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Ganna Design Creates an Apartment for a Fashion Designer Couple in Taoyuan, Taiwan

By • Mar 1, 2017

Are you an artist or designer of some type who has always dreamed about having your own studio, but hopes to some day own your own home too? Well, many artists and creative people we know reconcile those two desires by combining them, doing their best to create a home where they can comfortably both live and work on the things that they’re passionate about, with enough or equal space to do each so that life and work or hobbies don’t overlap so much that the place becomes chaos. To create a home space like this, however, you need a decent amount of space, lots of storage, and a fairly open concept. In House is the perfect example of exactly what we mean by that!

In House by Ganna design (1)

In House by Ganna design (2)

In House, a gorgeously unique artist’s having, is a private home located in Taoyuan, Taiwan. The house was completed in 2016 and was designed and brought to life by creative teams at Ganna Design. Although the kind of space built within its walls could arguably be used for many things, we struggle to picture it as anything but the stunning design space it’s already been transformed and evolved into.

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice about In House is its utterly abundant shelving. Whether you use each cubby as a storage place for your supplies or simply as another surface for decor, merely filling the shelves will add to the aesthetic of the room. Either you’ll be outright decorating or you’ll be completing the illusion of a true artist’s studio by letting your things take up residence where people can see your process.

In House by Ganna design (3)
In House by Ganna design (4)
In House by Ganna design (5)
In House by Ganna design (6)
In House by Ganna design (7)
In House by Ganna design (8)

When it comes to seating, beds, and other furnishings, these interior designers kept things comfortable and low to the ground. This gives off the idea that the relaxation spaces in each room are intended to be calming and cozy, perfect for planning and designing before you get down to business in the studio.

In House by Ganna design (9)
In House by Ganna design (10)
In House by Ganna design (11)
In House by Ganna design (12)

Which brings us to the studio space itself! Each of these wide open rooms might technically be used for just about anything, but why not let your hobbies or artistic work be the focal point of your home if that’s what you love doing most? We simply adore the way these designers included shelving, hanging units, a body form, and plenty of table and floor space to custom tailor this apartment to fashion and clothing designers. How fun it would be to reimagine such a space to your own creative and artistic needs!

In House by Ganna design (13)
Floor Plan – Before
In House by Ganna design (14)
Floor Plan – After

Photos by: Siew Shien Sam /MWphotoinc

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