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A Family Home in Venice, California

By • Feb 27, 2017

This beautiful home was designed for a large family that wanted to see their kids grow up in it, and to enjoy the house as they did so. Located in Venice, California, in the United States, it reaches 4,700 square feet and was designed in 2011 by Brooks + Scarpa Architects.

In its wide front yard, the blue-water pool and its recreational, social spaces invite us to relax and enjoy amongst friends and family. The solid structure of its ceiling provides an abundant shade that gives visual equilibrium to the house.

Its imposing entrance, made of dark metal walls and high ceilings with solar panels that cover the large wood stairs, border the pool and take us to the bedrooms. Here, we can see through the glass walls, which allows the rooms to receive plenty of natural sunlight. Then, through a small door that leads through a corridor, we can enter the interior of the house.

Frontal view of the house with an entrance to the garage
View of the yard where the pool is, accompanied by a set of wood stairs
Immense roof with solar panels
Entrance corridor with frame-decorated walls
Nocturnal view of the bedrooms from the external hallway

The area is composed of a living room-dining room-kitchen area, which coexist in the same space, and connect directly to the terrace where the pool is, through the large glass walls. Thus, this space is the most important of the house when the time comes to relax.

Nocturnal view of the interior of the house, with the living room, dining room, and kitchen in sight from the pool
Nocturnal view of the house

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