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An Extension for the Centre of Cosmology and Astronomy Researchers at Durham University, England

By • Mar 24, 2017

This modern structure forms part of an attachment built for the Centre of Cosmology and Astronomy Researchers at Durham University, England. This attachment hosts offices and acts as an event space for the university’s Institute for Computational Cosmology, the Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy, and the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation.

The construction, designed by  Daniel Libeskind, consists of a series of blocks that connect at the center. Its exterior walls are covered in wood and lined with windows through which natural light reaches the different offices and spaces inside.

At the edges, the walls were replaced with glass, in such a way that we can see the installations inside.

View of the modern exterior of the attachment
Frontal view of the modern wood structure
Modern structure coated in wood with some glass walls

Its internal staircase, also made of concrete, and adequately illuminated, leads from one floor to the next.

Concrete staircase

In the center of its interior, we can see how figures come into play. With open spaces, balconies with guardrails visually connect the levels and allow the environment to flow uninterrupted.

Interior view of the levels of the attachment

Its hallways are dotted with doors that lead to the different activity areas that fill the spaces and give the attachment form.

View of the different doors that lead to the rooms and offices

In the interior, wood is, yet again, the protagonist, as all the floors are made of wood, in contrast with the concrete ceiling.

The rooms and offices are decorated with white furniture that makes a striking contrast with the wood floors

Office with modern furniture in white and wood floors
Nocturnal view of the structure

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