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Fiore Countryside House By Salmela Architect

By Magaly Grosso


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Fiore is the very appropriate name given to this house, and which in Italian means “flower.” It received this name because it seems to rise and grow through the grass of the fields that surround it. This building presents a mix between the old and the modern – even though it is inspired by wooden barns and country houses, the interior has a marked modern style that defines it and give it its own character. It was designed by Salmela Architect.

In the exterior, wooden walls give the home a country air, very fitting with its surroundings.

View of the house emerging from the grass

Exterior covered with wood

Inside, the space is clear and bright, with white walls and polished wood floors, and paired up with large windows in each wall which allow abundant light to come into the room. The modern furniture is predominantly white, and is highlighted by the colorful details that were added to avoid the monotony and to make the décor more cheerful.

Dining table in white color and red chairs, large windows with outside view

The small but comfortable kitchen, with blue tiles and a minimalist style, looks out from its location to the rest of the spaces with an air of dominance.

Living room and kitchen
View of the kitchen and the bedroom in the bottom

Beyond, the simple white bedroom offers us a space for relaxation and resting between white bedspreads and beautiful views of nature.

At night, seen from the outside, the home’s interior looks charming, full of light and with harmony in the composition of its spaces.

Beautiful night view of the house


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