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Fabulous Mid-Century Homes With A Cool Design

By Gabriela Vatu


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Mid-century is one trend that seems to never be going away. The main reason being mid-century homes are fabulous not only are they cozy on the inside, but they have an undeniable elegance to them on the outside. Here are a few mid-century homes that will make you want to move immediately.

Simple Mid-Century Home

This stunning mid-century home is the perfect combination of privacy yet modern beauty. The home itself sits on less than 1000 feet, but its private location makes up for the small space. Located on a hill in Montgomery County, in Maryland, United States the home is filled with large windows that give that modern appeal that is well known and loved. There is also the mid-century simplicity that brings the entire home together.

Camel Mid-Century LEED

Located in Camel California this home has a hidden undeniable charm. The home was constructed with privacy in mind, its modern yet flows well with the decorative aspect of the space. Filled with large windows that provide each room with the right amount of natural lighting, allowing the outside to come right in.

Mid-Century Modern View House Remodel

Designed to bring the outside in this mid-century, remodeled home is one of a kind. This home was originally built in the 1960s with an industrial feel to it. However, the home is now remodeled large glass walls that have a mid-century flair with a modern twist. It consists of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms while sitting on 2,000 square feet.

Mid-Century Home

Designed by Palmer & Krisel AIA this beautiful mid-century contemporary home is located in Rancho Mirage, California. The beauty of this home lies in its architectural layout. The home is laid out in a modern format with glass windows and walls that act as its main attraction. However, once you walk in the home the classic mid-century appeal comes into full fruition. Additionally, the home’s backyard space is breathtaking with a simple pool that brings a vacation home vibe that is difficult to duplicate.

Venice Island Mid Century

Constructed as a private residence this home is the picture- perfect example of a mid-century home that has the aesthetics of a traditional home yet gives hints of modern throughout. The layout of the home is quite contemporary, yet the numerous use of wood brings a rustic touch that feels very “homie,” creating the perfect balance.

Mid-Century Modern Home by Nest Architectural Design

Located on an open field on the south side of Denver this home is one of a kind. The home, seamlessly blends traditional mid-century outdoor aesthetics with a modern twist on the inside. The idea is to bring out the beauty of the home while still using two unique formats.

Mid-Century Modern Residence by AB design studio

Originally created in the 1950s, this home was later redesigned by AB design studio in 2006 with a beautiful blend of mid-century perfectly paired with rustic farmhouse. Furthermore, the interior of the home is filled with different colored and textured wood. In order to bring the rustic appeal while the outside has a bit of a more mid-century aesthetics. However, if you love a good bathroom this home has one of the very best.

Beautiful Mid-Century Home in Pasadena

This beautiful residence takes the beauty of the outside world and perfectly brings in inside to create a mesh of accents that make the home unique. Located on 4,994 square feet the home is made up of multiple different bedrooms with an unbelievable pool. The backyard area of this home is the selling point for us. It has a calming-like effect that is charming and chic yet very mid-century couture.

La Cañada Mid-Century by Jamie Bush & Co.

Designed by the architecture firm Jamie Bush & Co. This stunning home is located in Los Angeles, California, surrounded by the beauty of foothills of Sierra Madre. Its beauty comes from the fact that it was built with minimal material. Therefore it creates a simple outline allowing the scenic appeal of the outdoors to shine right inside. Therefore, the residence was created using only stone, wood, and steel.

Remodeled Mid-Century House in Mercer Island

Sitting directly on Mercer Island, this one level home brings a cabin-like feel that is still modern and chic. The idea keeps the space fresh and put together while still being a classic mid-century home. Featuring multiple different colors and wooden hues the home pairs the classic elements with glass that provide a glimpse into the beauty of what can be expected outside.

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