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Example of the Typical Tube Houses Constructed with an Emphasis on Verticality in Vietnam

By Magaly Grosso


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Đàm lộc House, as this contemporary home is called, is located in Vietnam, and represents a prime example of the typical tube houses constructed in this country, built with an emphasis on verticality in order to get the most out of a limited ground space. For this particular home, the total ground area comes out to 52 square meters, measuring 4 meters in width and 13 in length. In such circumstances, an optimal distribution of space becomes imperative.

Exterior view of the entrance with door in black metal
Exterior wall in white perforated bricks

The ground floor of this home, originally held the garage, living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. This would result in a larger bedroom, but would leave the rest of the home feeling cramped and receiving a limited supply of natural light, which led to discomfort and a loss of luxury and style.

Exterior view through perforated black metal door
Stairs in vertical design construction
Interior garden with high ceiling and skylight

The new design, created by the Vietnamese architectural firm V+studio, seeks to grant more room for the space distribution, as well as for the inclusion of a tree in the interior of the home – this last bit inspired by traditional Vietnamese villages, all of which have a large tree under which sits a small tea house that serves as a meeting and resting place for all villagers and visitors. This aids in the cleanliness of the different spaces, as well as in its ventilation, creating a home that is instantly cleaner and more comfortable to live in.

Living room with retro style sofa
Glass door with perforated bricks wall
Black metal stairs
Vertical interior view with walls in blue
Wooden stairs with black metal railings
// Modern living room with gray sofa and walls in blue
Living room-dining room and kitchen sharing space
Kitchen with internal dining area
Internal garden
Stairs in both wood and black metal
Wooden stairs and white walls
Wooden stairs connecting different levels
Stairs with metal railings
Kitchen and dining room in wood
Modern dining room in thick wood
Dining room with modern chairs in white
Exterior view of the door
View of the façade
Exterior night view
Neighborhood night view


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