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Studio Four23’s Self-Designed Office Inside Former Metal Workshop is Inspired by a Toolbox

By Magaly Grosso


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This studio of exposed brick walls and pipelines, which give it an industrial air, was designed by Studio Four23 to serve as its own headquarters in Clerkenwell, London, England.

Its long windows keep the same industrial style across the spaces and fill it with abundant natural light. Although, when natural light is not sufficient, a lighting system has been set in place in the studio to cover each work area. Additionally, table lamps have been set up to provide extra lighting on an individual basis when it is needed.

The use of wood – a common material in most of the studio space, whether it’s being used on tables, walls, or shelves – accentuates the style that, from the beginning, was sought after when creating the space.

Brick wall with industrial windows
Waiting room with chairs and coffee table. On the back, brick wall and industrial window

Round mirror and floral ornament
Table with benches and wooden libraries
Table with benches and chalkboard wall
Kitchen with brick wall and cutlery

Desks and chairs have been brought together to subdivide the large space and thus create several work stations in one same area.

The studio also has a small waiting room, decorated with modern chairs in gray fabric and a round table, all sitting on top of a rough circular rug of crude rope. There is also a kitchen area where thick wooden shelves hold tableware and glassware.

Natural plants were strategically placed throughout in order to add a dash of color and life to the entire space.

Office space, brick wall

Entire view of the office area with chairs and desks in wood and black metal

Meeting room with glass table and chairs in grid and black metal

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  1. Fixed seat heights at work stations is unhealthy. It is too bad that this firm disregards the health of their employees. Work heights that can be vertically throughout the day to suit the ergonomic needs of each individual is important. Desk tops and vertically adjustable seats are important so that workers can individually select their work positions from seated to standing.

    non-adjustable desk height and non-adjustable seat heights are as bad for worker health as smoking.


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