrated into the rooms, creating charming and stylish atmospheres. A perfect mixture between the old and the new.

Entrance with beautiful decorative floors
Living room with moldings and antique chimney and modern furnishings
Living room with door covered in beautiful moldings
Beautiful kitchen in dark gray with wood and marble
Kitchen with rustic wooden floors
Kitchen with rustic wooden floors
Dining room table in dark wood with a ladder used as a shelf
Informal dining room in white, black, and orange
Modern and elegant bedroom in white and brown

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