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Studio Granda Creates a Contemporary Turf House in Reyjkavik, Iceland

By Magaly Grosso


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There are definitely projects and ideas that hook us and fascinate us from the start… this is one of them. With a building area of only 68 m2, this house designed by Studio Granda, and located in Reykjavik, Iceland, has the capacity to amaze us.

The home is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Icelandic turf house, encrusted between piles of grass-covered earth, perfectly insulated by nature. The home itself feels like a continuation of the two lines created by these tiny hills, so that it becomes a part of the landscape, bridging the two formations.

The house seen from the distance looks embedded in the landscape
The roof of the house seems to become a bridge by which we can move from one side to the other

Let’s continue. The home’s walls, where not covered by earth, are completely made of glass, which means that we can easily look through the building and enjoy the wonderful landscape that surrounds it.

Front view of the house. Through its glass walls we can see the landscape in the distance

Already inside, the small space is decorated simply, in a style that is austere but comfortable. Its granite floors, its wooden walls, and its concrete ceiling give a rural aspect to a space that is characterized by the muted tones of its interior.

The space shared by the small living-dining room-kitchen is open and, despite being reduced, the glass walls make the views the best ally to give us a sense of space.

View of the dining room and the landscape through the glass walls

Night view of the house between the hills

At night, seen in the distance, the unparalleled construction, located in the middle of nowhere and illuminated from within, looks like something out of a tale.

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