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Fabulous Loft in New Jersey, USA Remodeled by Jeff Jordan Architects

By • Oct 24, 2017

This marvelous building, now converted into a space holding 31 lofts, formerly belonged to the Wells Fargo transportation company that used it as a stable for its stagecoaches. It is located in Jersey City in the county of Hudson in New Jersey, USA, and its construction dates back to the year 1890.

Exterior facade with beautiful red brick walls
View of beautifully designed two level interior
Kitchen made of light wood and white

This loft, of 204 square meters and double height ceilings, was remodeled by the architectural firm Jeff Jordan Architects. It had been acquired by its present owners in the hopes of transforming in it a space of work. The company, which was familiar to renovating old buildings in the area, found itself in this case with some unusual size details as well as with easily apparent eccentricities (three riveted steel beams extending across the width of the space). Seen from another point of view, the manual work was fairly straightforward, as the task was simply to renovate a single room, although very large.

Rustic raw brick walls

The main desire of the client was to integrate the areas of life and work, trying to avoid a rigid delimitation between the two of them, while on the other hand (for a series of practical reasons) because some kind of limits were needed it was decided to use screens, built-in wardrobes and shelves to provide privacy without completely enclosing each space apart from the others. A simple palette of materials was used, somewhat rustic in style. The existing brick walls were exposed, giving the space a charming touch, while the steel beams that gave character to the space were left in sight and were given only a fresh coat of paint. A light-colored wooden floor was installed, and everything else was painted white.

Work area with stairs and library

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